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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. OmniscientNihilist
    sometimes a folder shows up on my microsd card called found.000

    it seems to be put there by the ap80 and not by windows

    it seems to have no affect on the files though as before and after the folder the files are all identical as shown by a program called beyond compare.
  2. riverred105
    This reads like a cancellation. I wonder if there was an issue with heat or battery life.
  3. twister6 Contributor
    Don't think it was canceled. After all, it was shown at one of the shows recently, remember pictures were floating around. I guess just delayed for now.
  4. moisespr123
    My best guessese are as follows:

    1. Tempotec just released their Sonata HD Pro. Hidizs showed their "S8" amp, which is similar to the Tempotec model, specs-wise and design-wise, except for the volume button design.
    2. Hiby will also release their R3 Pro. Since the AP80 Pro also uses Hiby OS, Hiby may be giving priority to the R3 rather than the AP80. The R3 Pro was also supposed to be released sometime this month.
    3. Hidizs also showed their "MS1 Rainbow". Maybe they are focusing in mass producing this along with the S8.

    It has to be noted these 3 companies cooperate together. Hidizs rebrands Tempotec products, and Hiby makes the OS for the Hidizs AP80/AP80 Pro.
  5. CactusPete23
    You are probably right. But Hidizs is pretty poor at communication. So who really knows what is going on. "Why tell potential customers anything."
    - We should realize by now that Hidizs never shows up and communicates here, Unless they are ready to sell a new DAP/device.
    - Then they disappear once they have the customer's money. And stop communicating again.
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  6. OmniscientNihilist
    i sent them two emails and they actually responded to both

    hello AT hidizs DOT net
  7. riverred105
    That’s true, and it still is listed on their website. https://ap80pro.hidizs.net/
  8. OmniscientNihilist
  9. moisespr123
  10. OmniscientNihilist
    they should put two micro sd card slots on the ap80pro

    mind you it might not be feasable with such a small motherboard
  11. Àedhàn Cassiel
    I just grabbed one of these from Hidizs through Amazon, plopped a 256GB Sandisk in, and tried transferring a few albums. The window that pops up to calculate and transfer the files is extremely laggy (not an issue on my rockbox iPod), to the point that I can never get it to actually finish. Then the files (some of them, anyway) are transferring without ID3 tags - so they all show up as Unknown Artist, Unknown Album. And when I try to play the files, I get Error:-12. Advice? I'm downloading the v1.2 firmware, praying for luck I can even transfer it onto the device.
  12. OmniscientNihilist
    Read through all these tips first:

    some sd cards are fakes and might cause issues

    update directly to firmware v2.0

    as you can read in those tips if your tags were set with mp3tag then they may not all show up correctly. use tagscanner instead. copy your entire music collection into tagscanner app and highlight it all and just hit save. it will allow the tags to show up properly on the ap80

    i also have a 256GB card and i get faster file transfer speed with the card connected directly to my laptop via micro sd to sd card adapter. sometimes over the usb cable it even cuts out completely (which doenst happen on my 128GB card). im getting a new 512GB card next week so ill see how that one acts.

    you can use this program
    to compare the files on your sd card to the files on your pc, to verify that they are identical. just drag both folder in. any differences will be shown in colors. if its all grey then there are no differences. if the free trial expires just reinstall the app.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  13. AndySocial
    The ID3 tag system has always been kind of mismanaged (not Hidizs - the entire "standard" of ID3 tags). ID3 v1.0 was an informal standard, and didn't even include track numbers. V1.1 was another informal standard, and it was soon supplanted by the informal v1.2. There was an extended tag for the v1.x days, but almost no programs used it and it caused errors in others. ID3 v2.0 is a completely different format, and is also an informal standard. There has never been a standards group created to promulgate anything like compatibility standards for ID3 tags. ID3 v2.4, the most recent, was published in 2010, and almost no programs (to include Windows native file descriptions) reads or writes it very well. Your best bet is to either use ID3 v1.1 tags or ID3 v2.3 tags. Anything else is asking for heartache.
  14. Àedhàn Cassiel
    Transferring the update file over failed, I'm waiting on a card reader to come in but I just realized I picked up an SDXC card instead of regular SD. Could that be the cause of the issue?
  15. CactusPete23
    Try with a FAT32 formatted card. Seems to work better for firmware updates. MUST place the update file in the main/root directory of the card, NOT in any folder.
    The microsdXC will work fine. Larger capacity cards are labeled with the XC.(eXtra Capacity)
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