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Announcing the Audeze LCD-GX, the First Audiophile Gaming Headphone

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, May 10, 2019.
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  1. protoss

    Why cant you guys list the weight for each LCD model? Like serious! Why are you afraid to list your models as 600g? If it is 600g than label it! If it is not label it otherwise?

    So, can you please label each LCD model weight on your web-page! This should be your number one priority! Label the weight!

    You label everything else expect the weight huh?!

    For @Audeze = label the weight!
  2. blackdragon87
    interesting news, thanks for sharing
  3. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    The drivers are specifically tuned for the GX. The GX is its own thing. No fazor, single fluxor magnet, you really can't just outright compare it to other LCDs in terms of mechanics.

    As for the weight, it's definitely nowhere near 600g. It feels around the weight of the Ananda if just a tad more so my guess would be in the 400-450g range. But the headband really helps make it feel like less.

    It's really attractive in person too. I didn't like the aesthetics of the old bamboo lcd2, and somehow the GX looks really pretty to me.

    The GX still has that big, bold, LCD sound, so don't worry about it sounding compromised.
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
  4. Alcophone
    Sankar Thiagasamudram (CEO & founder of Audeze) said at the High End in Munich that it's indeed based on the LCD-MX4.
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  5. kid vic
    I hope your review includes a comparison with the Ananda/ Edition XX and that Audeze doesn't give the prize to a puppet account like *** did.
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  6. malvinviriya
    Well hello there sexy!

    Really dig the colour
  7. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I can give a brief comparison to the XX but not the Ananda as that is no longer in my possession.

    Normally I don't like doing detailed comparisons especially when the sound signatures are so different. But I'll do my best.

    If anyone has fears that this will look too gamer-y, really, the headphone itself looks like any Audeze headphone. The difference in aesthetics is simply color design and one of the cables having the included boom microphone.

    The red color isn't intense, and really, the GX looks like a world class LCD headphone.

    I think the gaming orientation here is that it has a mic, and is absurdly efficient, so people shouldn't worry about how well it's going to be driven in most situations.
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
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  8. kid vic
    My interpretation of your words is that the two are sonically close enough to be interchangeable.
  9. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Oh you mean the Ananda and XX? Similar, not the same. The Ananda is clearer and more defined, which I detailed in the review.

    As for the GX, it's a whole different beast in presentation. The A and XX are laid back, v-shaped in where details are kinda spaced back. The GX is a more upfront presentation of sound.
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  10. kid vic
    Yes, thats what I meant. Well, I may have overstated how close you thought the two sounded; I'm certainly not going to tell you what you heard and wrote, however, I'm still looking forwards to your impressions.
  11. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I mean, yes, the XX and Ananda certainly sound a lot a like to me, but the differences are there. A non-audiophile probably would argue they sound the same.

    On topic, If you really like your midrange, the GX stomps over them both, IMO. It was a stark difference. There's nothing quite like getting a really lifelike vocal presence.
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
  12. kid vic
    I'm sure I'd hear the difference between the two myself but if compared against the XX I can extrapolate to the Ananda.

    On Topic, this would probably be too efficient for driving off of a speaker amp but I'm still curious how they will compare to the LCD-X
  13. Focux
    wdf i got just my LCD X and this sexy thang just released..???

    for USD900 it comes with a case too..!?

  14. kid vic
    No it doesn't, the case is an optional add on.
  15. Focux
    thank goodness
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