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Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

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  1. Skylab Contributor
    Just got to 6 years here myself.  Wow.  That happened fast.
  2. Happy Camper
  3. Mercuttio
    Hah! So awesome! Hell, I'll bring whiskey for you instead! 
    Oh wow, Skylab, did we join the same month?

  4. jude Administrator
    I do mind, Erik.  Mercuttio is shifty, and not to be trusted--and he tried to murder music.
    Mercuttio, man, I know we also connected via Facebook long ago, but it sure is great to see you here again.
  5. Mercuttio
    Nice to be back! I'm trying to remember exactly how the tag came up in the first place. 
    I'm pretty sure I was in a disagreement with someone (no idea who, but I'm sure it could be searched for) and, in desperation, he accused me of wanting to kill music. 
    I was so entertained, I agreed, and I guess a mod did too!

  6. Skylab Contributor

    That we did! Funny that I came here looking for better headphones for traveling with, and all these years and thousands of dollars later, while my music listening life is much richer for head-fi, I still am not happy with my traveling headphones :p
  7. Mercuttio
    I know, right? That's the toughest thing to find! Good travelers are truly the holy grail.

  8. sweetben
    I've been here since 2001, but have posted less than 100 times.  Wow, i am a major lurker!
  9. mrarroyo Contributor
    We should issue canes and such to all the "old pharts"!
  10. Superpredator
    Newfangled old fart stopping by.  I haven't been here in so long that my one of my interests still reads "TV on DVD."  You youngguns probably don't even know what those are.  By so long I mean a year.
  11. DJGeorgeT
    I am really old, but not an old fart.
  12. Mercuttio
    You speak of the time before Netflix.
    I am fearful of your ways.

  13. bangraman Contributor


    We should have "Headphoneus Delitescentus"
    And I guess the over-10Kers can be "Headphoneus Diarrheus"
    (PS. I Have no idea why that's in bold. I hate Huddler's text editor)
  14. gloco
    I had to post to remember when I joined, lol.
    edit: Oh snap, #7000  :)
  15. davidcotton
    Do I count as an 'old fart' then? :p   Did take a break for a while, but then came back (mistake, my wallet didn't know what hit it!).  Had been more a desktop/home user but situations changed at work and needed more isolation, so stopped in the iem part of the forum to check out the better models.  Now god help me I'm considering customs, something I thought I'd never do.
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