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1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

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  1. Jimster480
    Mine are totally fine!
  2. euge
    Hey there, love the quad.
    Every unboxing I've seen has that twist too ( https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/715168cGzqL.jpg )
    I have tried pinching and dragging it across to straighten it but that just makes it worst by concentrating it all on a point, the best I could do to get rid of it was to pinch on both ends (between connection points) tug and hold for a min or so..
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  3. Toom
    Or you could just use them as intended and not worry about it.
  4. OakIris
    lol - very true, Toom.

    It is just a bit disconcerting and disappointing to have these apparently permanent bends in the cables before I even took them out of the box; these are, after all, the most expensive IEMs I have ever purchased. I do wonder if this has caused a "weak" place in the wiring that could lead to future failure. But, the bends are "gentle,"not sharp kinks, so hopefully all will be well and I will be using these for years to come with no problems caused by 1More's marketing decisions.

  5. Amiinn
    Anyone can make a comparison between 1more triple or quad with fiio f9? That would be really interesting
  6. OakIris
    I would be interested in a comparison with the FiiO F9 IEM as well; both it and the 1More Triple Driver were on my short list. The 1More Quad wasn't even in contention when I tried buying the F9's, only to find no one had any stock of them. Back I went to doing more research about what would suit me best, and that is how I ended up with the Quad Driver instead. The F9's remain on my wish list - and even Amazon USA has them in stock at the moment.

  7. Amiinn
    I could not find any comparison either. There were some comments here and there saying that f9 apparently is ergonomically better and also have changeable cable. But no info on the sound quality. I also heard that 1more is alittle bit bigger but it is not much obvious from the pics? Is that so?
  8. 808Ronin
    I had same issue. Not really a big deal to me but I did use a hair dryer to lightly warm up the wires while suspending them vertically. The combination of gentle heat and gravity straightened the cable out for a while but it does appear to be reverting back to its "coiled" state again after a short while. Best not to sweat it and just enjoy. If problems arise, you can only hope that 1More stand behind the product with the great customer service that they are known for.
  9. Jimster480
    The bends are not permanent, I have had them since release and mine have no bends. They come out in time without any "straightening" required.
  10. OakIris
    lol - stubborn cables! I decided there was no reason to be concerned about the bends; now, if the kink had been a sharp 90° angle, that would have been different and grounds for return. I still think that, though those of us with "bent cables" are in the minority, a different way of displaying the IEMs in their pretty retail box that does NOT have the potential of "deforming" the wires, would be beneficial to the end user and perhaps wise of 1More.

    Thank you for the reassurance. I have already stopped worrying about it and just use them, but it is nice to know that in time the cables will "forget." :)

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
  11. pataburd
    Mine haven't--yet (three months and counting).
  12. dweaver
    wow I missed the big argument! LOL.

    I don't want to restart the whole thing but thought I would chime in.

    I have owned several of the headphones and IEM's bandied about in the thread and the bottom line is which is "better" will always come down to the individual listener. Someone says the Etymotic sound better than the Quad and for that listener that statement will be true if they really like a very detailed IEM that is ruler flat and slightly cold and analytical. For another person that Etymotic will sound sterile and to clinical where as the Quad will sound warm and inviting. The HD600 is similarly very neutral and will have a similar affect for each type of listener.

    As for the idea that multi driver configurations are technically better that is not necessarily true. I have owned a few single driver IEM's that have competed with multi driver IEM's in all areas including sound stage. The reality is if a company can afford to develop a good dynamic driver they can easily compete against multi BA and hybrid designs. So why do companies make these multi BA and hybrid models? Simple, they allow companies with limited resources and development budgets to create IEM's that can compete against a costly researched and developed dynamic driver IEM. Anyone wonder why Sennheiser has been using only tweaked versions of the original IE8 driver in the IE80 and now IE80S model IEM's? Because it is damned expensive to actually develop a truly unique driver like that in house. Beyerdynamic has similar cost constraints on their proprietary Tesla technology. Multi BA technology on the other hand allows for a simpler approach to address limitations and is also more repeatable but at the cost of cohesiveness that is achieved by single driver solutions whether they be single BA (Etymotic and other brands) or single dynamic solutions like the IE8/80/80S model by Sennheiser.

