Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market
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Two or three.
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Quick pic from the 3GS that I'm currently listening to.. (too lazy to bust out the D200, tripod, and remote shutter)


It's quite unobtrusive. I like it too much right now to reseat it and take another picture of the traditional fit.

Isolation is very good. My isolation is pretty much perfect with the included small tips, worn over the ear and upside down. Easily comparable to the iM716s I had before (which were easily comparable to the ER4 I had even earlier) with Shure SoftFlex tips.

These might as well be the KSC75 of the IEM world. It occupies the same tier in relation to other market contenders. You could tell someone to just buy the ADDIEMs and be done with it.

Ok. Now I'm convinced. I got my Ipod and ER4S stolen yesterday so have I'm in the market for a new player and IEM. Now to find a cheap, good bang-for-the-buck mp3 player.
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Fuze and Clip are good and if you can wait, there are deals from time to time on the Clip. Or you can spend $150 on an AMP3 and get the included buds which are in the same league as the ADDIEM IMO, but much different sound sig.
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Can anyone speak to how the ADDIEMs compare with the Klipsch S4 (or the new S4i, which are identical spec-wise I think).

Seems to me that the ADDIEMs and the S4s compete directly with each other in terms of prices and function, and I'm currently deciding between these two.

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Wow, that sucks. Get an 8GB Fuze or Clip, about $75, so with the ADDIEMs, about $110 total. And they have good synergy with either DAP.

Thank you for your suggestion. I was actually leaning towards the clip/fuze. Their SQ seems to be well regarded here. It's a pick between that or Zune.
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I have a pair of these and I've been having trouble getting a nice seal (they seem to pop out of my ears after a while regardless of the size tips I use). So I decided to squeeze some of my SA6 tips onto these...MUCH better seal.
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I'm sorry if this has been posted before, but it seems, though, that the ADDIEMS have been upgraded... again if this is already known, I apologize:

Apple has discretely updated its premium In-Ear Headphones, replacing the rubber 3.5 mm headphone plug casing with a hard plastic one, perhaps in an attempt to fix cord protectors that users complained came easily unfastened.

The change, spotted at the Christian Science Monitor Horizons Blog, makes the new headphone plug look like the Mag-Safe power adapter employed on MacBooks.

Though the $79 headphones, launched in December of 2008, received generally positive reviews, users peppered the upgrade with a myriad of complaints, including issues with the rubber plug protector coming loose.

While the upgrade addresses one of the device’s common complaints, other problems remain. For example, the premium upgrade’s volume buttons do not work with the original iPhone or iPhone 3G.

Many users have bought the headphones to step up from the widely panned stock headphones included with iPods and iPhones.

Apple’s In-Ear Headphones replaced the original, $39 upgrade model, which were largely considered to be a flop. The flush, almost conical shape of the first iteration was very difficult to keep in one's ear even in ideal conditions, and most of the improvement in audio quality simply came from moving the sound deeper into your ear opening.


Apple's In-Ear headphones originally used a rubber plug casing | Source: CNet


Apple has since replaced the plug casing with a hard plastic one.

The new earbuds served as an admission by Apple that the original design didn't work, as the new design has a right-angled shape that fits much more directly. And after the debut of the iPhone, the second-generation iPod touch, and fourth-generation iPod nano, the ability to record voice became a crucial component of any headphone upgrade, so the improved In-Ear Headphones filled that need.

The premium upgrade features three different sizes of ear tips and a carrying case for the tips and headphones. It also has a stainless steel mesh cap, intended to keep the product clean.

via AppleInsider
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deza, I had not heard of that before!
I really would prefer the hard plug; my first pair of iPod headphones started to come apart at the tip toward the end of its life.

I wonder what the warranty is on used goods from eBay [without box/receipt]. I've heard that if you take almost any Apple product to a store they'll fix it or give you replacement parts if they're inexpensive.
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Honestly, i am too cheap to shell out money to try these. These definitely will not be used as my primary or secondary, i just want to try them....grrr

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