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Announcing the Audeze LCD-GX, the First Audiophile Gaming Headphone

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, May 10, 2019.
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  1. stuck limo
    Was the Creative Sound Blaster series ignored by gamers generally speaking? I'm not even a gamer and I knew about this DAC and their target audience (as well as the G6):

  2. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    No, the X7 is highly regarded by our gaming community (that's still my #1 recommendation for gamers who want a strong dac/amp combo with the benefits of SBX virtual surround, and other tweakable options, basically everything you need to attach to a headphone), and the G6 is a popular cheaper option these days.

    Have one at home and it's what I use to send an SBX signal to my Modi 3/Magni 3.

    The GX at 420g? I didn't even know that and that was my guess considering what else I had on have and how it's that very same weight.

    But the headband on the GX is even better, so it does feel lighter on the head than the number suggests.

    If I could gush about anything Audeze has done recently, it's their headband design. Out of the park. Compared to the old LCD2 style... what a stark difference in comfort.
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  3. chimney189
    Although I'm interested in this, I don't see it even coming close to beating the HD 800 for a videogame experience.
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  4. iznogud
    Are the pads glued like the others ?
  5. canthearyou
    The Audeze costs less and requires a lesser amp, so theres that.
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  6. KMann
    Yes size matters when it comes to linear bass response, especially if you want bass extension down to 10Hz without distortion.

    LCD-GX is likely the most efficient planar you will find in the market in the price range. It provides the flexibility of being able to plug it into most sources including consoles and amps designed for gaming without worrying about headroom. The low distortion and fast transducer would still scale well and remain transparent to Amp and DAC one chooses so one can optimize the DAC/Amp pairing depending on preference.

    Single sided design along with Magnesium body helped us reduce the weight. The suspension band distributes the weight evenly. This increases long term comfort.

    In order to achieve low weight and high efficiency and still keep the distortion very low, LCD-GX has a very unique structure similar to one found in our LCD-MX4; except LCD-GX uses a single sided design. The Fluxor magnet creates higher magnetic flux needed to keep the the efficiency high. We then optimized the trace width to achieve a uniform force on the diaphragm which helps us maintain very good control over the diaphragm and achieve a linear response with very low distortion.
  7. abvolt
    I'd say the Audeze will sound great like all their hp's do, I'll be getting a pair after some reviews come out enjoy the music guys.
  8. mixman
    Why didn't this have the fazor and do you anticipate having any low weight Fazor designs under $995?
  9. .Sup
    Hmm. In Europe they are the same price and I power HD800 straight from the motherboard socket (Asus Ranger VIII). I find anything over 400g heavy for a headphone. I have a question for Audeze owners; when wearing and looking down, does it slide down from your head or does it stay firmly gripping your head?
  10. Fegefeuer
    I was at the Audeze booth at the High End Show and a lot of people listened to the GX purely from that standpoint, appreciating the lighter weight and being excited about its heritage. Some would plug it into their phones or tablets.
  11. GREQ
    It's not a real gaming headphone because it doesn't have RGB.
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  12. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    It is. This is one thing I hope they change in the future, especially when there's so many people like me that would love to swap in alternatives from Dekoni, etc, eithout worrying about damaging the default pads on removal.

    While I do get what you're saying, there are plenty of products like Sennheiser's PC360, Game Ones and Beyerdynamic MMX300 that are gaming headsets yet don't follow the RGB aesthetic.

    That being said, personally, I'd like to think of these as audiophile headphones with a detachable mic cable that happen to function well for gaming purposes because of all the things Audeze has stated. In short, an audiophile headphone suited well for gaming. Which is my forte, and the basis of my headphone guide.

    Audeze calling it a gaming headphone doesn't cheapen the fact it is an LCD class audiophile headphone, and should be looked at by non-gamers as well because of that. The lightest Audeze LCD with a single magnet design, and is incredibly efficient, so monstrous gear isn't required. That alone should turn some heads in interest. It just makes marketing sense to aim it at gamers with Gaming in the name since that word alone brings in so much attention from the non-audiophile demographic that may be more than interested in what they've been used to by Astro, Razer, Steelseries, etc, which don't come anywhere near close to the level of audio quality on display here.

    If you use the standard headphone cable, nothing of its aesthetics look 'gamery'. It looks like a bonafide, standard LCD with new color accents on the outside.

    I know most of us have our own gear we would attach our headphones too, but do you all really feel comfortable attaching your LCDs to say...the PS4 controller's headphonbe jack? Probably not. Well, these are efficient enough where that wouldnb't be so disastrous. So yes, they do stand out more than the other LCDs for more general non-audiophile purposes.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
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  13. GREQ
    Woah, I didn't think anyone would actually take me seriously XD
    Was just a joke man.
    I think the whole 'true game' anything is a load of marketing BS... **continues munching gaming doritos and guzzling gaming mountain dew**

    But I totally get what you're saying and agree totally. Having worked in the gaming industry and have been a gamer for about 30 years, I know that it's also the only way to really get your product noticed too, and since they're clearly filling a 'gap' in the market... I mean... anything over $400 (Audeze Mobius) is the gap, which they're created themselves.... kinda weird, but that's how it is, and it's a pretty good business strategy I think.
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  14. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Oh I was gonna say I'm sure you were joking. But wanted to get the point across, that there are non-RGB gaming devices.

    I've never bought into the RGB craze myself. The few devices I own with addressable RGBs, I either turn the RGBs pure white, or dark red, since red is the color least likely to strain the eyes. We all likely know the nightmare of having blue or white leds light up a room at night when you're trying to sleep, lol. I have a PortaPro wireless with a blue led that shines next to my face. I have never reached for black electrical tape that fast in my life.

    As for the GX, my main concern is the price point. There are audiophile gamers, sure, but that price and the general gaming demographic don't seem likely to mix. We're talking people that cry about $100 headsets. So Audeze does have a steep hill to climb in making these break through general gamer sensibilities. I mean, I'm a gamer and an audiophile to a point, and I'm not someone nowdays that would pay more than $400-$500 for any headphone, gamer or not, if I didn't already have my own stuff. A few years ago, yeah.

    Then again, prices are something I long stopped talking about on my reviews, because everyone is different, and what seems too much for me, may not be for you, and vice versa. So I just review on a headphone's own merits, regardless of price range or other headphones.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
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  15. The Socialist Nerd
    RBG is meaningless. Looks good like Britney Spears but in the end means nothing spiritually...
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