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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. Zachik
    mordy - where did you get them from?
  2. mordy
    Hi Zachik,
    I looked for small mixed of lots of 6J5 (and 6C5) tubes and bought whatever was cheap. Most of the tubes cost less than $2-3 each shipped.
    I don't have any preconceived ideas of what is going to sound good and with these prices I can afford to try a bunch of different ones: metal, straight glass and ST shape - the ST shape tubes cost more because "everybody knows" that they must sound better since they look much better than say the black all metal rusty top hat ones.
    Also bought some glass 12J5GT tubes - $6-7 each shipped. I haven't had the time to go through all what I acquired yet but altogether I have around three dozen tubes by now.
    I cannot say yet what I like the best, but the RCA all metal tubes sound excellent. It appears that they manufactured these for other major brands as well, and it appears that some of the Tung Sol and Sylvania 6J5 that I have were made by RCA.
    Most of the tubes were bought from eBay (many untested) and from VIVA tubes from their website which seems to offer discounts that don't appear on eBay. But if you check out their offerings on eBay and wait a day or so they may email a 10% discount offer.
    Here is how I search eBay:
    Type in RCA 6J5 in the search bar
    On the next line starting with All Listings click on the drop down menu on the right and choose price + shipping lowest first
    Two lines down where it says Price click on the box that says Under $15.00
    Tonight there are 103 listings - look for pairs.
    Here is an auction for a WW2 pair (VT94 is the military designation for 6J5):
    Very few people are interested in these tubes - if you see something you like it usually pays to communicate with the seller and ask if they have more than one if they list a single. Many times you can make a deal with the seller and ask him to post it on eBay for you. This way you have the buyer protection that eBay and PayPal offer.
    Personally I am not worried about untested tubes and test ratings 80% or more seem to be just fine. I really don't know anything about test results (from what I read it seems that I am in good company lol) - different testers use different scales and different parameters. I try to ask what the minimum good is if it isn't listed. The tubes in the listing above measure 3600 and 4000 with a minimum of 1640 - seems fine.
    Have fun!
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  3. Zachik
    Thanks @mordy
    I thought you might have a seller (on eBay or elsewhere) with a big stock of 6J5 tubes... :wink:
  4. mordy
    The only one I know of is VIVA Tubes, but with a little patience I am sure something will come up.
  5. gibosi
    It's been fairly quiet here recently... I assume that many here must be exhausted from spending money these last several days...

    Anyway, realized that I hadn't rolled in a GEC BL63 / VR102 in a long time. For those who like the GEC sound, this is a nice tube. :)

    2019-11-30 23.18.33.jpg
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  6. chrisdrop
    These are the Sylvanias in now & these are the metal RCAs that will go in next on my journey of 6J5 discovery.

    Sylvania markings on 'the front' say:

    JAN-CHS- = Sylvania

    Here are the back markings, I think they are slightly different across my 2 valves, which have some appearance difference, 1 looks older than the other, although both sold as NOS and sound great/ appear well matched.


    I have been trying to give new tubes a week of listening to make assessments (and fight my setup fidget compulsion). I'd like the tubes to get some hours on them in the case that they are new and I'd like to see how they are with a bit of musical breadth. I have kept the outputs the same - 4x 6080 - so far. After a day with the Sylvanias - between them & the GECs;

    - GECs were more expensive, Sylvanias inexpensive, and RCAs cheap.
    - GECs a bit more airy and upper-mid presence. Sylvanias more impact and round bass. Both "in a good way".
    - Both have solid staging, but perhaps GECs win by a smidge. That could also be the upper-mid clarity. FWIW - Just as I typed this, I had a stage width head-turner on these Sylvanias.. (via Thome Yorke - Twisted [Anima album])

    I think all the 6J5s run cooler than other valves.

    Anyone with 6J5s + EL32s (in c3g slots) yet?

    @mordy I will likely put the RCAs in next weekend and let you know after a bit of listening.

    And finally, I feel I would be remiss without offering the other thing driving my listening enthusiasm... While I may be in the listening genre minority here, this album (electronic) has been head-fi listening festival.

    Jettison Mind Hatch by Tipper.


    Happy listening,
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  7. chrisdrop
    One more pic... These little cheap spring jobbies from Amazon have replaced my 1/2 tennis ball setup. They are just little springs, not attached to the amp even. They are just as effective as my hi-tech tennis balls at quieting down any minor transformer jiggles compared to on the harder surface the amp was sat upon. It is probable that those of you using rack setups have something like this already. I can't believe how many mag-lev and other quite pricey "feet" they sell (principally aimed at turntables I think).

    20191129_181201 (1).jpg
  8. Velozity

    Chris, thanks for the album recommendation! I must be in the listening genre minority too, because electronic is my favorite style of music. Just downloaded this in hi-res on Bandcamp!
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  9. chrisdrop
    Hey @Velozity - you got the wooden Glenn amp - yes? I hope you are enjoying it. It has been too long with no pix of that wooden bad-boy.

    Also - I hope you enjoy the Tipper album :) If you liked it, let me know - and send me something to listen to. If you hated it, let me know - and send me something to listen to.
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  10. 2359glenn
    I changed out the amplifier tubes in my preamp. Went from Raytheon box plate #26 to phillips E242s sounds great not sure witch ones sound better.
    The 26 is supposed to be the best sounding preamp tube but hard to find quiet ones. The Raytheons seem to be the best.
    But they met there match with these Phillips tubes.
    Two E424 and a 6BL7 cathode follower output two Amperite 10A10 current regulators for the E424s and a Mullard GZ37 rectifier.

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  11. L0rdGwyn
    So glad this worked out Glenn, the risk was rewarded. They look good and sound good, it's a win-win. Pretty sure this is the first time ever these tubes have been used on Head-Fi.
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  12. leftside
    Quite a few of us on here like some type of (there are many...) electronic music :wink:

    Can you share the link?
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  13. L0rdGwyn
    Count me as one, I listen to just about everything with a few exceptions, but certain types of electronic music are very high on my list of favorite genres.
  14. 2359glenn
    Your amp will be the next
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  15. chrisdrop
    That is good news. Colour me happy and corrected.
    I couldn't agree more. What music has so many sub-genres as electronic music !? My 1st career so many years ago was in the electronic music business. Happily escaped the music business, happily stayed with the music.

    CanadAmazon link for you: https://www.amazon.ca/Nobsound-Alum...luminum+Spring+Speakers&qid=1575217461&sr=8-1

    Now @leftside I see from your signature that you are in Vancouver. My business partner (and great friend) is from Vancouver and loves a good Canadian ref, so backtracked through my recent listenings to find some Canadian electronic music to share and .. I couldn't find one. This sadly demonstrates my lack of global awareness. I will leave it to you to enlighten the rest of us. This (I am pretty sure) Kiwi chap presently in my ear will have to do: https://tidal.com/browse/track/114400644 Kamandi; Voices (who seems to keep seeping into my listening).

    Also - @L0rdGwyn - I think we will mark today "Glenn-amp users electronic music appreciation day". Who knew there were so many fans ?

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