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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. mordy
    Hi chrisdrop,
    Guess what - I am listening to the Sylvania 6J5GT/G, EL32 and 4x6080! Basically I am so happy with the EL32/4x6080 that I mainly switch out the front driver (pair) only. Also have three other choices for the C3g slots, EL8 and EL11 and C3g of course, but I am happy to stay with the EL32s. One day I have to roll the other choices with a favorite driver and see if I can pick a winner....
    Re the Sylvania 6J5GT/G on your picture, the SC 966 A is not a date code; it is a quality control code: Signal Corps Inspector 966 (same idea as the OTK on Russian tubes).
    Please look for two small letter/number symbols such as H 5 which is the date code. The letter is the month and the the digit is the year - 4 is 1944 etc.
    Just put in the Sylvania straight glass tubes yesterday. The first hour or two they did not sound good with weak bass. But after two hours they suddenly blossomed and now I have very nice bass. IMHO the Sylvanias have a very wide and expansive sound stage and beautiful everything. There are many rebranded ones available with the round plate and these tubes are real bargains for what you get. Thanks to LG to steering me to these tubes.
    Happy Listening!
    PS: Did you post the spring thing link? My stuff sits on a heavy metal equipment rack with spikes on the bottom that sit on a wooden floor. Each shelf sits on four little tabs with a thin piece of rubber and a small glass marble (to cancel out vibrations) between the tab and the shelf (based on a tip from Steve Guttenberg from many years ago).
  2. chrisdrop
    Good news on the Sylvanias. Whenever I take them out of the amp, I will scan for date codes. I will surely report back on the RCAs, but I am sure they will be lovely, then I will circle back to the L63s ..

    Nobsound 4PCS Silver Aluminum Spring Speakers Spikes Isolation Stand for HiFi Amplifiers

    For now - out for the evening with the family; today marks 11y since we moved from NY to London. Happy times; sushi awaits!
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  3. Monsterzero
    I too like electronic music,mainly low BPM trance(less than 130bpm)psychill and psybient. The VC excels with these genres and well,pretty much every thing else as well.
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  4. leftside
    Canada isn't exactly a hot bed of music, let alone electronic music. Richie Hawtin, Deadmau5, Misstress Barbara are the only ones I can think of. I keep up to date with European electronic music via Roon Radio and YouTube:

    I'll be in Berlin next year, and hope to hit a few of the clubs, even though I'm probably a bit old for that now! One last hurrah...

    Over 20 years ago I almost moved to NY from London, but ended up in Toronto. Don't buy the sushi in London lol.
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  5. L0rdGwyn
    Sounds good to me, Dec. 1, easy to remember!
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  6. mordy
  7. Zachik
    Glenn - I thought my 6EL3N is next......
  8. L0rdGwyn
    Lol Glenn is saying my amp will be the next to use these tubes, his is the first :)
  9. mordy
  10. Zachik
    oh... :face_palm:

    I am so excited about my 6EL3N, which BTW due to last minute changes - the name is not encompassing its full set of capabilities anymore...
    All I can say for now, is that it is a 6EL3N plus plus :wink:
    (I will elaborate on the "plus plus" when the amp is done!)
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  11. chrisdrop
    Tx for that @mordy

    Mine say G4 and K4. Is that July 1944 and Nov 1944 ? How is the year arrived at - just assumed as 194* ?
  12. 2359glenn
    I meant that next to use those crazy tubes that nobody uses and sound great like MH4
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  13. L0rdGwyn
    While these crazy tubes sound great, you do have to pay for it. Not being used in headphone amps, but tube amp DIYers know how good they are...I was talking to one the other day who called the REN904 his absolute favorite indirectly heated preamp tube.

    My cheapest pair are East German RWN Neuhaus, think I paid around $70 for them. Most expensive pair I just bought the other day, but I could not resist. Similar to Glenn's but slightly different bias point, they are Philips E424N. I have made a friend of an Italian tube seller, but shipping from Italy is bonkers expensive.

    s-l1600 (6).jpg s-l1600.jpg

    At some point, I would like to get a pair of sought-after British Mazda AC/HL. These two pairs sold the other day, around $300 USD a pair, yikes! But so purdy.

    s-l1600 (9).jpg s-l1600 (10).jpg
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  14. mordy
    You have to guess the year from context - not hard with these, but with some tubes it may be a question which decade which is quite a difference.
    G4 should be July, but K4 is more likely October 1944 because the letter I is usually omitted, looking too close to the number 1.
    In a any case, these tubes are older than either one of us and still going strong.......
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  15. Zachik
    Try buying NOS pair of KT66 or EL34... $300 for a pair would sound like a bargain! :astonished:
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