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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. dimmockg
    Hi all

    Have just got one of these little players and really like it

    Alas, mine seems to have a slightly wobbly volume wheel

    Worth returning (to amazon) or is it fine and doesn't develop into a further fault or falling off?

  2. dnaimad
    They're all like that. Just be careful with it. Mine been no problem for over a year now. Brilliant little DAP!
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  3. riverred105
    Amazon does have a very generous return policy.
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  4. OmniscientNihilist
    if i grab mine with two fingers, one on each side, i can rock my volume knob back and forth a bit. about 1mm each side, so yes i think its normal. unless you have more than that

    here is some tips i compiled to help you with your new ap80
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  5. dimmockg
    Cheers, to be fair it's probably less than 1mm but noticeable, I'll see how it goes
  6. OmniscientNihilist
    i dont notice mine unless i deliberately grab it on either side with two fingers and rock it side to side

    the volume knob is not super easy to turn with just the thumb, sometimes i find myself deliberately using two fingers for more precision. but you dont need to use the volume much at all if you add replay gain tags to your files as i described in my tips list

    they could remove the knob and just add two volume buttons instead

    then the play button can act as the power button: hold 3 seconds for screen off, hold 5 seconds for power off, hold 10 seconds for forced off

    or also add another power button, instead of using play button
  7. silverfishla
    You can also access volume on the swipe up menu if you don’t want to use the knob...
  8. OmniscientNihilist
    u have to turn the knob once for the swipe up to show up

    but like i said earlier the best defense against turning the knob is to use replay gain tags
  9. OmniscientNihilist
    when im on shuffle and i use skip track back/forward it usually remembers the specific shuffled order it was playing in. other times it looses it. not sure why it looses it sometimes. which sucks because it makes the skpping back button useless sometimes when using shuffle.

    im not sure what triggers it to loose its memory of the order it was shuffling in sometimes
  10. OmniscientNihilist
    seems like daum potplayer also has the WASAPI

  11. andersos
    No news about the Pro?
  12. CactusPete23
    These were their arrogant replies when I last asked on Facebook...

    "Hidizs[​IMG] Hi, sorry for keep you waiting, we will release more information once we're ready. Thanks."
    "Hidizs[​IMG] cus the release date haven't decided yet, dude"

    So much for trying to have friendly customer service/communication....
  13. twister6 Contributor
    Yes, they changed their release plans. And even review units are not available. Due to other new releases from competition (like R3 Pro), manufacturers change their plans since pre holiday sales between 11.11 and BFS are critical to them. Wasn't AP80Pro supposed to be released on crowd funding first? Don't know if it's still the plan.
  14. riverred105
    Well that sucks. Hopefully it won’t be cancelled.
  15. OmniscientNihilist
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