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「Official」Asian Anime, Manga, and Music Lounge

  1. castleofargh Contributor
    me as the video advances:
    - lol 2 iz
    - hax
    - BUBBLE!!!!!!!
  2. Gonomon
    bubbleman is the man XD. Btw how they see that some guy missed a note i mean its really hard to follow :p.
  3. U-3C

  4. deadlylover
    I was fed up with the stock speakers on the Thinkpad x230, so I installed some 12" Macbook ones instead. XD

    It's a bit ghetto but the results speak for themselves, the rolloff point changing from 400Hz to around 230Hz makes a huge difference. Significantly louder as well so I have more headroom to EQ and still have acceptable levels.

    Sure I may have mixed up the left and right channels, and I think it needs more foam tape to stop the rattles but those are just minor details (might be some phase shenanigans too, hey it's a work in progress!). I may have the best sounding thinkpad on the planet, I'll take that. =P

    It only cost 20 dollarydoos, you can find them even cheaper on aliexpress but I bought locally because I'm impatient.

    x230 stock.png

    x230 after.jpg

    x23 after.jpg
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  5. wink

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  6. vantt1
    Now see if you can fit an amplifier that hooks up directly to system power
  7. NLNH
    time to ****post here once in a while....
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  8. vantt1
  9. kn19h7
    Urgh thats real bad... hope they will be able to get over this eventually >.<
    And hopefully we will be able to see sequels of Euphonium and Dragon Maid some day....

    hmm btw I think I've taken photos outside of that building before
  10. konami
    lately i am into one piece manga and anime
  11. vantt1
    I remember watching it when it aired on Cartoon Network

    @I Want to Eat Your Pancreas: I want my emotional investment back

    @Zombieland Saga: can’t wait for S2!
  12. vantt1
    You know Hifumi from New Game!? It just occured to me that her name is kinda like Abcde's.
  13. vantt1
    Triple post...

    @Asobi Asobase: wack
  14. deadlylover
    Sort of reminds me of Daily Lives of Highschool Boys.

    Ughhh I ordered a used Meiji EMT microscope, any used microscope in Australia is wicked expensive. I probably should have spent a bit more and got a new Chinese microscope like an Amscope but ehhhh I'm a sucker for used quality equipment (and I'm cheap).

    I've just hit that stage where my eyes struggle to do any close up work, SMD soldering is a no-go for me, too much eye strain. I wonder if I'll get used to soldering under magnification or if I'm going to transfer eye strain into neck strain. XD
  15. U-3C

    Hope your eyes get better.

    Eye fatigue has been something I've been fighting with due to my constant computer use. It really sucks... ToT


    SIGGRAPH has been amazing this year. Super excited to try out all the things that have been announced! @_@

    Also considering finally upgrading my GPU in a few months. Looking at the 2070 Super.

    I know gamers tend to look own on RTX but for pro viz, dedicated raytracing hardware is offering crazy performance for renders.

    Still want to wait a bit for improvements in CPU and monitor tech before considering any upgrades for those though. Good thing they are moving fast.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019

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