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ACS T1 Live! vs Heir Audio 8.A vs Unique Melody Miracle?

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  1. snappyaxolotl

    I think I'm ready to dive into the world of customs! This is my first custom IEM (coming from universals) so I'm hoping to be surprised. Price limit is $2000, because I don't have that much money to spend, and I profit by selling TF2 unusual hats. Here's a little bit more about my usage and the sound I'm looking for in my CIEM:
    After collecting some information, I narrowed my selection down to 3 customs. Which custom performs the best for me?

    -Usage: These will be my primary headphones for a long tine, so I hope they last a long time. I use IEMs usually on the go. I often watch videos, play video games, watch movies, and play audio related media on my computer. I also use them on my Android phone and with my Sansa Clip+. Sometimes I sleep with them on.

    -Song Genres: I listen to almost every music genre. However (in order of most to least listened), I listen to pop and DJ (popular songs), rap, electronic (trance, techno, house, synth pop), soundtracks and instrumental,  jazz, classical, song remixes and parodies, and rock more often than other genres.

    -Sound Signature: I like my sound to have resolution and seem 3D. Likewise, I value tonal accuracy, clarity, coherence and detail. Words to describe my preferred sound are rich, warm, organic and natural, realistic, and full of transparency. Punchy bass and treble is important.
    -Source: The source of my audio is usually going to be my Sandisk Sansa Clip+, although at other times it will be my Asus N53SV-XV1 PC, and other times my Android phone (rarely an iPod or iPhone). If necessary, I will spend up to $100 on an amplifier.

    I'm looking forward to hearing recommendations and feedback! Thanks to the replies I get!

    Note-I still take recommendations, so don't hesitate!
    -ACS T1 Live!
    -Heir Audio 8.A
    -Unique Melody Miracle
  2. slookx24
    JH16 Pro.
  3. tomscy2000
    The Spiral Ear SE5 Reference are about as revered as any CIEM for what your looking for in terms of sound. Check out Average_Joe's thoughts on them. They're also made from silicone, which will be better if you intend on sleeping in them.
    Otherwise, the Heir Audio 8.A is very well-regarded, and is currently having a 25% off holiday sale right now, which essentially makes its value unbeatable. Heir's craftsmanship is stellar and unique beyond all else. Also, their customer service is the best I've encountered, even beyond that of the big companies.
    The new JH13/16 with FreqPhase seem to be well-liked by those who've listened to the demos, but I'm having trouble (still) determining how much of the FreqPhase thing is marketing and how much is actual driver alignment.
  4. snappyaxolotl
    I've seen the SE5R, and since I've heard its hard to import to the USA, I don't think I'm going to try.
    I've heard many recommendations of the JH13 and JH16, and the 8.A is new to me. Guess I'll have to add those to my list.
  5. tomscy2000
    Ah. I was assuming you were going to have them shipped to Mars, and last time I checked, there were no such import restrictions. [​IMG]
    Go check out the 8.A --- even though I've never heard it, I have the 4.A and can vouch for Heir's attention to detail and service. Several people have reviewed the 8.A; a quick search will yield lots of results. Plus, with the sale going on, it's at less than half your budget.
    I'd also recommend some FitEar action, but it's arguably even more difficult to import than Gregorz' stuff.
  6. snappyaxolotl
    I have a strict rule that I cannot purchase any Japanese products, my parents told me. I have no idea why.
    After contacting Stephen Guo, I'm thinking about adding the Miracle or Merlins to my list, UM also makes exceptional products.
  7. snappyaxolotl
    Bump, are there any IEMs I missed?
  8. seekadds
    For $2k, you can afford these.  I personally love the idea. Custom customs. 
    Here is Jude's thread.
  9. ZARIM
    The JH16Pro+JH3A, UM Pure PP6 are amazing buy and they improve over other custom IEMs because DAC/AMPs included in unit with better crossover. BTW better source is key to improve soundquality DAPs like Sony F, Z, A, S series walkmen, Cowon X7, X9, HM-601, HM-602, HM801, iBasso DX1000 and iPod iMod with better DAC/AMPs.
  10. snappyaxolotl

    Those seem really nice. They're too expensive though :frowning2: 


    Thanks for the input, I'll keep that in mind.
  11. theque
    I just went with the UM Miracles. When you account for Full HD Art fees, Ear Molds and Shipping; I'm in for about $1,300.00.
    I just sent my molds today, so I cannot comment on anything other than great customer service so far.
  12. snappyaxolotl
    Looking forward to the review! Did you purchase at custom-iem (Stephen Guo) or UM Global?
  13. theque
    UM Global. If you call them, talk to Matt. He will answer all of your questions and work with you through the process.
  14. PakoBoy
    if i am right UM is also a Japanese company
  15. hkppl
    UM CIEM are made in China
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