1. smsmasters

    Vsonic GR07 MkII vs Shure SE215

    I found a good deal on the Vsonic GR07 MkII for around £50.   How does it compare to:   Shure SE215 Shure SE535 UE900
  2. nothing4me

    Next step up from the Vsonic GR07? What fatigue-free IEM's do you recommend?

    I love the GR07... my favorite IEM so far and reminds me of my LCD-2 I used to have. Aside from it being pretty comfortable, the sound is so nice. My ears never experience fatigue and I just get lost in them sometimes. I am just wondering if there is anything you would consider a 'big' step up...
  3. Xeculus

    Westone 3 vs. TF10 vs. CKS1000 vs. GR07 vs BA200

    Hi, I made a thread in the Introductions/Help forum and got some great advice on these IEMs, which I am now torn between choosing.    - Westone 3 - TF10 - Audio-technica ATH-CKS1000 - Vsonic GR07 MK2/BE - TDK BA200   I came to this forum to see if I can get any...
  4. mechgamer123

    Vsonic GR07 MKII

    Up for sale are a set of GR07 MKIIs. Purchased in August of last year by a fellow head-fier. I've used these quite sparingly since I purchased them from him in September. Probably less than 50 hours of use by me since I generally prefer my over ear headphones and only used these once a month or...
  5. H20Fidelity

    [SOLD] VSonic GR07 MK2 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones - (Free Shipping)

    Up for grabs is one pair of the famous VSonic GR07 MK2. The cable has started changing colour slightly (see pics) of course this does not effect the sound in anyway. Everything is included, box, all tips, earphones, carry case, I cannot however find the ear guides, which obviously aren't needed...
  6. Napilopez


    Hi All! I'm parting with my beloved GR07s. It makes me quite sad, as these were the headphones that finally mitigated my Gear Acquisition Syndrome for a solid year or two. Alas, I decided I wanted to go with a bit of a different sound signature, so these are going away. These are the original...
  7. AngelicFantasy

    [Wanted!] - Vsonic GR07 MKII/Bass Edition

    Looking to buy a pair of Vsonic GR07 MK2 or Bass Editions. Please private message me your offer.
  8. Change is Good

    DAP suggestions to go with GR07 BE and E12

    Hi guys, hopefully one can help me here. I am looking for a DAP to pair with my E12. I will be using the GR07 BE and occasionally the Mad Dogs on the go. I prefer it to be under $200 and as close to the size of the E12 as possible. FM or Internet Radio is a plus... 
  9. kskwerl

    upgrading from GR06 to GR07 worth it?

    I have the GR06s and they are nothing really special to me, I would consider them very entry level. Anyway I was wondering what would be the best upgrade is the 200 dollar range and if I'm going to here a significant difference. I was thinking the GR07s because I hear good things but I thought...
  10. itsvel06

    Sony MDR ex- 600 / V-sonic GR 07

    Hi, I'm from Chennai,India and I would like to purchase the Sony MDR ex-600 or the V sonic GR07. Please PM me for offers. Cheers, Vel.
  11. Aelms

    Vocal not centered - GR07

    I have recently ordered a mint-condition GR07 online (from ebay) and have, in general, been impressed by its sound quality. However, I keep noticing that the vocals of a lot of the songs I listen to seem to shift or extend slightly further to the right side. I am unsure whether this is a problem...
  12. eyal1983

    VSonic GR07 -shipping anywhere

    Selling VSonic GR07 IEM (2nd hand), Excellent condition (used lightly, almost no wear at all- see picture)   Description This one is considered a benchmark among many audiophiles (for IEMs <=200$) warm-sweet sound, very refined, excellent all-rounder. Excellent isolation. And sounds...
  13. Chacho

    Vsonic GR07 Submerged in Water

    I would like to report my recent experience of submerging my Vsonic GR07 Bass Edition Earphones in water for 4 or 5 minutes by accident:   The earphones were in the cargo pocket of my shorts when I spilled a drink on the shorts. Trying to save the shorts from a permanent stain, I filled a...
  14. tom1l21

