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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. slackerpo
    cant wait for a nvidia x1 dash!
  2. tancg
    Hi fellows, 
    Im totally new here, wishing everyone a happy upcoming weekend.
    My father is a serious audiophile and he is very interested in using his android phone to play music in his hifi systems. He was not a very techie person unfortunately.
    I found that I need a USB DAC to convert the signal to an analog one, as I found out more, I think i am unable to use any apps to play music if I want to link up the USB DAC to the amp.
    I dont mind buying a suitable phone for him, but can someone advise any simple solution to link his phone to the amplifers?
    I saw this website and thought it is pretty cool!
    His birthday is coming up soon, and I hope I can provide a solution to him soon. =(
  3. DanBa
    You may read some information about Android USB audio:
    A list of USB OTG cables:
    A list of USB Audio Player PRO resources (compatible USB DAC, compatible Android devices, ...):

    According to the USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP) website, UAPP is reportedly compatible with:
    . Working audio devices with eXtream Software Development USB driver
    .. Yulong Audio Sabre DA8 
    .. Yulong Audio U100
    . Working Android devices

    So, one of possible setups could be:

    DSD / high resolution audio / CD resolution audio / MP3 / ... music file > UAPP running on one of Working Android devices / phones > digital audio stream >> USB OTG cable >> Yulong Audio Sabre DA8 32Bit 384kHz DAC > analog audio stream >> amp >> speakers
    USB OTG cable = USB OTG adapter (i.e. micro USB OTG plug to standard USB receptacle) + regular USB cable provided by Yulong Audio
    USB OTG cable = micro USB OTG plug to standard USB plug cable
  4. tancg
    Thanks a lot for the help, but is there any other way if I dont wish to use USB Audio Player PRO?
    My dad listens to TTPOD. He is not exactly savvy with the phone.
    I was advised by this seller that this can plug to the phone.
  5. XipeTotec
    oneplus one > USB Audio Player PRO > USB OTG cable > iBasso D-Zero MKii > AKG earphones
    reported working good and stable.
    Can I ask, aside of USB Audio Player Pro, if there are other players supporting ubs audio? I searched for them but I couldn't find any compiled list.
    Thank you
  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
  7. tancg
    But is there a way if i wan anyl apps to work on the USB Dac? for example, my dad sometimes wish to play radio app or some other players.
    I was advised that the Xiangsheng DAC 03A can be used directly, anyone has any experience?
  8. DanBa
    You can test the compatibility of the native USB audio of an Android phone and the Xiangsheng DA-03A at the USB DAC shop:

    TTPOD music player / stock music player (interfacing with the native USB audio) running on an Android phone >> your USB OTG adapter + regular USB cable of the USB DAC >> Xiangsheng DA-03A USB DAC >> amp >> speakers
    Native USB Audio is usually available on Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony or Xiaomi flagship models like Xiaomi Mi 3 / 4.
  9. tancg
    Thanks! Sadly.. there isn't any shop in my area. I found out only the xiangsheng dac031a te220l version can fit directly to android phones..

    Is 96hz output good enough for high end hifi systems?

  10. bahamot
    Confirmed works:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S -> USB Audio Player Pro -> USB OTG -> Luckit WaveIO -> Audio-GD DAC17D.
    DanBa likes this.
  11. tancg
    Sadly I didnt have a shop in where u live to test. I wish to use the app ttpod directly.
    I realize the Xiangsheng DA-03A XMOS version cant plug and play for andriod phones, only the te220L verison can.
    te220L can only support 96hz, is 96 hz good for high end systems?
  12. Buckster
    problems here :frowning2: my Tab S + 4.4 worked perfectly with my E17 DAC - all apps, spotify etc
    upgraded to Lollipop 5.02 - and now "locks" at 24/96 - and I either get absolutely nothing or horrible static
    any ideas please ?
  13. XipeTotec
    i think android 5 use proprietary usb otg drivers and they does not supports everything. for example, on my OPO, i can play music through UAPP ONLY. every other software, included i.e. neutron, does not work. neutor does not even open (force close) and other software can't reproduce songs nor any audio.
  14. 0VERL0RD
    Sorry tried to reply to someone having problems earlier in thread!
  15. 0VERL0RD

    Hi, had same issue as you, not seeing SD card. Noticed I could see Denon Audio player's playlist that contained all the music on my card. I Suggest trying this to create playlist of your sdcard files or try Playlist Designer app which also works with Onkyo player.
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