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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. L0rdGwyn
    Yup, a pair of Philips XF2 EL34 should only cost $2-250, I have seen clear glass GEC KT66 for $250 a pair. But smoked glass GEC KT66 and metal base Philips EL34 will run you $500, even more for GEC KT77 if you can find a NOS pair. Several markets for these tubes, two-channel stereo amps, guitar amps, and now headphone amps, so demand is very high! Gotta pay for the best I'm afraid.
  2. 2359glenn
    When you think about it not bad for a pair of tubes that sound as good as a ECC32 or B65.
    I am totally surprised at how good my system sounds with these tubes as the preamp.
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  3. L0rdGwyn
    You're right, for competing with the best tubes out there the price is not crazy, and you can get nice pairs for around $100 from independent tube sellers. Lots of different flavors too, and still available since they are not being featured in off-the-shelf amps.

    I think these are special tubes. Earlier I was comparing the Marconi MH4 and Mullard NR52, have distinctly different sound, the Marconi's are more balanced, the Mullards are warm with nice thick bass, very spacious. And that's in a 6SN7 socket with an adapter.


    If you wanted to take the craziness even further, could try out French PTT100 or Siemens Bi, equivalent tubes but would need a G7K to B5 adapter. My French tube seller recommended to me the Radiotechnique PTT100, but those Siemens tubes are extremely rare.

    s-l1600.jpg bi_4.jpg
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  4. Monsterzero
    Wait...I thought you did away with your 6SN7 socket? Man I cant keep up with your tube adventures! Im just getting into 6/12J5s and now I have to research these as well?
  5. L0rdGwyn
    Lol sorry D, the 6/12J5s are really better for the GOTL and are great tubes, these ones are pretty exotic. They have 4V filaments, so the only way to use them in the GOTL is with an adapter with resistors built in and they are nowhere close to being correctly biased, really not ideal. I only had the adapter made by Deyan to see what they sound like before committing to a dedicated amp for them, sort of an experimental thing.

    I still have the 6SN7 socket, got rid of the C3g and replaced those with 6J5 sockets. I still use the 6SN7 socket for the ECC32 and a few of my favorite 6SN7 like the Fivre black plate.
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  6. Monsterzero
    Well thats good to hear cuz cables are my latest wallet drain.
    Thank you to @Zachik for sending me his Equinox 7 RCAs to include in my upcoming RCA shootout video.
    If anyone else has a pair of RCAs that they would like to be included in the video,send me a PM. You will be without them for approx 2-4 weeks.
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  7. L0rdGwyn
    I can send you this RCA cable...probably have five more like it around the house. I will send them all to you postage paid, but only if you promise to do a careful A-B of every single one and feature them in the video, those are my terms.......:ksc75smile:

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  8. GDuss
    Um, how are you going to live without those cables for 2-4 weeks?
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  9. L0rdGwyn
    I'll find a way, for science!!! These cables might be too premium for Monster's video though, don't want to make his other cables obsolete on first listen.
  10. mordy
    Thanks for the humor and laughs......
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  11. Monsterzero
    My gosh,I have several just like those! What are the odds?!?
  12. Zachik
    Won't be a fair shootout, unless they're in the same price range of $20 to $900... and I think those are NOT within that range! :wink:
  13. Zachik
    BTW, I have never heard of an amp throwing up, but plug this thing to the GOTL - and we might have a first... :dizzy_face:
  14. L0rdGwyn
    Sometimes the best audio gear is right under your nose...attached to a broken, dusty, VCR from the early 90s.

    You're right, it wouldn't be fair...these probably go for $2K+ easy. Pretty sure I read the sleeving is made of congealed dragons' blood, but I might have misread.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  15. pippen99
    Greetings All. I have posted on this thread a few times and follow religiously. I enjoy the passion and appreciate the knowledge you all are willing to share. I went a little crazy on Black Friday and now find myself in need of a quad of 2A3. I would appreciate opinions on new and NOS options of all vintages. I would also appreciate options for trusted sellers. I had the option for the KR 2A3 HP but domestic prices were crazy. I found the same tubes for nearly 45% off at either Banzai Music or Tube Amp Doctor in Germany. Is anyone familiar with these sellers? I know 2A3 is not much discussed here but hope someone has knowledge to share. I don't want to the derail the thread so PM me with your suggestions. Appreciate all your help.

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