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Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

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  1. chef8489
    I think most of us old timers are in and out. When we feel like we need new gear we come back and talk again. I will try to stick around a bit longer this time.
  2. c0mfortably_numb
    Old fart checking in, I stop in occasionally, my health has side lined me and my pockets are way lighter then they once where...  Still rocking my Head-Five & Entech Number cruncher DAC... I hope to be able to afford some new cans in the coming new year :)
  3. bangraman Contributor


    The power of Apple compels everyone, apparently. Let's face it, we'd have remained (more) in the sidelines if it wasn't for the iPod.
  4. pank2002 Contributor
    I guess I might be (well to some degree at least). I don't spend a lot of time on these forums any more, though... Dare I say that it was better back in the days :)
  5. meithkiller Contributor
    Well, I'm an old fart (turned the big four-oh earlier this year) and I guess I'm something of an old-timer around here as well, having registered back in late 2001 and lurking a bit before that. I never posted a lot, but for a few years was on the forums quite a bit. It has been 5+ years since I've even visited much at all, and back around '05 or so I sold most of my headphones, all of my amps, and a lot of my more valuable PCDP's that I had been collecting. I was wanting to get out of debt, and had a lot of money wrapped up in headphones and associated gear.
    I still have about half of my old Sony PCDP collection up in the attic, and my Panasonic SL-SX510 and SL-CT570 PCDP's still get frequent use, but have been listening to iPods more lately for the convience factor. My hearing has deteriorated somewhat since I was younger as well, and my kids (ages 6 and 8) have been taking more of my time and money as well. I had put most of my more expensive hi-fi equipment away when we started having kids, and have slowly been breaking it out again to start listening to my better equipment again.
    Things definitely are different around here than they were 8-9 years ago, but nearly every web community has changed over the past decade as well, and things are never like "the good old days" for a variety of reasons.
  6. jatinder Contributor
    I joined in June 2001, and lurked for couple of years before that on headwize and head-fi when it was formed.

    I have spent the last few years building and improving my speaker based setup and trying to get the blasted qualias to work properly.

    I occasionally check into head-fi to see what the latest flame of the month is - but head-fi seems quite "quiet" in that respect today.

    I would also like to see a big UK head-fi meet like the two that I attended a few years ago.

  7. sanakaku
    Yeah, I think I have an idea what you're saying, I do read a lot of old post like the ancient threads discussions, reviews and its quite different with today, but hey gotta give that a lot of young blood and alike are getting to the community, Like me fresh meat for the taking
  8. bangraman Contributor


    It is interesting re-buying / hunting down the <$200 headphones we used to (in many cases, justifiably) savage/denigrate back in the old days and compare them to what is popular these days. Tastes definitely have changed, which is why it's amusing to me why Beats and Bose comes in for so much bile... what the bulk of the forum likes these days is basically a slightly more refined version of those, ideally with wood earcups :p
  9. jjcapurro
    Beginning of '04 for me. Not quite an OG, but certainly in the thick of it before headphones really got "cool".
  10. bhjazz Contributor
    Lost of ol'school familiar names in this thread.  Good to see other still stop by now and then.  I've been away from DIY building as of late.  I should be able to clear out some time summer/fall of this year (2011) so I'll be more active then.
  11. trevorlane Contributor
    I'm not even close to an oldie, I'm still hoping to hit 500 posts before the end of the decade
  12. jeffreyj900 Contributor
    Not super old but old.
  13. dj_mocok
    Im quite new roun here
  14. plainsong
    Do I qualify? Anyone remember me? It's nice to see a thread with names I recognize. Yeah the place has changed. You can't find stuff anymore and people don't bother replying as well as they used to. Still though, I'll never suddenly think stock buds sound great, so that keeps me coming back as needed. It's nice to see some of the old gang. 
    And where is Tuberoller?
    episiarch likes this.
  15. Bigguy
    Occasional lurker checking in.
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