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  1. kn19h7
    Usually would go AFA SG for at least a walk poi, but hadn't been spending much time on the activities recent years >.<

    Had thoughts of going Canjam SG, but its always SAT&SUN only where its crowded like hell ugh
  2. miceblue
    Psyched for Persona 5R. I wonder what Kasumi's role is going to be in the story, hm...

    I'm cosplaying as Joker for anime expos this year since he's in Smash Bros now. It'll be interesting to see what other people dress up as this year minus My Hero Academia folks.
  3. U-3C
    I tend to go to local video game conferences and playtesting gatherings at least once or twice a month, as the video game industry is massive in my city and it's basically free training/food. Same with art workshops and masterclasses. Haven't been to any anime or comics convention in years as I don't really feel like I get a lot out of them and I'm mostly out of touch with what is going on.


    Happy post birthday Deadly. :3
  4. U-3C

  5. miceblue
    Binge-watched 'Your Lie In April'. My gawd I was balling my eyes out. :'(
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  6. vantt1



    I watched 4 episodes then kinda gave up
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  7. miceblue
    I've spoken English for all my life. It's a hard language. orz
  8. U-3C
    Engrish hard, plz excuse...


    Ordered two Google Home Minis a while back for my parents thanks to a Spotify offer. First one arrived so played with it a bit.

    Pretty fun! Though as expected, I don't have much use for it in my small home. My parents will most likely find them a lot more useful.

    In the short period I've owned it,

    I've learnt that Jon Snow does know something, which is how to say, "You know nothing, Jon Snow!"

    I've also learnt that corn seeds can be considered a fruit, a vegetable, and a grain at the same time, and that although strawberries are not actually berries, a banana, a pumpkin, an avocado and a watermelon can in fact all be called berries.

    Thank you Google. Spy on me some more!
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
  9. castleofargh Contributor
    there's a part of me that likes to have specific names and classifications for things so that a conversation can go beyond "you know the sort of round thing that's not very big" and nobody knows WTH you're talking about. but at the same time, when I read stuff like your quote, I have Louis CK popping up in my head
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  10. vantt1
    Was this posted here before?

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  11. U-3C
    At the very least, I can tell Google where all my valuables are in me home, so people can map out an accurate image of my last private place's layout and my daily routines.

    "Hey wiretape, remember that my headphone dongle is in the S5 box and that the SD card adapters are on the bookshelf."

    Speaking of which, spent another half an hour looking for my dongle today... What a way to spend my off day...
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  12. castleofargh Contributor
    get used to always having a specific thing in a specific place. maybe 3 or 4 places maximum per object if needed for practical purpose, but always the same places for that object! my keys are in my left front pocket, in the front pocket of my backpack or camera bag, or on my desk on the right with my papers. I never allow myself to drop them somewhere else no matter how tired or busy I am. if I can't handle them, they'll just go back in my trousers' left front pocket. and soon enough it becomes a reflex so even while completely drunk at 3Am, the keys would "magically" end up in my pocket or on my desk out of pure habit. it's almost as important for memory cards and adapters to have few dedicated places. never ever allow yourself to just drop them somewhere else even for a second when being chased by a hundred duck size horses(which is a well documented situation of real life).
    I hate almost all established rules and rituals, but before being an introverted anarchist, I'm an extroverted lazy person and this is a literal time/effort saver. you also definitively lose fewer stuff because of how often they end up in the right place "on their own".

    I'm Ivan Pavlov and I approve this message.
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  13. U-3C
    That's what I've tried, but with very poor planning. For the last 4 months, my dongle is either between my mobile headphone's plug and the phone, or in the upper left pocket of my coat, which has a zipper.

    Well, unfortunately Canada's last snow was over a week ago, so spring finally arrived. No need for the coat, switch pants too often and my shirts don't have pockets. Thus the routine is all messed up! :D The dongle is too small and keeps falling out of my pants too without a zipper closing the pocket.

    Not as convenient but leaving it in the box will do.


    There are now a few complete teardown videos of the Samsung S5 Neo. Last time I checked over a year ago, there were only some screen replacement guides, so I wasn't sure if the S5 Neo had the usb port on a separate daughter board. Turns out it is and I've found a seller for replacements!

    Guess I'll do another phone repair when the part arrives. The screen doesn't seem that expensive should I break it by accident...

    If it's fixed, no need for a headphone dongle anymore. :p


    The latency on the Google Home Mini is extremely high. Not going to be using that for boosting my phone or laptop any time soon for videos sadly. This is with both wifi and Bluetooth connections.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
  14. vantt1
    What happened to @HybridCore? @Muinarc how did you retroactively become thread starter?
  15. deadlylover
    I think he knew he wouldn't be as active as before, so it's up to Muinarc to keep the OP updated. (which nobody checks I'm sure =P)

    I've got a 1st gen iPad mini that won't accept a charge, that might actually be my first Apple product that's failed.

    Ahhh had to order a cordless impact wrench, bloody tire shop must have went ham on the lug nuts and I can't take it off even when standing on a breaker bar. I think I'll only go to Costco now to get tires done since they actually use a torque wrench to install the lug nuts.

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