    Now lets talk marketing vs advertising for a minute. True marketing is where someone researches a market and develops a product to meet that market. So if a company see's that people really like multi BA and hybrid technologies they will then develop products that meet those market expectations (thus the glut of Chinese made Multi BA / hybrid designs that have flooded the market over the past few years. Advertising on the other hand is where a company spends money trying to convince people of their products benefits and more often their "Brand Name". This is where the Beats and Bose come into the world. They rely on advertising dollars and brand association to sell their product versus actual technical prowess. Unfortunately modern history has shown that advertising works, thus the overwhelming glut of mediocre sounding celebrity endorsed "stuff". Where life gets interesting is when companies mix marketing with advertising and we get products that are look like they should be technically advanced but in reality they don't sound technically advanced at all because the manufacturer just cobbled together a bunch of technological concepts rather than truly developing an actual well crafted product. These companies rely on people seeing buzzwords and technologies and assuming this means the product will sound better simply because of that. They in essence use the market as an advertising tool. They are like companies that make knock off products but instead of blatantly faking products they simply just fake the technological concepts.

    Sites like Head-fi exist to help people combat false marketing and advertising campaigns. The challenge is that sites like Head-fi also end up with opinionated hotheads, elitists, well meaning people with limited but very enthusiastic opinions, and to be blunt a few shills. To combat this myriad of challenges members of Head-fi should research not only the products they are interested in but the people who are posting the comments. Find out if a poster is simply and enthusiast of one product or whether they have owned other brands to offer true comparative opinions, is the poster someone who prefers a specific sound profile over all others, does the poster feel the need to convince others of the superiority of their chosen products over all others, does the poster rely on third party references over actual experience etc. Finally members should recognize when a thread as has fallen into an argument and take all of the related posts with a grain of salt because emotion and the natural instinct to compete have over shadowed the original intent of the thread.

    So where do I stand on the Quad?

    I think it is a technically solid IEM that offers a very nice bridge between bass oriented mass products like Bose and Beats and audiophile level equipment. It will allow someone who finds that commercially mass appeal products to be a bit to "safe" and boring an opportunity to experience something a bit "more". It will introduce those people to the fact that music can actually have a 3 dimensional sound field, that music can have more emotion and edge than they realized, that there is a world of minutia and detail in their music they never knew existed... From there the listener might simply STOP because this new experience is satisfying and enough for them, or they may use the Quad as a gateway product that opens them up to newer products that intrigue them. They might love detail and minutia and go down the Etymotic IEM pathway, or end up buying an HD600 and 2 years later find themselves owning an HD800 variant. They might love a euphonic sound with a massive 3D sound stage and buy a Sony XBA-Z5 or MDR-Z7 or higher, they might venture down the planar path, in the end the sky is the limit.
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  13. Jimster480
    And I'm going down all paths xD
    I just ordered a Denon AH-MM400 and I want to try out the AH-7200 aswell as get a PM-3 or a PM-1.
    For those of us who listen to alot of different kinds of music you find that often some headphones are best for a certain kind of music.
    The quads certainly do have a good balance of everything (atleast for me) but I certainly enjoy my Panasonic RP-HD10 alot more for R&B and Rap for example.
    You are totally correct though in that many companies are using advertising and many others are mixing advertising with marketing without actually making products that are all that great.
    And yes your explanation basically describes why Multi-driver designs are "better" due to their lower cost for the same or sometimes greater level of detail (depending on comparisons) aswell as greater power saving (in terms of BA) allowing an expansive range of devices to drive them.
    I think this is why there are so many multi-BA IEMs out today, not just because of people liking more than one driver but because they are cheaper to produce in order to make a "good" sound and the power requirements are so low that most phones can drive them just fine. And for the masses, phones are what people use to listen to their music.
    Here we are in a first world niche of people with dedicated Amp's or DAC's to drive our headphones.
  14. jkjk123
    i'm absolutely loving my 1more quads still :o2smile:, they are currently the pair i used when listening in my room at my desk

    does anyone know a pair of IEMs on a comparable level and similar in sound signature (could be slightly different) to either the quads or the triples, but with really good isolation?

    I'm currently using the klipsch x11 for "on the go" listening since it has great isolation with shure olives, but do find it lacking in sound in comparison to the 1Mores

  15. Jimster480
    There are some tips which provide much better isolation. Have you tried out any of those? I think some people were talking about "spinfit" tips.

    I do think that 1More themselves has another headphone with great isolation, and I believe someone else said that the Etymotic ERS are comparable/better and they go super deep.
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