1. zenpunk

    SOLD:V-Sonic GR07 MK2

    Sold!  Few months old and in mint condition with original packaging and all the tips Price include postage to the UK but contact me for prices if outside. Paypal gifted or cover the fee. Thanks
  2. ben23

    Vsonic GR07

    Hi. I am selling the GR07, first revision (with the box that comes with 14 pairs of ear-tips). The earphones are in a very good condition.  I will include the original box with all original accessories - 14 pairs of tips, ear-guides, carrying case and all documents.  The only...
  3. atommother

    Need some help deciding between IEMs ~$200. VSonic GR07 or Westone 2 or something else?

    I had a pair of Shure SE210 that lasted me about 3 years with casual use. I've either lost them or misplaced them somewhere, so I'm in the market for another set of IEMs.   I quite liked the sound and durability of the SE210s. They were accidentally laundered twice and both times they...
  4. owais

    GR07 vs Beats Solo HD

    Before I get going, yes I understand that one is an IEM and the other is an on ear pair of headphones. However, I've ordered a pair of GR07's (and SE215's) and was wondering how they will compare to my beats Solo HD's in terms of sound quality for rap/hip-hop/RnB/electronic music? I know people...
  5. P

    Sub-200$ IEM with good end-to-end extension and presence, tonal neutrality and detail? GR07? e-Q5? RE-400? Others?

    Hello,   Instead of crowding other threads and potentially derailing them as I have been coming close to doing over the past few days, I decided to create a separate thread about my IEM dilemma. I hope people with the experience and knowledge will chime in and help me out!   I thought...
  6. Apo0th3karY


    Merely a formality.   Trading GR07-BE (kind of lol) for GR07-MKII with user zach915m.   All dealings finalized. No questions please.   Classified closed. 
  7. mikek200

    FS-Vsonic GR 07 MKII

    FS The above earphone.   Comes with all included accessories & box supplied by Vsonic They are 2 weeks old,and have about 50 hrs. of use I am selling these ,because ,I ordered them in error,I was looking for the GR07 Bass edition,which is en route....I know,I know!!! don't say it.  ...
  8. JosephKim

    Vsonic gr07 BE or mkII

    I miss the gr07 too much and I would like to try the bass edition or mkII. Seen the last few pairs go for around this price. If you have a set with accessories, mint condition, let me know. Thanks!
  9. legendcheater

    Should i exchange my VModa M80 for GR07

    I love my M80 but i've been using it for quite a long time so i just thinking maybe now it's time to look for a new headphone. I listen to all kind of music but most of them are old Pop/RnB/Ballad. The GR07, from what i've heard, has the M80's sound, but better in some points. I'm happy with my...
  10. aurnob88

    Wanted: Hifiman RE400/RE262 or Vsonic GR07

    Make me offers. I am from Australia.
  11. xfls

    WTB: VSonic GR07 MK2

    I don't need them to be in perfect condition, it's fine if they have some small cosmetic problem but they must not have any sound issues. It would be better if the seller is located in the EU.
  12. BobJS

    For Sale Barely Used VSonic GR07 MK2, everything included, like new

    Please continental US only.  Title says it all.  Price includes shipping and paypal fees.  Sound, appearance A-1, no issues.   Great deal for whoever snags it.
  13. foolsgold1986

    VSonic gr07 mk2 - 2 month old

    I bought these about two weeks ago.  I bought them new.  They sound great but right now I have a need for some money to buy a guitar amp.  If you have a serious offer please drop me a message or any questions.  Thanks for looking.   The iem come with most ear tips.  Paying full price gets...
  14. mjumrani

    IEM < $160 (new or used) || GR07 or IE7 or FXT90 or ??? || For EDM / Progressive & uplifting Trance

    Hey guys I have been going through the forum for the past few weeks now, but I'm still as confused as I was at the beginning. I've been looking for an IEM to replace my X10 for around a price tag of $160 be it like new or brand new. I listen to EDM, Progressing & uplifting Trance and House...
  15. mrAdrian

    VSonic GR07

    Selling to fund something that's gorgeous and expensive...   This is the first version, comes with the bigger box, the old set of tips.   Seeing how new ones are now selling for roughly $165, I'll offer them at $90. Fantastic in ears for less than $100 !!!
  16. eke2k6

    (SOLD) Vsonic GR07 MKII: With MH1C tips and Hard Shell Case (untouched stock tips)

    Hi all. For sale is my preeeciouussss.   The GR07 has long been my overall favorite IEM. However, I simply don't have time for extended IEM listening anymore. My school schedule has seriously been ramped up, and I'm not out and about as much. When I'm out, I have my cheapo earphones (MH1C...
  17. kylezo

    Need help upgrading...looking at DBA-02, GR07, ER-4S, RE262, etc...

    Hi ya'll.   Been using some FXT-90's for a long time now. I love them, and recently switched them out for a pair of M5s (MG7 driver). I noticed a huge shift in sound with the M5s which have a much darker signature and learned a lot about my preferences. So now, I'm looking for a new set of...
  18. Frankie007

    WTB GR07 Ear guides

    Looking for the black ear guides that came with the GR07 if anyone isn't using theirs and would like to sell them PM your offers. They would be sent to the US zip 08880.
  19. Boosh96

    Audiophile buds?

    Now I'm thinking I should purchase a pair of audiophile earphones for on-the-go listening, possibly in addition to a pair of cans. I'm looking for audiophile buds that cost $150 or less, have good noise isolation, and are good for listening to classic rock. Any suggestions would be great!
  20. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] VSONIC GR07 – Labor of Love

    First, I want to thank VSONIC for the sample.  GR07, or originally called the VS-R07 / R07, was officially announced back in late 2008. After years of postpone due to unexpected prolonged R&D, the IEM is finally ready for the market at late November last year. According to VSONIC, it took a...
  21. ljokerl

    Review: VSonic GR07 - Dynamic Monitors? Check!

          There is no doubt that VSonic is a big name in the portable audio industry - considerable OEM experience aside, the company has previously brought some very impressive earphones to the sub-$100 bracket under its own brand name. Therefore, my excitement at the announcement of a new...
  22. DaBomb77766

    Huh, right cable for GR07 longer than left?

    I just noticed that the right-hand cable on my new GR07s are a few millimetres longer than the left cable.  And that the right ear guide is made out of a different material than the left one (softer, more rubbery as opposed to harder, more plasticky.)  Anyone else notice this with theirs?  Not...
  23. Smallville

    FS: 2 Week Old VSonic GR-07 LNIB

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying my GR-07. I've had it for about two weeks, so it is in perfect condition. You will receive the box and all original accessories. The box is slightly crushed on one side (received it like it), but other than that, no damage whatsoever on...
  24. snbbqsb

    anyone know where to buy Vsonic GR07?

    anyone know where to buy Vsonic GR07? i want to get one so badly!!!!
  25. mark2410

    Vsonic GR07 Review (R07)

      Vsonic GR07 Review     First impressions:  It’s a pretty box, I like the inner box too, it’s not as well done as some others but is pretty nice nevertheless.  The manual is all in Chinese bar the odd word and it seems to list a bunch of stuff it will work with, weird.  Any way, they...