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1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

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  1. SomeGuyDude
    IMO the concept of "reference" is garbage anyway. It's basically a way of saying that they're not enjoyable, but well they're ACCURATE so that means they're... better?
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  2. AlwaysForward
    Now that you mention it, I absolutely prefer a naturalish sound that's been doctored for consumption.

    If true neutral was the best audio consumption experience, everyone would just buy loud studio monitors instead of loud speakers.
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  3. fjhuerta
    If you are ever able to, try to listen to one of the headphones I've mentioned. You'll be blown away by the difference.
  4. Jimster480
    I doubt I would be blown away at all, most of the reviews for the HD-10 suggest that its a "better" HD650 but is a tad more bright.
    I have some Denon AH-MM400 on its way to me and I just returned a DT770 as far as the PM-1 its on my list too.
  5. SomeGuyDude
    It really boggles my mind that people think the reason flagship products have "contoured" frequency responses is because the companies couldn't figure out how to make it "reference" or purely "neutral." They can do it, but those people figured it out that there's a hell of a lot more to it than that.

    I've heard "reference" products, and outside of going "oh hey that sure sounds neutral" I have no interest in actually spending time listening to music through them. I listen to music, not headphones. Songs, not "details."
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  6. Toom
    The Quads are pretty much pitch perfect across the board for my requirements - which are listening to music on the go. Killer value for money, zero upgraditis itch.
  7. Amiinn
    fiio f9 vs 1more? any thoughts?
  8. OakIris
    I was determined to buy the FiiO F9s, actually purchased them only to have the vendor email me several days later to let me know that , oops, they were actually out of stock. Thus the 1More Quads came into my world, lol. I would be interested in a comparison, too.

    My set of 1More Quad Driver IEMs is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I've read through this entire thread, of course, as well as reading lots of reviews elsewhere, and ended up getting these even though I was determined not to spend more than $130 at the most for a set of IEMs. Somehow I got wowed by these and figure that, with my tin-like ears, I may not be able to pick up on the weaknesses and if I can hear even half of the positive things folks have said about them I will be very happy with them. :ksc75smile:

    I have almost no experience with IEMs - one set of V-Moda Vibes, seldom worn, and the set that came with my phone, that's it - so have no notion of what they SHOULD or COULD sound like, so this will be an adventure for me. Most of all, I just want to enjoy my music.

    I will be using them with my Samsung Galaxy S7 connected to a FiiO E18 DAC/Amp. I have only had the phone for about a month, the E18 will be here today and the 1More Quad tomorrow. So, all will be new to my untrained ears and I am expecting to love it! (fingers crossed.)

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  9. thejoker13
    Congrats on your purchase! I seriously doubt you will be disappointed in the quads. I've owned them for about a month now and I absolutely love their warm sound signature and I fall more in love with them by the day. I hope you enjoy yours as well!
  10. AlwaysForward

    Congratulations! You'll love them, they're very versatile and work with everything I've tried for my tastes. Engaging and entertaining sound.

    I think one of the best things about these is that they come with SO MANY tips. You can really get a sense for what you prefer for your ears with all the options. I'd recommend tempering initial impressions until you've had maybe a week or two to experiment and find what works best for you. Enjoy! :)
  11. Jimster480
    I'm using them right now to play Heros of the Storm!
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  12. OakIris
    My 1More Quads did indeed arrive on Friday. Didn't have much time to play with them this weekend but I am impressed so far! Tried out the tips that came on the IEMs and immediately changed them out for the 13mm tips, as they seem to be the tip of choice for a lot of folks. Sure enough, immediate improvement in isolation and the sound was right there in my head where it should be! Lovely! Hope to have more time during the week to enjoy them but I am doing a lot of OT this week so....this may have to wait until the weekend. I keep looking over at them longingly as they are sitting right here on my work desk....

    My only complaint: The packaging is rather phenomenal, but I wish they had displayed the IEMs themselves a bit differently. There are kinks/bends in the cables caused by the way 1More had them displayed in the box. Do these kinks ever go away?

    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
  13. AlwaysForward
    Mine was well packaged and free of kinks, I bought directly from 1More. Depending on your source, maybe the box has been opened? I know you probably don't want to hear this but cable kinks rarely go away and are usually bad for the longevity of a cable.

    Probably best to exchange it for one with peace of mind on your long term purchase.
  14. pataburd
    Have had mine for a few months and the kinks are still in the wire.
  15. OakIris
    Sounds as if you may have been lucky, AlwaysForward, while pataburd and I were not. It is definitely from the way 1More places the buds and cables in the package, these were not used. The bend in each cable is right where the cables were bent down in the display box over the edge of the section where the pleather carrying case is so that the cables could be coiled up inside the case for shipping. I can't imagine that pataburd and I are in the minority here with bent cables, but surprisingly I have seen no other discussion about it.

    I thought about putting weights on the cables to try to straighten them out but decided that might do more harm than good, lol. Also, I was worried about my cat getting interested....."hmm, a new toy, and see how it swings about when I swat at it..." Not good!

    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
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