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  1. Muinarc

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  2. B-Dawk20
    Yay, we finally get a thread! So yeah, Bowei, give me some time to post up my favorite tracks.
  3. 214324
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2018
  4. B-Dawk20
    Oh and this thread includes general jpop/rock/etc. stuff too right?
  5. bowei006 Contributor

    *Note* This is only available to Official Anime Thread Members and all slots are taken. Regulars, sorry about this. Lurkers, sorry this is not a commercial product.

    Summary of Project H:
    Inside Project-H is a FULL Objective 2 amplifier. It features a Burr Brown 2134 op amp, and DUAL NJM4556 recommended high output buffer performance amps to drive even those planar magnetics. The DAC is the Cirrus Logic recommended flagship the CS4398 used in many receivers and media streamers alike. All the switches and signals are sent to a main Project-H control board. This control board not only controls all the interface controls themselves but also combines and separates the units. X state will have both the DAC and the O2 working together as one. Signal into DAC, then into O2 and then out headphone out.  Y state will have the DAC input through USB or coax and output only through its specific DAC fixed out RCA ports and the amp, the O2 will input through another RCA input and out the headphones. It will utilize 1/4" headphone out. The case as of right now seems to be black semi-gloss weighing in at 3.5lbs with a front 6mm solid aluminum bezel. 

    Why Project H?:
    Options: It not only features some of the most coveted non snake oil parts around such as a full Objective 2 and CS4398 DAC but also has a central command board to relay switch signals and combine and separate the units. This is done with a fully customized design from the engineer of the project, Borisu. There are two RCA pairs on the back. One for fixed DAC out, and one for amplifier line in.
    Feel: With such a decision on getting these black gloss cases, one can get the look and feel of a much more expensive unit at such a low price. The case features a 6 mm front bezel made of solid aluminium. The case comes in at 26 cm X 15 cm X 7 cm. 
    Cost: An O2 would cost $170-$200($150 base+$15 adapter and $15 shipping) after shipping and wall adapter from most companies. And those utilize batteries. Batteries do have their pro's as this can make it much more room accesible around the house but also leads to lower power it can input from a DAC and a lower voltage swing for power. We did not strive for just an O2. We strived for more, we strived to make a Objective Desktop Amplifier using the O2. This is not the portable O2 anymore, this is a full desktop vartiant. Fully featured dual amp and DAC switching units are rare if non existent for most around. The DAC has been highly recommended by Kiteki for being more natural and is also used in the Marantz CD6003 player,($500 USD) Decware ZDAC 1($875 USD),and also the Esoteric X-05 SACD player ($5000 USD, that is the right zero's). At less than $200, these units and sound will be available to the clients
    State Switch: One Switch on the front. Flip the Switch up and State X, flip it down and State Y
    State Y: Default State. In this state, both the amp and the DAC are being used as one. So basically like a combo unit. You leave your headphone plugged into the headphone jack on the unit. What is happening inside is that all signals the unit is receiving from the computer is being sent from the DAC directly to the internal O2 amp and out headphone out. 
    State X: Say you just got a new amplifier and or DAC to try out. Lets say just an amplifier in this case. You flip the switch up to change to state X. What happens now is that both units are not working together anymore. The DAC will take signals from USB or Coaxil but instead of sending them to the O2 through the control board, it will directly output the signal to its RCA fixed line out port. The O2 also will now ONLY take a input signal from the backs RCA port. It will no longer receive a signal from the DAC and will only receive an analog signal from the back's RCA and output through the units front headphone out. This allows you to use a separate DAC with the O2 and a separate amp with the CS4398.
    Projected unit cost FOR U.S/CANADIAN people:
    $130-$140 for unit itself
    ~$15 wall wart
    ~$30 shipping
    Broken down
    ~$85 Main components and accessories:
    Front panel switches and buttonsand RCA on back
    Objective 2 Amplifier PCB and components (includes some custom components as well such as 1/4" headphone out and BB op amp and wiring to DAC)
    Cirrus Logic CS4398 Flagship DAC 
    Custom b1o designed Project-H controller PCB(to control all aspects of the case it uses a micro processor which handles power management, switches, State Switching tech and more)
    Volume Pot
    $30-$35 case (just an estimate right now)
    $15 per person *gift* to Borisu (imagine how long it took to solder all the boards, design the dam custom board, fit them into the cases, glue them and finally package and ship ten 5lb units.
    $15 wall wart
    $30 shipping
    Total for unit itself: $135 
    Total is around $170-$180 completely DONE, shipped with power supply to your house.
    This is within expectations. Sub $200 unit. 

