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Announcing the Audeze LCD-GX, the First Audiophile Gaming Headphone

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, May 10, 2019.
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  1. tradyblix
    If the G stands obviously for gaming, what does the MX stand for ? What does the Z stand for ? I’m seriously asking.

    Time will tell if this multi market (or if there even IS a market for 800 gaming headphones) works or not. I’m betting not.

    They do look cool but as an audiophile I’d never want a pair not dedicated to music. And most gamers I know would balk at anything over 300 for headphones.
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
  2. Alcophone
    LCD-MX4: "can be driven easily by a laptop, mixing console or audio interface."

    LCD-4z: "We have taken the award-winning design of our top-of-the-line LCD-4 and engineered it with a special 15 ohm voice-coil making it significantly easier to drive than the original LCD-4. This model does not replace the original 200 ohm LCD-4, but offers a perfect solution for users seeking more head room.
    Wikipedia: "Impedance is a complex number, with the same units as resistance, for which the SI unit is the ohm (Ω). Its symbol is usually Z"
  3. abvolt
    I need a pair of these love the Audeze sound..
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  4. Q Mass
    These sound fascinating! And I went to your site to register, but wasn't asked for a phone number at any point of the registration process.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    For anyone else entering the comp' who might also be wondering where to submit there phone number; Andrew at Audeze very kindly got back to a request I submitted, to reassure me that all they ask for during the submission process is an email.
    Presumably Audeze will only request the phone numbers of those lucky enough to win the cans.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  5. nvfan
    If an audiophile gaming headphone exists, i.e., focusing on soundstage, it would be the HD800, not an Audeze headphone.
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  6. marka250
    Looks amazing!
  7. Mani ATH 87
    I agree with this, I'm not sure I understand or see the point of this headphone. I love Audeze, I have the Mobius, and I'm also picking up an LCD2c later this year.

    For me I don't see what niche these things really fill. They look great and probably sound great...but I don't know a single gamer that is going to go out and spend $900 USD on a headphone. The average gamer is going to have no interest in these in my opinion. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong...but I just don't see the demographic, especially after Audeze was pushing the Mobius as the ultimate gaming headphone.
  8. Sp12er3
    If it's not gonna have Mobius tracker and a mic, it'd pretty much just an LCD.

    It's probably just an attempt at branding one of their LCD model so it'd have a "gamer" Tag on it for those people looking for the bes... Er... The most expensive in Google.
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  9. roskodan
    Looks are great, only problem is gamers do not spend that much on headphones, you could get a great pair of headphones and an good external mic for that sum. ATH-M50x, Massdrop HD6XX is where gamers at.
  10. WildStyle-R11
    Probably not going to be buying this as I have 2C, however I am curious as to how it compares to it. a FR comparison would be interesting to see or impressions of someone. Also yeah, if that mic isn't Powered with P48, meh. I would rather have wireless open back, with a charging dock.
  11. Alcophone
    It would seem that if you can buy a replacement cable, you can turn any LCD-series headphone into a gaming headphone.
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  12. canthearyou
    I don't consider myself a gamer though I do play games. I'll definitely be grabbing these upon release. I'll power them from a JDS Labs Element.

    I won't use the mic as I have a desktop unit.
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  13. KMann
    The LCD-GX are indeed the lightest in the LCD series at about 420g.
  14. Beagle
    So these would also appeal to non-gamers who are looking for the Audeze sound but in a lighter headphone structure?
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  15. KMann
    Yes that is true. They are light and are very efficient, the low impedance design would provide more voltage headroom, i.e one would not have to crank up the gain on an amp too much if one is look for loudness. But loudness is not everything, GX was designed to scale with Amps and DACs.
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