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  1. Accoun

    No actual details other than "Production IG again".
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    I imagine that there is some deep psychological reason behind that. like trying to make us identify more with the character by adding that relation?
  3. kn19h7

    Was checking spring anime and found this, wut hype poi >.<
  4. U-3C
    I might be looking to sell my XPS 9560 but I'm not sure how much to charge for it.

    1080p, has 8 GB of RAM, i5-7300HQ, 1tb of HDD storage and a 250 GB Samsung nvme drive that I added later.

    Repasted and added thermal pads myself, and in the process stripped a screw so that's gone. Also some light scratches on the top panel.

    Any tech heads here who follow laptop prices have suggestions on how much I should charge for it In USD? :p
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  5. Muinarc
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  6. Accoun
    I can give $5.000.
  7. castleofargh Contributor
  8. U-3C

    Aaaaand we have a winner! :p

    Poking around, the FHD ones don't seem to hold their value as well as the 4k ones it seems. Ah well.

    Someone mention too much Isekai? Have all the recent big Isekai all combine and go into another isekai, so you can isekai while you isekai, and share your isekai with all the other isekai...

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  9. miceblue
    I got the DAP in Japan!
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  10. castleofargh Contributor
    the AKon DAP. "nobody wants to see us together, but it don't maatter, no".
    be carefull not to "smack that, all on the floor" :scream:
  11. U-3C
    Guess who finally gave in and got an iPad Pro?

    So far, the stylus is a bit...huh.

    I heard this thing folds pretty well too?


    #NobodyWantsAStylus #Yuck #iPadPro #iOS #FirstFoldingTablet #WeirdFlexButOkay #ArtOTG #HappyAprilFirst #愚人节快乐 #TooBrokeForApple
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  12. kn19h7
    Just finished Glass no Kamen (2005). A show based on a 4 decades old shoujo manga about stage acting.
    While the animation quality was not particularly top tier, they did nailed those important acting sessions decently, especially MC's expressions. And Kobayashi Sanae has done some super awesome job at voicing for the MC, who is a talented actress and has played wide variety of roles throughout the show.
    The story had me hooked throughout the span, though sadly the romance part never really concludes...

    Also finished NANA before this. The drama was hooking as well, and feels kind of "real". Although its kinda clear that it was not heading "happy end" direction from the start orz
    And it has some damn impressive OP & ED

    The mangas of both of these never end orz...
  13. deadlylover
    Isekai Quartet makes me happy.
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  14. wink
    DIYT2 should make you happier......:ksc75smile:
  15. U-3C
    Learnt that wowaka passes away.

    Rest in peace, one of the most iconic Vocaloid music producers... :'(


    Recently acquired a new Surface Book 2 13.5" for a very cheap price.

    Overall pretty satisfied with it knowing the price, but I can see why many other friends are unsatisfied with it for art if they paid in full.

    It's alright for quick sketches and inking on the go, but will still use a traditional graphics tablet for most things when that's an option. Definitely a low powered device, but the short bursts of high clock speeds of the processor really helps for when the brush strokes get a bit heavy in Photoshop, and integration of all the Windows features makes the experience very smooth...except when it's not. :p Finally have a backup in case my XPS is down.

    1050 is alright for light gaming, but sadly it only has 2 GB of VRAM so even some simple 3D renders can't take advantage of GPU rendering. :frowning2: Rendering with the CPU not be that great during the summer though as the CPU can reach the 90's with heavy loads, and there's no fan at all to cool it.

    Now, to install Linux on this weird piece of hardware... :D
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019

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