    *Note* This is only available to Official Anime Thread Members and all slots are taken. Regulars, sorry about this. Lurkers, sorry this is not a commercial product.


    Amplifier Section:
    Objective 2 Amplifier
    Gain Op Amp: Burr Brown(TI) OPA 2134 
    Output Buffer: 2X JRC NJM 4556 gain amps
    Input: RCA
    Output: 1/4"
    Fancy Stuff:
    Output Impedance: <2 Ohms
    Freq Responce: +/- 0.1 dB from 20 hz to 20 Khz
    Distortion: 0.01%(-80 dB)
    Phase responce: +/- 2 degrees phase error from 100 hz to 10KHz
    Input limit: 2.8 V on AC power at 2.5X gain. 

    DAC Section:
    Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC
    Fixed Line out: 2V RMS 
    Inputs: USB (48KHz/16 bit max) and Coaxil (96KHz/24bit max)
    Output: Directly to Amplifier/ Fixed line out
    Fancy Stuff:
    96KHz/24bit Maximum rate supported on our board.
    120dB Dynamic Range
    -107 dB THD+N
    Low-Clock Jitter Sensitivity 







    Custom Project-H Controller board Section:
    Microprocessor: AT89C2051, 12MHz clock, 5V supply.
    Delay:Buttons need to be held down for at least 100ms to prevent spamming.
    Power on mute:500ms (to prevent the transient on "click" noise that may damage IEM's if user forgets)
    Power off mute stage: When the unit is turned off, the control board makes it so that output mutes before power is cut to prevent same damage
    Clients list:

    *Note* This is only available to Official Anime Thread Members and all slots are taken. Regulars, sorry about this. Lurkers, sorry this is not a commercial product.


    *Note* This is only available to Official Anime Thread Members and all slots are taken. Regulars, sorry about this. Lurkers, sorry this is not a commercial product.

    Haha I'll try not to flame. We enthusiasts all have similar interests, so I think Asian pop rock is fine too. I'm heading to bed now, see you guys tomorrow.  How do you check the subscription panel. How was the other one special?

    The Project was completed. It was completed well within parameters of cost being only $150 for the entire unit and any fees associated. Shipping and then wall wart and accessories put it at just about $200 for most members. 
    This project was started officially mid October with initial batch orders of CS flagships(non experimental).

    Its almost exact to the day of 4 non mathematical months that the units shipped. October 14 2012 marked the day of massive studying of DAC units and later the ordering. February 14 2013(HK) the first generation of units left the door.

    During the inception of the project in September, we worked as a team to come up with plans and solutions and compromises to an idea.

    In October, we realized that the idea was doable and in Mid October, the project officially started with the ordering of major PCBs.

    In December, 3D CAD for the unit case was designed, PCBs were assembled, units were tested.

    In January, the cases shipped and finalization work began.

    And this month, the units in final shipped. In full glory to the parts of the world.
    The sun was once said to never set on the British Empire. I can say that the sun will not set on the Project series units. From the ices of Russia to the heats of Malaysia, and from Australia tunneling up to America. The Project series will be in a land where the sun doesnt set.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been an honor to do some coordinating in this project. And thank you Borisu and Mechy for your work and to everyone for making this project a reality.

  6. B-Dawk20
    dunno, don't subscribe to things lol. Just keep a tab open or check my profile.
  7. loremipsum
    I'm pretty sure there was already a thread about this.
    Anyways, what are you guys watching this season? I'm watching Kimi to Boku and Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai.
  8. B-Dawk20
    1 - More
    Bakuman 2 Airing
    8 TV 9/25 +   PG-13 10-07-11  

    2  - More
    Chihayafuru Airing
    8 TV 9/25 +   PG-13 10-05-11  

    3  - More
    Fate/Zero Airing
    8 TV 9/13 +   R 10-04-11  

    4 - More
    Guilty Crown Airing
    7 TV 8/22 +   R 10-17-11  

    5  - More
    Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam Airing
    5 TV 7/21 +   PG-13 10-20-11  

    6 - More
    Mawaru Penguindrum Airing
    8 TV 15/24 +   R 07-09-11  

    7 - More
    Mirai Nikki (TV) Airing
    - TV 2/26 +   R 10-12-11  

    8 - More
    Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Airing
    - TV 3/- +   PG-13 10-12-11  

