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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. wwwpuntoit
    Hey guys , can anybody recommend a nice amp dac combo that works fine with nexus 6p? Might want to use it with my laptop too..
    Price max 100€-120€ buying in Europe??

    I was looking at fiio e07k/ fiio e17k / Ibasso d-zero mk2 / (heard smsl m2 might have problems, was my favorite one before I read this)
  2. wwwpuntoit
    Anyone? I'd like to buy today... Maybe fiio q1 will do the trick just fine?

    Inviato dal mio Nexus 6P utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. m-i-c-k-e-y
  4. wwwpuntoit
    Hello, thanks but e18 is quiet on the expensive side for my budget...
    Any other solutions??
  5. avitron142
    I can't seem to get the Tralucent DacAmp One working on the LG G3 (CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop). With Hiby I get a "system no response, pls unplug USB cable" error, and with UAPP I get this: 
    "Android did not find any devices, but Linux did! This means your cable is okay, and your device probably hosts USB host mode, so you should try rebooting with the usb cable and DAC attached"
    Using an OTG cable at the moment, and I know that the Aegis works. Bit stumped here, any help would be much appreciated. I'm getting a blue light from the Tralucent, which means it's at least somewhat recognized, but haven't been able to get audio from there.
  6. DanBa
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, XMOS USB 384K/32bit DAC / amp, VE Monk earphones:
    96 kHz file > USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP) running on Galaxy S7 Edge > 96 kHz PCM audio stream >> USB OTG cable >> XMOS USB 384K/32bit DAC / amp >> VE Monk
    96 kHz file > Google Play Music running on Android 6.0.1-powered Galaxy S7 Edge > 192 kHz PCM audio stream upsampled by Android 6.0.1 audio subsystem >> USB OTG cable >> XMOS USB 384K/32bit DAC / amp >> VE Monk 
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    How does the s7 sound with and without external DAC? I need a new phone following my Z3c spending time in our washing machine...
  8. 396629

    Didn't it survive?
    No mate, so much for Sony's waterproof claim....
  10. DanBa
    SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD at US$59.99:

  11. DanBa
    Higher quality music rendering with external XMOS USB 384K/32bit DAC / amp to my ears.
  12. REXNFX
    Thanks Dan, with my Z3c I tried lots of DAC's and couldn't find one that was fundamentally better than the internal DAC/Amp (after lollipop update) but some say Samsung phones make better transports. 
  13. loopfreak
    Hey Everyone,
    I boarded the otg train for some time, but annoyance of receiving a call when otg-ing has really getting on my nerves.
    I don't know if my case is isolated microstreamer + moto g, but the procedure of getting IEM off my ear and reconnecting the whole bundle is just too much.
    In future I would like to upgrade my IEMs into CIEMs and really when I picture the whole scenario with custom made phones and the time needed to refit the 'phones is just .... lame.
    Whats going on with rest of ya, is this problem hardware-variation related or are we suffering the same lame destiny ?
  14. AhmedouviX
    any recommended budget DAC to try on my xperia z2 for 50$ maximum? thank you
  15. kostaszag
    HRT dSp. Been using it on my Z2 for about a year. Sounds really nice. 
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