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Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

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  1. JahJahBinks
    Recently I started to search for a good PMP for my car so I came back here and started a new thread. Then I saw my profile that has "joined date: November 2002", which was a long time ago. 
    Just wondering, any old members still hopping around here?
  2. Samgotit
    Binks, you were at one time a very prolific poster. And I dare say you started some threads that had me wondering about your sanity. You very abruptly stopped posting. I even PM'ed you to see if you were OK. I guess you are. [​IMG]
  3. Samgotit
    See, Binks, I was really worried. I even made a thread about it.
  4. ricksome Contributor
    I've been around the block a few times
  5. JahJahBinks


    I am speechless, I mean, really. I am. [​IMG]
  6. VicAjax Contributor
    i'm rocking the "January 2004"... certainly not an original gangsta, but i guess i'm old enough to be 2nd Wave.
    not around much anymore... been cruising guitar forums lately.  Members' Lounge seems a little lonelier than the last time i was here? :frowning2:
  7. 450
    I'm from 04... 6 Years gone already...
  8. yooss
    Just posting, I'm a newcomer. This thread reminded me of this sad thread.
  9. earthpeople

    I've only been here for about two years and I've noticed that as well.
  10. pigmode
    I just came back on not too long ago. Basically packed up all of my CDs, sold all audio equipment, and focussed on work and athletics for a few years. Then I woke up one morning and felt the need. 
    I half-stepped on my first couple of purchases, then finally got in the groove.
  11. jude Administrator

    Wow, pigmode, it's great to see you around again, man. If I recall correctly, you were around the very first week of Head-Fi's start, and Headwize before that. Seeing your username come up again made my day.
    omniweltall, pilus and Happy Camper like this.
  12. pigmode


      Same here, jude.
    Those times from Headwize and Head-Fi were unique as they were fleeting. The changes that have occurred here are similar to that of growing up, and moving through successive stages in life. The early Head-Fi right up to a few years ago was such a vibrant and close community that had shared so much passion, knowledge, and growth. All of the regulars basically knew each other. But in the end, we all have to leave the old neighborhood.
    The evolved Head-Fi is still a fantastic resource. Looking at the headphone industry today, its plain to me that Head-Fi has been pivotal in expanding the enjoyment and passion of this hobby to thousands of music lovers. That's one dynamic which hasn't changed.
    I give jude a toast for starting this endeavor, nurturing it, and carrying it through.
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  13. Happy Camper


    Well said, accurate observation.
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  14. John2e Contributor
    I originally found this site while searching for the best sounding headphones for $200.  Now here I am impatiently waiting for the Edition 10's.  I have purchased, used and sold just about every Hi End headphone made except for the R10's and Stax
  15. bangraman Contributor


    Or we could just occasionally stagger out with the lawn chair, disapproving look in place [​IMG]
    Yes, kudos as well. I'm not exactly a huge fan of the community as it now is, but it's unavoidable as it reaches a certain size - and jude has surely made the best of it through the years.
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