Apple iPad is Offical
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The only real use I can see for this thing is as a fancy Ebook reader.. but at 1.5lbs it's probably too bulky compared to kindle etc.
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It's a heavy, huge iPhone. But not a phone. With a price near $1K for one with a reasonable amount of storage is laughable.

Hmmmm. Reminds me of another failed super-PDA.

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Originally Posted by revolink24 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
No multitasking.

Miss indeed.

I was waiting for that. It's a kill for me, too bad Apple...
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If the new OS does indeed include multitask and Flash this will sell just fine. Just like the touch, it will catch on in time. I found it strange that in the presentation they would navigate to a website that needed Flash just to highlight that it was not compatible. They must know that it will be available relatively soon.
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Originally Posted by mr.khali /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Just like the touch, it will catch on in time.

It could be like the iPod Touch. Or it could be like the Apple TV. I seem to think that it will be like the latter. I didn't hear many people dissing the iPhone/iPod Touch when it came out.
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I was under the impression that flash would only be available on the iphone /touch /ipad as prepackaged "air" apps, created as standalone apps within CS5. Not a flash plugin, like every other OS.

Man someone needs to build an android tablet, and fast.. I'd buy that in a heartbeat. But this looks well.. limited at best. Didn't realize how useful multitasking on a phone was until I got my Droid.
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I think I've been living mostly in a cave and missed most of the hype. I haven't read anything other than pundits making fun of it. My only comment... is that it sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

A digital one.

That you're supposed to touch.
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most interesting comment: UncleEric - it's a device for old people!
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Originally Posted by thechungster /img/forum/go_quote.gif
About the multitasking:
It'll likely be in some future OS update, we'll just have to wait. Remember when many wanted copy and paste? We've waited and we've finally received.

It's interesting how you could justify buying something that has missing features on the hope that they will come later.
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Its a gigantic iPhone without a phone, and just not portable enough to be useful like an iPhone. You might as well save $200 and get a Netbook.

Kudos to Apple for using an IPS display though. Hopefully other manufacturers will pick up on the trend.

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