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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. snudley
    Currently using the 3.5mm, but will try bit streaming from the USB port. I wasn't sure how the Oppo treated a decoded music file. Regardless, to my ears it's great. Last night I listened to the flac version of "Passaic Night ", the first official release and remastering of my favorite Springsteen bootleg show from 41 years ago, and it's a frickin' revelation. Couldn't sound better if it was recorded yesterday.
    If it's the AP80 making the difference, I'm sold.
  2. hyewiz
    Mind if I ask where you got the rubber band from? Please
  3. Seb Julien
  4. wackoip
    It comes with the fiio Q5S amp. They include two big ones and a small one and this is a small one.
  5. Unolord
    Yikes. The difference is only $5 CAD between Hidizs' site and Amazon.ca ( and no tax even though Amazon handles the shipping).

    Guess you have to weigh the speed of Amazon vs the cheaper price from Hidizs or Aliexpress etc combined with possible duties and the "slow boat from China" shipping.
  6. RampantAndroid
    I'll look into it, thanks!

    The main reason for me to add a phone (beyond the aforementioned syncing annoyance) is stuff like Spotify. The music quality isn't stellar, but I use Spotify as a way to find music I like. My liked music list would be more appropriately named my "I'm thinking about buying this".

    For the car, I've put a really nice system in the car - it still uses the Audi MMI setup to control playback and that means I can do pause/play/previous/next fine with the car controls. Unless I connect the AP80 over bluetooth, I don't get that. And if I connect the AP80, I don't get hands free phone calls (I don't think I can connect more than one device). I MIGHT be able to connect the AP80 to the car via USB, but the connection for that is in my glove box.

    In the end, it's really just simpler to use BT for everything, and use the AP80 as a BT enabled headphone amp. Which is exactly what I bought the darn thing for given the promised AAC BT codec support!
  7. interim
    I've been reading along for quite a while and now, after SW2beta, finally bought it.
    What I see and hear is very likeable. The reported DSD hiss (which held me back) seems to be remedied, at least I can't hear any. Sounds great wired.

    The AP80 would frequently be used with BT(aptx) too, but there is always the infamous pop/crackle between the tracks as in the old days of digital... I listen a lot to opera seria, so that's a nogo and would mean returning.
    It was quite unexpected, Hiby Android App does deliver smooth, undisturbed BT on my phone, as does my old BB Z10 stock player. Crossfade, gapless didn't help. I'm listening BT on B&W P7 BT, also tested with wife's Sennheiser HD 4.5, Aptx or SBC, dsf, flac, mp3... no chance.

    Is there anything I missed out/could be tried? I'd really prefer to keep the player. Or is it just the way it is?
  8. silverfishla
    Turn on gapless?
  9. interim
    Yes, I've tried it, but it doesn't affect wireless.Wired everything is fine.
  10. theMUKe
    Seems like gapless applies only for wired connection at the moment. I guess Hidizs would have to implement it as well for Bluetooth connection.
  11. interim
    That would be a pity. My hopes were they already had. As I understand it is Hiby Software that's driving the player and Hiby Android manages the seam without noise via BT. Unfortunately one can't test items like these around here.
  12. ballog
    Do any of you guys believe that scrolling of long song title could be implemented on the AP80 - or is it just wishful thinking? Its the only major flaw with the AP80 that really bugs me now.
  13. dnaimad
    Yep, a major annoyance. They have implemented scrolling menu items so song titles shouldn't be hard.
    ballog likes this.
  14. twister6 Contributor
    Quite a noticeable difference in sound after about 10hrs of playback time, original AP80 (Al) vs AP80 (Cu). Want to give it a few more days of burn in before finalizing my thoughts on it.

    ap80-x05.jpg ap80-x06.jpg ap80-x07.jpg ap80-x08.jpg

    Also, love the size, small, but not too small :wink:

    ballog likes this.
  15. Junz
    I just saw on Hidizs’ Facebook page that they are releasing a newer and supposedly PRO version of their infamous AP80, and obviously they are naming it AP80 PRO.

    The AP80 Pro looks very similar in shape and size as its younger brother AP80 but appears to be slightly “beefed” up with slight extruded edges.

    Not sure in terms of the performance though and whether if they have fix those presumably bugs from AP80.

    I hope they will not totally ditch AP80 and still provide firmware upgrades to this DAP.
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