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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. kostaszag
    Sure, but for now I have a Sony Xperia Z2, don't  plan to replace it any time soon and would like to use it as good as possible. 
  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    You can search by product #.
    It sounds excellent (placebo) but it is quite thick.
    xperia with the Mojo in link below. I am using with a Note 4 and Mojo
  3. Grayson73
    I received my FiiO E18 yesterday.  OTG to my Nexus 6 was automatic.  From my testing, the DAC is a slight improvement, but the amp is a major improvement to sound quality.  Very happy with the purchase!
  4. kostaszag

    Thanks, But I think I'll pass on that one It costs half as much as much as my Cozoy Astrapi and almost as much as my HRT-DSP, so it is definitely too much. If I I had a Mojo I would consider it, but now...
  5. MikeyFresh
    Do you happen to know if this cable is wired so that it works in either direction? In other words can the Host end be either end?
    I ask because having the OTG pins 4+5 tied at both ends is apparently what allows the cable to work in either direction, and also what allows the Oppo HA-2 to operate without asking for a charge from a device such as my Moto X Pure.
    So the stock Oppo OTG cable is non-directional and allows operation with no draw from the Moto X's battery, and a couple of other generic OTG cables I have do the same, while some others work but cause the HA-2 to deplete the Moto X's battery by asking for a charge.
  6. shuto77

    If I'm not mistaken, OTG cables that don't draw power from the host are called "two-way" OTGs, and are configured as you've described.

    So that's the question to ask when checking out these cables.

    Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. MikeyFresh

    Thats right, except that almost nobody uses that description, which is why I didn't ask the question that way.
    Oppo does not describe their own cable that way, and neither did any of 3 generic OTG cables I bought on eBay, yet 2 of the 3 turned out to be two-way and did not force the Moto X Pure to charge the HA-2, but the 3rd did.
    I see nothing about 2-way in the Audio Technica product description, but that doesn't mean much. I also didn't see any mention of this with a Chord Mojo user, theoretically it would have been noted in that review if the AT cable caused the Mojo to charge off the phone, but thats why I'm asking the OP who might be able to specifically test this for me.
    The best I can tell from the picture of the packaging suggests this is not a 2-way cable, they seem to specifically designate an "A" and "B" end.
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Google translate ( I cannot read Japanese)
    Several HA-2 and this cable mentions are on the J web for reasons maybe related to what you said. The ends have no difference in size shape or markings.
  9. MikeyFresh

    Thanks, I did originally open the link in Chrome to translate it, but the translation is absolutely non-sensical, I can't make any determination from it.
    If you see no difference in shape or markings then I can't help but think it is a two-way cable. I'm willing to roll the dice, I placed an order for it and had it shipped EMS. I will post about this combination when it arrives.
  10. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     Whoa...it actually does have an "A" and a "B" Sorry for the confusion but I could not see it under average light.
    Cancel and tell em it's the wrong item because it is..maybe
    It says "A" and "B" in the diagram so I should just trusted them instead of squinting before the 1st coffee of the day
  11. MikeyFresh

    Oh well, thanks for the clarification. Maybe by some miracle it will work the way I need it to.
    If not, I'm ok with having a high-end OTG cable in the library, might come in handy with some other device down the road.
    Or maybe I can cover the +5v pin with a small bit of tape to prevent charging, easier said than done on a micro connector, as compared to a Type A connector.
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     I'm just a derp.[​IMG]
    I ordered a custom from Forza and it might get here before I die?  I was searching for another item when I came across a spec image of an OTG and found the cable despite having searched for hours and hours for just such a thing. I'm not saying the tiny little thin wired $5 cables worry me a tad....nah..I'm sayin that[​IMG] but I am listening to Pink Floyd right now and getting used to Neutron and the precise freq/gain/Q  for my ex800st and the mojo and just enjoying a new level with no misplaced (maybe) concern that my little otg is too susceptible to external noise/interference.
  13. MikeyFresh

    I had thought about ordering a custom OTG from Forza, I really like their cables and I know Matt will build it the right way, but the long wait is a little off-putting. I'll probably end up doing it anyway if thats the only way I can get a "2-way" OTG cable of significantly better quality than generic.
    It also dawned on me as to why any review with the Mojo, or indeed your own experience with the AT cable and Mojo, are not relevant to use with the Oppo HA-2: the Mojo has separate USB micro ports for data and charging.
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    My cable was supposed to be sent off a while ago but I have no tracking # and that's because my order was messed up in the initial stages and then Matt offered to pay for shipping which sounded great until it's now clear that it's the cheapest form and sans a tracking #
    I woulda paid for better shipping. If I am buying a custom cable I am not a penny pinching dude. The whole thing just frustrates the hell out of me and is why I bought that cable we are talking about. You are correct to be put off about the wait.
    The Mojo and it's separate ports never dawned on me either.  For a weird reason i do not know ...this cable and the HA-2 seemed to be mentioned together on J sites a couple times?
  15. MikeyFresh
    Yes and in one case a Japan seller bundles this AT cable with the HA-2.
    However again Google Translate provides no help in deciphering, the translations are absolutely non-sensical. No information can be gleaned about actual compatibility, nor any real details such as 2-way support/HA-2 charging/not charging etc... frustrating.
    I'm hoping if nothing else the charging can be prevented by use of a small piece of tape covering the +5v pin, though that could screw-up the handshake between the two devices.
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