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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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    What version Android is the Z3c?
  2. JeoO
    5.1.1 aswell
    Interesting, I can't use streaming apps via OTG with my Z3c since it updated from 4.4 to 5.1...
  4. flatdennis
    I have the same combination and it doesnt work with Spotify at all. Stuttering at its best. The Youtube App works fine, but who cares?
    I dont know what to do so. Any tips for working Android + Spotify solutions? Thansk in advance.
  5. cattlethief
    buy a chromecast audio and connect it to your oppo,the oppo also acts as a power bank for your chromecast the oppo i believe has optical input,the chromecast has optical output it will cast hires,download the chromecast app and use your phone as the remote.
  6. flatdennis
    Sorry i dont get your idea, maybe because of my lack of english knowlegde... i dont think there are optical inputs on the oppo.... i have a bluetooth audio receiver but it didnt work. just tried it.
    is android 6.0 and spotify compability confirmed? so i could do the moto E way...
    edit: just read that the moto didnt get the 6.0 update...
  7. cattlethief
    sorry not got the oppo but you still can connect the the chromecast to the audio in port.
  8. flatdennis
    U mean Chromecast via usb in the oppo, And Phone via blue tooth to Chromecast?
    U know that i want to use the DAC of the oppo? A line connect wont Do that
    Finally got Tidal app working via OTG on my Z3c (Lollipop), turned out I needed to uncheck the box 'play through Android' on UAPP which stopped UAPP syncing with the USB DAC.
    So for anyone trying to get streaming apps to work via OTG you need to uncheck this box (if you have UAPP installed) and after you connect the DAC, click 'cancel' when any player pop up asks whether you want to sync USB.  
  10. Whitecitadel
    See my post above on Samsung's broken implementation - reading the UAPP page it affects other samsung devices not just the S5
  11. Whitecitadel
    You would only use the play through Android option if you don't have a DAC connected.
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    very stout....like a triple shielded viablue RCA kinda stout
     Buncha mumbo jumbo...copper tape shield is good
    Made in Japan because some folks care about that stuff
    There are a **** load of folks looking for better than a $5 micro b to micro b.
    This one works. Put it on the list please
  13. Ra97oR
    Would love to get that cable with a L plug.
  14. kostaszag

    That is great! where did you get it? can you post a link?
  15. REXNFX
    The thing is all future USB connections will use USB C so don't spend too much on redundant technology, example device:
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