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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. hyewiz
    Actually I don't have any I just tried with a friend who owns few albums to see how it was to sound like with AP80 thats when I found out it wont play DSD256
  2. RampantAndroid
    For Phone -> AP80 -> Headphones? I connect my phone and it's SBC only and there's no AAC option. Just LDAC, UAT, AptX and SBC. It is SERIOUSLY a glaring issue and makes the AP80 useless to me. I don't want my music on the AP80. I have a phone with all my music on it. I wanted a solution for audio that didn't involve an Apple camera kit or something else. I wanted something that'd give me from freedom from the cables. If earlier in this thread it had been made clear AAC wouldn't be supported I'd have never wasted my money.

    Unless there's actually a planned AAC BT codec implementation, I'm just going to sell this thing off and never touch Hidzis again.
  3. riverred105
    You could always put your music on the 80 and control it from your phone. No cables and better than any bt codec could ever be. Any reason why you don't want your music on it?
  4. RampantAndroid
    Just another thing to keep synced up. Also, my car doesn't handle line in very well - so I much prefer the simplicity of using BT from my phone for everything, understanding of course BT isn't great...
  5. PapaThrust
    I don't have experience with this. The difference is adding a phone to the equation, I don't have any reason to ever do that. That being said, I think its a (mostly) fantastic small player, yes there are a few quirks but for the money it sounds fantastic.
  6. riverred105
    Fair Enough. You might try the radsone ear studio es100. It has an extremely good iPhone app (no idea about android). While the app is not required to use it, the ES100 has a ton of options for excellent sound for the price.
  7. wackoip
    This combination really brings the BEST out of Tin Hifi P1 the planar.
    The problem though. It’s drawing A LOT of power from the AP80. I only played a few songs for 20 min and there’s only 72% left on the AP80! I’m sure it’s not the fiio because it didn’t lose much power. I should post this on AP80 thread as well
    rayliam80 likes this.
  8. Dunkc
    If I play the remastered Dark Side of the Moon CD, there is a smooth transition between the first and second tracks, you hardly notice it.

    When I play my ripped FLAC version on the AP80, there is a very abrupt transition - it aint nice. I tried “cross fade” but that removed too much music.

    Any ideas?

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  9. Dunkc
    Just tried the “gapless” setting - much better.
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  10. Test222
    Where can I buy this in EU? I don't want to deal with customs and/or long delivery time.
  11. Unolord
    Have you tried Amazon? I know both the US and Canadian sites have it. Might be on the various EU sites.
  12. Test222
    Ye but it costs $34 more on amazon than on Hidizs original website (lol).
  13. snudley
    Noob question,
    I'm using the AP80 as a source, with headphone jack connected to my Oppo HA-2 dac/amp to power my Sennheiser HD650's. The sound is extraordinary.
    Which dac am I hearing the decoding from?
  14. dnaimad
    The AP80 as the Oppo is not doing any digital conversion?
  15. moisespr123
    It should be the Oppo who's decoding the digital signal. The AP80 bit-streams the audio via USB to the Oppo, where it gets decoded by its ESS DAC.

    Unless you're using the 3.5mm audio in in the Oppo, in which case, the AP80 will be the decoder.
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