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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. dudsti
    Will it run hd6xx better thatn fiio e12 or fiio x3?
  2. Franklin
    I'm very interested on AP80 to use as transport for a Mojo and Q5, but i have a question:

    - can the AP80 receive audio signal via BT APT-X fom my phone (lg g6) and then out it to USB-c / Mojo ? I really want to know if bidirectional BT can work's that way...

    My mainly use will be offline files (mp3 320) directy from AP80, but some times i want to stream to Ap80/Mojo some SpotiFy offline content without the need to disconnect AP80 from mojo and connect my phone.

  3. kenloveme
    @abitdeef Don't worry about that! When the campaign is over, we will send to all backers a survey to fill out all the shipping details informations and also the color you want :)
  4. kenloveme
    @Franklin You can make it work with BT but without the APT-X. The reason we can't do it with the APT-X is because we haven't got the software authorization yet! But it might be possible in the future! As our software is HiBy OS, the R3 will have this feature with the upcoming update this week! So the AP80 will benefit from it and will also have this feature! :D
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
  5. xuyiguanyinsi
    The Kickstarter campaign is on fire right now. Congrats! @kenloveme
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  6. kenloveme
    @xuyiguanyinsi Thanks a lot! We are also super proud on how fast we raised up to $63,000 USD so far in less than 3h! with more than 500+ backers! THANK YOU GUYS! :D
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
  7. TheRH
    Will production start sooner since the campaign will be done so soon?
  8. kenloveme
    @TheRH Actually, I just checked with my boss, and... here's the surprise... we already have 3,000 units under manufacturing and because our campaign is on fire, he just placed 5,000 more! :wink:
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  9. TheRH
    Now that is awesome.
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  10. kenloveme
    @TheRH It is! And its all thanks to you guys! We wouldn't be able to go that far! :D
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  11. acroyear
    Backer #528 here. I've NEVER backed anything on Kickstarter until now. The project says it's reached it's goal... But I funded the stainless steel version. Does this mean it's going to be made as well?
  12. kenloveme
    @acroyear Thanks for backing us up! And to answer to your question, OF COURSE YES it will be made with and we will engrave the name you want! It will be your very personal AP80! :wink:
    acroyear likes this.
  13. acroyear
    Thank you! I'm new to Kickstarter. I haven't been charged yet, so I guess that will happen when the stainless steel orders reach the limited 50? Is that correct?
  14. crezo
    I believe we get charged when the campaign ends - so in 29 ish days unless I'm mistaken?

    At least that was the case with all the ither kickstarters I've done... but then none of them got funded in 2 HOURS! That's got to be some sort of Kickstarter record shurely? :wink:
    acroyear likes this.
  15. scottm18
    Congrats to you on the success of the campaign. I backed even though i had less than stellar experience with the AP200. The hardware/software experience on this looks like to leagues better..

    BTW: I'm sure they will refill the early bird for a while as 500 sold that quick was not expected--but get it soon!

    Can you guys confirm the following?

    1. Biggest AP200 issue/surprise is the limited, beta version of Hidizs (Hiby) Music that was NOT upgradeable to the 3.0 version. That means among others that SACD-ISO files that i have painstakingly cultivated from all my discs due to convenience could not be directly played. THe AP80 appears to have the 'real' Hiby 30 version installed, which can handle all the goodies!

    2. Ap200 interface/CPU was rather slow--this uses a stronger chip for noticeably better speed.

    3. Make sure the SD card slot fully differentiates which direction the card is inserted. I've "joked" about it in a couple posts, but I truly did get the included AP200's 32gb mSD card apparently stuck in the device as there was no obvious 'direction information' for insertion. Help...Is there a process where i remove that card?
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