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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. banditopazzo
    Hi guys, now I'm using hibyMusic player, it's good and I like it quite enough, but few days ago it started to give me problems. playing flacs it simply close unexpectedly, no other errors. If I restart it, it works again and after a while it do the same. I tried to change usb cable, clear cache, uninstall and reinstall, but problem remains. so I'm thinking to take a player choosing between uapp or neutron. don't like onkyo and want a player able to bypass native driver for usb devices. sadly I tried them time ago so no trial is possible. can anyone give me some advice comparing them? which is the best in usb mode? and native for use without a exDac? I'm looking for the "One Player". thanks guys 
    Any Android 6 users out there know if it upsamples via OTG like Android 5 does? Thanks!
  3. MikeyFresh
    I received the Audio-Technica OTG cables today, very fast service from Tokyo to NY via EMS.
    As promised, I have tested these OTG cables with the Oppo HA-2 and Moto X Pure combo hoping they would allow operation between the two without the HA-2 depleting the phone's battery by asking for a charge.
    Drum roll please... it doesn't work the way I had hoped. While the OTG function itself is glitch free and the sound is great, the HA-2 still demands a charge from the phone. I tried to reverse the marked "A" and "B" ends of the cable hoping that might help things, but it doesn't, there is no OTG connection at all when trying to use the cable in the "wrong" direction.
    But back to the sound quality, and at the risk of being flamed by the incessant "digital cables make no difference" and "it's just ones and zeros" zealots, these are superb sounding OTG cables.
    I won't wax poetic or attempt the impossibility of quantifying the difference between these admittedly expensive cables vs. cheap generic OTG cables, but suffice it to say they easily best the generic cables I have in every way.
    I also won't engage in a debate on this topic, especially since everyone wanting that debate has no actual hands-on experience with these cables, they just want to pick an online fight.
    If you are in the market for a better than generic quality OTG cable, and roughly $63 doesn't break your bank, I highly recommend the Audio-Technica OTG cable as the best I've seen/heard to date.
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I can hear an audible improvement with this cable.
    I dunno? Less interference because of shielding? I don't know?
    It was designed to do the job it is doing and it does it well. I'm happy to have mine. Sorry yours didn't do what I implied it might by not reading carefully but glad you feel it has an effect on the sonics. I am on board with that.
    Thanks, good to know. Any thoughts on Android 6 sound quality, I believe your MOTO X has it?
  6. Davy Wentzler
    You can just install the trial again of UAPP: http://www.audio-evolution.com/downloads/USBAudioPlayerPROTrial_2.4.7.apk
    If you already had a trial installed, please uninstall and re-install it.
  7. MikeyFresh

    I think the Android 6 sound quality is excellent, but I have no experience with any prior version of Android as a point of comparison, the Moto X Pure is my first Android device.
    My company provides me with Windows Phone 8.1, which is fine for business and/or phone calls/text messages etc... but useless for audio.
    Most of my listening via Android is with local files via the UAPP or Onkyo HF Player apps, however I was pleasantly surprised that the lossy streaming from Spotify and Pandora wasn't horrendous sounding, and does work natively without fuss.
    Android 6 up-samples those lossy streaming apps to 192kHz sample rate according to the LEDs on the LH Labs GO100 (IEM) DAC.
  8. MikeyFresh

    Me too, and other than the point you made about better shielding from interference etc... there is really only one other plausible explanation I can think of... lower jitter levels.
    Exactly how A-T might achieve lower jitter levels in their OTG cables, that would likely be a tighter adherence to the USB 90 Ohm spec, probably with better quality control of the termination process and thicker gauge better quality conductors.
    Does that mean a cheap generic OTG cable doesn't work, or sounds like total s**t?
    No it doesn't, but it does mean the A-T cable sounds better, hands down, no contest.
  9. Pokersound
    You can take a look to TTVJ page.
    In digital cables there is a micro to micro usb cable that could solve your problem.
  10. MikeyFresh

    Thanks, I've seen that TTVJ OTG cable.
    It is described as directional, and given the two different colored ends, that means there is only one end that will work at the Host side, which means it won't solve this issue.
    I don't actually have a real problem, given the Oppo issued accessory cable, and 2 of 3 generic OTG cables I sourced from China on eBay do work properly without causing the HA-2 to deplete the Moto X's battery.
    I was just hoping to find something of better than generic quality, that would allow that same non-charging operation. It looks like my only other option for that at this point would be to have a custom non-directional cable built by Forza Audioworks.
    Or, I've got one other trick up my sleeve that I'll try with the A-T cable, cover the +5v pin with a piece of Teflon tape to prevent charging. That may or may not also interfere with the USB initialization handshake however, we'll see.
  11. XipeTotec
    Speaking about cables, any suggestion for a good mini-to-micro USB to connect OnePlus One to iBasso mk2? I am searching for a both sides L plug.
  12. shuto77
    Hey, hoping for some guidance from my fellow android users here.

    Long story short: I want to sell my Hifiman HE560 for my cost, because I'm moving back to closed headphones and iems for a variety of reasons.

    If I can't sell it for my cost, I'm putting together a list of items I'd be interested in trading for.

    Anyway, can people give me a sense of which Android friendly amp/dac combos that are super to the Oppo HA-2?

    I'd swap my Hifimans for a Chord Mojo, or an Aurender Flow (I might have to throw in cash for that).

    Are there any other amp/dacs in $600-$1000 price range that I should consider?

    I would also consider daps that are built on Android, that play well with Tidal.

  13. REXNFX
    Thanks much appreciated. I was hoping they'd stopped the upsampling as it doesn't sound good to me. I think that's why UAPP sounds so much better as it bypasses the upsampling. 
  14. MikeyFresh

    They haven't, I just fiddled with it again and there doesn't appear to be any way to prevent the upsampling, at least not for this Android newbie.
    That said, it doesn't seem to sound bad on those lossy streaming apps where it comes into play for me personally, here it is with Pandora One (DAC LEDs indicate 192 kHz sample rate):

    For my other listening it doesn't matter as both UAPP and Onkyo HF Player are allowing native sample rate playback. I think lossy streaming sounds like s**t anyway, so the upsampling may actually be better for sound quality in that case.
  15. REXNFX
    Agreed, lossy streaming is just noise. I use TIDAL 16/44, sounds great via UAPP.
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