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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. Ollie526

    I have a Samsung tablet that I want to use a DAC to connect to my car via aux. I have it working now but the Behringer UCA202 drains my tablet battery. Since it needs to be Android powered, it stays on until the tablet dies. Is there a DAC that is either non-powered or can be individually powered and then I connect to the tablet for the audio?
  2. kostaszag

    Many. Cozoy Astrapi, HRT DSP, AudioQuest Dragonfly Black, iFi iDSD micro, a whole fleet of Fiio's, to name but a few. 
  3. Ollie526

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will look into each. Do you know which of these would draw the least power (or how I would find that out?). My tablet battery is bad enough without something else drawing on it!
  4. SpiderNhan
    The new Dragonfly Black/Red consume very little battery power. You can also try and OTG cable like this one that allows charging while using OTG.
  5. kostaszag

    They are all designed to be powered by a smartphone, so the power consumption is minimal. The iFi even has its own battery which is supposed to last for up to 9 hours of play. Now about the Fiio, I never owned one but the firm has many different models, one will suit you. 
  6. Ollie526

    Thanks. I have an otg cable that lets me charge and use usb (but a $40 one). The DAC I have now is more for desktop, so hopefully these ones made for mobile will be pre power friendly. Thanks
  7. hariznordin
    I just changed to a new phone..Why the sound quality detiorates??? I thought by using the same dac the sq remains the same.. Help....
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    There's still the software. If there is any issue with the current software like a global EQ effect then that circumvents having the same hardware outside the phone. 
    Also, what DAC is that? If the newer phone has its host device power output set lower, and it's a DAC dependent on USB power, then you are basically depriving the DAC of the same operating environment as with your older phone.
    Basically, the SQ is the same for all downastream components if  the transport is also functioning the same way. Obviously, for one reason or another, it isn't.
  9. hariznordin
    Thx 4 the swift reply.. Previously I owned a redmi note 2 prime, changed 2 g flex 2.. Fiio q1 is the dac
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    What app are you using for playback? If you're using Neutron there might be settings there that you weren't using on the older phone and older version of that app.
    Past that, see if there is already an easy way to root the phone to bypass any software audio modification that came with the device.
  11. bixby
    What former phone and what new phone?  Most phones do not have a dac chip per se.  Almost all phones use a SOC or system on a chip that includes decoding codecs.  So no separate "name brand"  dac chips for most phones.  Some do but tend to be higher end or tofl.
    And then there is the associated circuitry.  That can affect the sound of a phone as much as the dac chip that was selected.
  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    He replied to that two posts above. And also given this is the "Android phones and USB DACs" thread, his DAC was the Fiio Q1.
  13. bixby
    @protogemaniac    Error, sorry I missed that. 
    I heard differences in SQ with different players on the same phone and an OTG dac, but not sure if I heard differences between phones and the same SW.  May have to try that one day.
  14. hariznordin
  15. REXNFX
    No transports do sound different, are you using the same Android version?
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