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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. davidcotton
    Thanks, just saved £125 impulse purchase :)
    AndySocial likes this.
  2. kapitanbasa
    I'm planning on trying out the KZ T1 myself. If indeed the AP80 and it are a match, I'm definitely stoked.
  3. hyewiz
    I cannot play .dsf DSD file its giving me error 12, any help would be appreciated please.
  4. RogerioNeiva
    I have the same problem and the AP80 makes clicks and noises between the tracks.
  5. FanaticSkull
    Somehow my AP80 battery stuck at 11% I'm charging it right now for awhile but the battery won't go up. Restarting did nothing. Any clues?
  6. dnaimad
    Try to calibrate it like you would a phone battery? Drain it fully till it turns off then charge fully, turned off. Maybe a few cycles. Also a system reset or reflash firmware.
  7. RampantAndroid
    So, I paid no attention to my AP80 when I first got it because there was ZERO AAC support despite it being said there'd be support. I powered it on for the first time in forever just today, updated to the latest firmware and my iPhone still connects over SBC. Is this expected?

    The software on this thing is still absolutely atrocious. The touchscreen doesn't respond sometimes, menus are INCREDIBLY poorly designed. Not what expected 9 months in.
  8. Junz
    Unlike you, I love my AP80 a lot. The ability to play FLAC files on the go and occasionally I hooked this DAP with my Bluetooth headphone which fortunately plays LDAC.

    It’s a handy player. Just don’t set your expectation too high. If your demands are high, why not get a pricy player like M11
  9. semaj8james
    For me the AP80 is hands down the best when I need something small and portable for my CIEMs. Anyone know of anything similar sized with higher SQ?
  10. AndySocial
    I'm surprised they haven't implemented AAC, since it's one of the big codecs and they've implemented UAT and LDAC and AptX. Apparently nobody at Hidizs/Hiby uses an iPhone?
  11. PapaThrust
    Eh... I may be missing something here but my AP80 has always supported AAC - headphone out or bluetooth, zero issues.
  12. hyewiz
    Just found out it does not play DSD 256 files, only Supports DSD 64/128, I hope Hidizs will bring out support DSD 256 firmware update.
  13. theMUKe
    How many DSD256 files do you have and which albums?
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  14. AndySocial
    I don't think the SOC is capable of decoding DSD256 files.
  15. riverred105
    I prefer the sound quality of the AP80 over a shanling m0, a fiio m5, and very likely the Shanling m2x. Im sure you updated your firmware version...the ap90 is MILES ahead of the earlier firmware versions of the M0 and M5 in terms of usability and screen response
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