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Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

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  1. andrew3199
    I Joined 2003. I do spend time on here but don't post much. I wish I had more of a "Golden ear" so I could give more input. Sadly I do a lot of lurking....[​IMG]
  2. yage


    Tuberoller - a good dude.  I got to meet him once since I lived in Chicago at the time.  I believe it was at Tyll's traveling headphone show.  The creator and editor-in-chief of Soundstage! Magazine, Doug Schneider also showed up to cover the event.  It was the first time I got to listen to the Orpheus...  ah I better stop before I get all misty-eyed.  
  3. lextek Contributor
    It ain't the same.  40 pages of new posts and only a couple posts  I might be interested in.......
  4. FallenAngel Contributor
    Too many fads and fotms with associated mad crazes surrounding them...
  5. zaphod373
    I was at the launch of the first sony/philips cd player,  and It was really amazing to me,  and nowadays still is.  I appreciate the total quiet in between songs,  the total absence of tracking noise, the fact that every cd you buy is (for all intents)  a master recording, not to mention the beauty of carrying around your complete music collection in your pocket, so many wonderful cheap audio devices, but the younger just dont fully appreciate the simple things. This isnt to say they are unappreciative, just that they dont fully understand the beauty of what they listen to now,  compared to what we old farts listened to many years ago. The huge amount of posts for recommend me this,  for thats, in a lazy attempt for someone else to find them an ultimate headphone, is so annoying,  and if all of those, " recommend me"  posts were removed the headfi hard drives would be nearly empty. An ultimate headphone would be nice,  but to a large degree, try to enjoy what you have. cheers
  6. plainsong
    Amen with a plagal cadence.
    And the headphones are only good as what's driving them, kids!
  7. Audio Addict Contributor


    I must say that was the very first meet I ever attended out at the Shure facilities if memory serves me.  Still have my HeadRoom mug Tyll was handing out.
  8. grancasa
    Everything changes..... that is the only thing that ever stays the same.
    Many thanks to all those who have put their energy into this small space on the net. Coming back feels like returning to your home town after years away.
  9. sml1226
    Everywhere I go (other forums and here) people are conversing about the death of their beloved forum in some aspect or another. Here it is just the closeness (which really is the most important part, if you ask me, to a community such as this), others are actually standing on their last leg with us 8 regulars just coming to meet and talk about whatever we can to make the place seem lively.

    Here on the other hand, I feel it is overcrowded with sales info and whatnot, but once you find a good thread full of passionate people, you can really get some little connections going. We definitely need a completely dedicated discussion area like the rambling room and some of the games and such, but more of a place to just talk. One forum has a "Randomness is Awesomness" which is simply a time waster, say what you've been up to strike up a useless conversation area.

    I honestly think that MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter are to blame for a lot of the downfall of little communities. People decide to just move on to simple quick updates. Conversations are nearly nonexistent and people are less connected to their internet buddies.

    Now I have to say, that the best thing, is that there is still this thread pointing out that people want a community aspect to this. Shut the site down for a bit, do some "spring cleaning" wiping out a lot of these useless threads on nothing but purchases. Keep mods, discussions, etc. and just make it about the audio rather than the prices of things. The search here is honestly the worst aspect I have found and as was said before, is likely a reason for many useless posts, but really if there weren't so many to begin with, the search wouldn't be mind numbing and give you 300+ results on something simple.

    Now I think having a chat room is a great way to get discussions flowing and all that, but with such a massive community, it would be hard to accomplish anything. Something along the lines of the 30 different IRC channels for Ubuntu linux alone may be more what we could get going (different channels for different topics: random discussions, brands, amping, DIY, SQ, musicality, etc.).

    All just ideas, but I think we could get this site, with the current members and everything basically as is, to become a very friendly, close-knit community as I am seeing it used to be.

    This whole rambling post was the result of the internet, and really I think it's more than just forums and things, becoming so detached that people don't make friends anymore. They are only concerned with "I have 14833 followers" or "I have 328193 friends" (of which nobody knows, and nobody cares about) and people are just so materialistic (no real material to be had there, but it's the same idea) and they only want to claim they have something. Personally, I use facebook to talk to 3 people, that's it. All of my friends near me, I'll go see them, I'll call them, whatever. But these select people are friends I cannot contact otherwise. We need more of the visiting a forum/chat room/messenger to talk, waste time, and have fun.

    There's the end of my reminiscing and ranting. Hopefully I'm not the only one that sees things this way. If so I guess I'm just a pessimist, but nothing has been as fun as talking to people on AIM and just carrying on the most random conversations in forums, and I haven't seen that anywhere lately.
  10. Samgotit


    Plainsong! Of course you qualify. You should know, I have forgiven you for calling us all racist misogynists those eleven or twelve times. [​IMG]
  11. pigmode
    Bringing up old names, I regret the absence of Dark Angel, Vertigo-1, Kelly, and Dusty Chalk.
  12. lextek Contributor


    Hey Buddy
  13. lextek Contributor


    All familiar names along with Pigmode.  The hot set-up was a MG head with HD600/Cardas listening to Norah Jones "Come Away With Me".  I miss those days.
  14. Mercuttio
    I'm really starting to get back in and enjoy this hobby again. Amazing that nearly six years have passed since I joined though, so much has happened since.
    The one great sadness I will always have, however, is that my custom title of "Key Conspirator In the Quest to Murder Music" has vanished. Did anyone else lose their custom title when the site changed over? I'd trade a fancy dinner in NYC to have it back.
  15. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Wish granted.

    No dinner necessary. But I wouldn't mind a beer at a meet some time. :)

    (Hope you don't mind, Jude.)
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