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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. DanBa

    But I think it is not easy to replace the stock USB host driver by a custom USB host driver in the kernel because all USB hardware implementation details are not available to a third-party developer.
  2. XipeTotec
    Meh... I suppose I have to try out several kernels and hope to be lucky.
    I'm on the GalaxyS2 for 4 years now and I have to say that is one of the best smartphones I have ever used. Never had a problem.
    Unfortunately, seems I will have to change it. Sad.
    For my pocket expecially.
  3. DanBa
    Android Auto is now live for Lollipop phones and Pioneer head units:
    "Google just proclaimed that Android Auto is ready for the masses... or at least the masses that feel like picking up a separate Pioneer head unit and own a device running Android 5.0 Lollipop. In case your memory of the search giant's in-car plans is a little fuzzy, Google wants you to be able to connect your phone to your stereo with a USB cable -- once that's done, you can issue voice commands, sketch out routes and fire up apps like Spotify or Soundcloud."


    "Android Auto architecture: Phone runs apps, sends rendered screen to Auto via USB, Auto sends touch events to phone."
    music player running on Android 5.0 Lollipop-powered Android phone >> regular USB cable >> Android Auto car audio system: car audio DAC > car audio amp > car audio speakers
  4. NineToTheSky
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and a Note Edge and the Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2. When using Deezer, Poweramp or anything else, there is either no sound (mainly with the Tab Pro) or it plays very slowly (mainly with the Edge). The only way I can get good sound (and it is very good) is using USB Audio Player Pro. I am not rooted. Can the Samsungs play nice with the Dragonfly? 
  5. NZtechfreak

    None of the Android devices I've had (and that's a lot) have worked with the Dragonfly 1.2 outside of UAPP (or should I say worked reliably, sometimes they'll work OK for a while before becoming erratic). Besides, the others won't give you volume control over the Dragonflys amp section.
  6. Dr J

    After further testing and tweaking the phone settings:
    Samsung Galaxy S4 (4g+/LTE model)  Android 4.4.x using Spotify as player worked with Epiphany Acoustics ODAC (as listed in Dan Ba's list).
    Same Samsung Galaxy S4 (4g+/LTE model)  upgraded to Android 5.0.1 does not work with any combinations of the below
    - --> Epiphany Acoustics ODAC
    - --> Schiit Modi
    - --> Onkoyo ND-S1 ---> toslink to AV receiver
    - --> Schiit Wyrd --> Epiphany Acoustics ODAC
    - --> Schiit Wyrd --> Schiit Modi
    - --> Schiit Wyrd --> Schiit Modi  --> Onkoyo ND-S1 ---> toslink to AV receive
    - with Android developer settings/Direct audio automatically to USB audio device either "on" or "off"
    - with Spotify or USB Audio Player Pro
    USB Audio Player Pro variously reported that "Linux can detect the USB audio device but Android cannot" or "No USB audio device detected by Linux or Android".
    Sony Xperia Z3 compact with Android 4.4.4 worked with all the above combinations without any problems.
    That is pretty much it for me on S4 and Android 5.0.1, will wait for further Android update for S4, and will not upgrade my excellently working Z3 compact with Android 4.4.4 until someone reports that Android 5.x for these phones works with USB dacs.
    Hope this serves as a warning to others, there were two previous reports in this thread about Samsung Galaxy series USB dac compatibility being broken by the upgrade to 5.0.1.
    Edit: Should also note that almost every time the music kept playing from the phone speakers with Spotify (UAPP settings/play via Android was "off"). But on one or two occasions there was no sound from phone nor from the external DAC chain.
  7. NZtechfreak
    Honestly with the issues with Lollipop I'd wait until 5.1 rolls out before updating. Too many significant bugs in early releases.
  8. cskippy
    I had mentioned the same thing with my S5 working with my dac on android 4.4 and being broken once updated to 5.0. There is an update in the works apparently for Verizon S5s but it will be a couple months. What's worse is that the headphone output on the S5 is crap.

    There should be a sticky that upgrading to Android 5.0 might cause USB audio to stop working.
  9. StanD
    I think they've polished the turd to 5.04 and that should be getting out the door, eventually. Earlier versions have been reported to have memory leaks but I haven't leapt of that cliff yet, We've been waiting far too long for Google to get their USB Audio together.
  10. NZtechfreak
    5.1 is rolling out now to Nexus devices, apparently pretty good improvement to the Nexus 6. Unknown effect on USB audio.
  11. StanD
    I have a Nexus 7 2013 LTE that's still croaking on 4.4.4 sans Native USB Audio. My Galaxy Note 3 is also on 4.4.4 but has Native USB Audio as per Samsung. The Wifi only Nexus 7 is on Lollipop and has Native USB Audio, I did a quick check so I don't know if it's a good implementation.
  12. XipeTotec
    i'm waiting for my new oneplus one. i know it supports external dac through OTG on stock rom but i'll try to flash a new 5.0.2 lollipop rom just to test new drivers.
    more soon.
  13. StanD
    If you're flashing it, look to see if you can find the 5.0.4 version, if it is available for your device.
  14. NineToTheSky
    I emailed Audioquest about Adroid compatibility, and this is their reply:
    Unfortunately not, due mostly to the current draw.  Dragonfly was designed to work with a laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac) that is fitted with a USB port.  Because there have been so many enquires about using Dragonfly with tablets and smartphones we realize there's a pretty big demand for such a product (or products!) and we are curently developing a whole family of Dragonfly-type products which will work with your tablet and/or smartphone, either iOS or Android.  We hope to be able to launch one or more of these products early in the new year.
    I'm looking foward to it!
  15. XipeTotec
    I searched on XDA and at the moment developers built only 5.0.2 Roms. I think they are not going to develop a 5.0.4 version since android 5.1 is at the gates. If it happens I will try it out and I'll make you know
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