    9 - More
    Persona 4 The Animation Airing
    - TV 3/- +   PG-13 10-10-11  

    10  - More
    Tamayura: Hitotose
    - TV 3/12 +   G 10-06-11  

    11 - More
    The iDOLM@STER Airing
    7 TV 20/25 +   PG-13 07-10-11  


    I got behind on things really quick because I was errr "forced" to check out some other anime.
  9. deadlylover
    I'm only watching Fate/Zero this season, dropped everything else until I have time to revisit this season.
    I thought we already had an anime thread, and that's where all this discussion usually takes place.
    Equipment wise for Jap music, high end Stax > everything.
  10. Zorander Contributor
    I'm loving the Fate/Zero series, which IMO has very well-fleshed character development, a plot with pretty serious twists and can be unashamedly gory when the scene calls for it. In these respects, I think it's leaps and bounds beyond Fate/Stay Night.

    Unfortunately I can't say the same for the soundtracks and singles. I personally still enjoy, by far, those from Fate/Stay Night (still digging 'Anata ga Ita Mori', like I just heard it yesterday). Kenji Kawai IMO succeeded in bringing out a lot of mood, solemnness and excitement in FSN. I love Yuki Kajiura's work too but I feel she has not created anything memorable in the last few years. Where I love the OSTs for Noir, Tsubasa Chronicle, Mai-HiME & Mai-Otome, those for Pandora Heart, Puella Magi Madoka & Fate/Zero felt emotionally flatter/generic by far. It's not bad really but a far cry from her earlier works.

    Still, the show is very good overall and I very very eagerly look forward to the next episode. :p
  11. Mozu
    Why is Miura so slow? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

    I think I'm down to Persona, Working!!, Horizon and Bakuman from this season (er, and Gintama, of course). Nothing else has really struck much of a chord with me.

    Also, I cannot stop listening to the Madoka OSTs. DAT CELLO SOLO.
  12. B-Dawk20
    @Bowei Got a list of some OP/ED/Inserts that really stick with me. There are a lot of great others, even ones I listen to a lot more nowadays than these but I know for these will stay with me for awhile.Not that the other ones never will but for now, these stand out. So yeah, time is a factor hear I guess.
    World End (Code Geass R2 OP2)
    Tank (Cowboy Bebop OP)
    What's Up People?! (Death Note OP2)
    Obsession (Dot Hack Sign OP)
    Lilium (Elfen Lied OP)
    Disillusion (Fate Stay Night OP)
    Melissa (FMA OP)
    Ready Steady Go! (FMA OP2)
    Link (FMA Movie OP)
    Inner Universe (GitS SAC OP)
    Tenshi no Yubikiri (His and Her Circumstances OP)
    Dynamite Explosion (Macross 7 OVA OP)
    Kaerimichi (Mahoromatic OP)
    Blue Water (Nadia OP)
    Nyanderful! (Nyan Koi OP)
    Tori no Uta (Air OP)
    Be My Angel (Angelic Layer OP)
    Let Me Be With You (Chobits OP)
    Under Star (Hajime no Ippo)
    Little Wing (Scrapped Princess OP)
    Freckles (Rurouni Kenshin English OP1)
    Battlecry (Samurai Champloo)
    Being (Shakugan no Shana OP2)
    Tabi no Tochuu (Spice and Wolf OP)
    Smile Bomb (Yu Yu Hakusho OP)
    EDs tomorrow
  13. Dissonant
    For the most part, anisongs are a guilty pleasure for me. However, I typically love the instrumentals behind them more. Several K-ON songs (currently, Watashi ha Watashi no Michi wo Yuku (instrumental) is on repeat, because of everything from 0:36 onwards), along with Sons of Skyrim stand among Radiohead, Cannonball Adderley, the complete symphonies in Mahler, and Beethoven's 9th, proudly, I might add, in my playlist.
    With regard to anime, I am currently only following Ginyoku no Fam from this season, before my obligatory K-ON rewatch, along with my absurdly huge backlog, before I go back to school. Actually, I would keep my backlog till next year, after my GCSEs. Either that, or see if someone is willing to hire an audio salesman during the holidays, which I doubt.
  14. 214324


    Yes. It all falls under the category of Japanese music. Enjoy. [​IMG]
    I've added another topic to this lounge. Check updates section.
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  15. bowei006 Contributor

    I know the ones i bolded :)
    they are all good. love...love let me be with you :) i have the whole series in Blu Ray with FLAC audio :) >_<
    I am watching quite a few this season:
    Fate Zero
    Mashiro symphony
    guilty crown
    Horizion...something something something
    semi dropped:
    last exile
    Waiting for Amagami SS+ to come out
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