    GR07 MKII vs. EPH-100 for mainly EDM

    I mainly listen to trance, but occasionally do enjoy many other genres as well including rock, classical, and hip-hop.  I've heard that for trance, or EDM in general, the EPH-100 provide a better sound, especially in the bass department (but with lackluster treble) but the MKII's sound clearer...
  15. Genuwine

    IEM that covers it all budet 400$, 500$

    Hello everyone I need a top tier universal. I'm coming from the Re262, Vsonic Gr07 Mk II, and i want a new IEM that can present music in a different or maybe better way. IEM's i was looking at were are the Earsonics SM3, FX700, Sony MDR Ex1000, ortofon eq7, and possibly the Heir Audio 4.ai.
  16. deltabi

    VSonic GR07 MkII vs GR07 Bass Edition (comparing to Westone UM2)

    Hi, there! I'm a new poster who would like to replace his Westone UM2 with a new earphones. The reason behind the change is not because I'm not satisfied with the UM2, they simply are dying in my hands after many years of honest service. I got to the VSonic GR07 after having read a lot of...
  17. raisedbywolves

    broken vsonic gr07 mk1's.

    just gauging interest, as i imagine there will probably be little to none, but maybe i'm wrong. i have a pair of vsonic gr07 mk1's that i purchased off a fellow member of head-fi in november 2011. they served me well up until about 4 months ago when the left side started to intermittently fade...
  18. Townyj

    FS: Vsonic GR07 MKI [Australia]

    Looking at selling these off to a new home, they are in good condition for an MKI version. The only issue is the cable has a slight green tinge. Which isnt affecting the sound. Ive moved towards something a little more exciting. The standard tips will be cleaned with antiseptic. Comes with all...
  19. gowogs

    VSonic GR07 and Grado SR80

    Hello all.    For sale are two extremely under-used pieces of my headphone collection. Both are in perfect working condition but have been unfortunately collecting dust recently. Find the descriptions and links for pictures below. I will take all reasonable offers!   VSonic GR07 (SOLD) -...
  20. Change is Good

    VSonic GR07 MK2 (Like New)

    Up for sale is my beloved VSonic GR07 MK2. They are a little over a month old and all accessories and tips are included. I am the original owner and proof of purchase can be provided (if needed). The price includes shipping to anywhere in the US and International shipping will be additional...
  21. ericp10

    RE-400, GR07, 1964-Q, M500

    Most of my earphones have been barely used, but have at least 50 hours burn-in. I have my AS-2, Cardas Mirror and a few other top tiers, so I'm not listening to the mid-tears that much. Please give them a happy home. To ship overseas is the price listed + shipping costs. Thanks.       X1 =...
  22. eyal1983

    VSonic GR07 vs HiFiMAN RE-400 ... did someone compare those 2 (???)

    interested in impressions, other than those in the huge "278..." review.   thanks!
  23. cloudycloud

    Cheapest Place to find the GR07 mk2?

    Can anyone recommend a site to purchase the GR07 mk2?  My R-50s broke and I figure I'll replace with something better!  I hear people talk about them in the same price range all the time but all I can find them for is $170 USD. Thanks!
  24. Radiohead99

    Vsonic GR07 MK II - Excellent Condition

    SOLD   I bought GRO7 MK II new from Amazon about 6 months ago. I've only put less than 100 hours on as it was serving me temporarily when I send my EarSonic SM3 to repair. They are in excellent condition, a 9/10 audiogon scale. I've not touched the extra tips and only used the stock ones...
  25. zowki

    [SOLD] [Australia/Wordwide] Vsonic GR07 MK2

    SOLD   Selling my Vsonic GR07 MK2 to fund my next IEM purchase (Ety ER4). I owned them for 3 weeks and I am the second owner. First owner owned them for a few months.   All stock tips, original box, shirt clip, hard case, and ear guides included. All tips have been disinfected with...