1. White Lotus

    Ear Monitors Australia A.K.A: The $3500 16-way IEM, Made in Australia

    Has anyone had any experience with these guys? I was surprised to find people manufacturing customs inside Australia.. http://www.earmonitorsaustralia.com/
  2. tsiu6

    Iem Questions

    Hello Head.fi!!   Long time lurker, first time coming out of the shadows to post. :)  Maybe just a brief intro?  My name is Trevor, been into audio for a while, but its time to make that jump: Custom IEMs.  I am now playing out enough that I am/can justify the cost of custom in ears...
  3. jelt2359

    Unique Melody Mason- new 12 driver flagship

    Just saw this has been launched! Here's a shootout between the UM Mason and UM Mentor on erji.net: http://www.erji.net/read.php?tid=1777546
  4. PiteCZek

    Unique Melody Miracle, Merlin or something else?

    Hello guys,   I now have Shure SE535, but now I decided to try CIEM. I am from Czech Republic, so i would prefer companies that are from Europe, because of the shipping, taxes etc.    Main music genres are metal, classic, rock and electro. I am really considering CIEMs from Unique Melody...
  5. lur3nj14

    Unique Melody new socket type?

  6. Mimouille

    New Hifiman Flagship Custom IEM E1000 in collaboration with Unique Melody

    Hifiman announced their new collaboration with UM yesterday, and they are launching a new custom iem! From what I could understand, the innovation comes from the nano-materials used...       http://sound.zol.com.cn/499/4998701.html 
  7. jelt2359

    New Hifiman Flagship (together with Unique Melody): RE1000

    Recommended price RMB 3999, which is about 650 USD. More details to follow....   That picture says dual dynamic drivers custom IEM.  
  8. Steeler

    Unique Melody UK trading as Aurista

    Just a line to update you on my experiences of the above Company. Paid for reshelling of Ultimate Ears, sent earphones, impressions. Quoted 6 weeks. Now 10 weeks, 10 wriiten requests to company for update ( no phone number ) including Royal Mail recorded delivery . NO RESPONSE AT ALL. Having...
  9. JuzModa


    Hi all... after browsing around head fi for awhile, i noticed there weren't many ciem pic threads. So i have decided to start this thread! :) These are the rules: Post pics of your ciem, it doesnt matter if u have or not ur rig in the picture! So i will start by posting a pic of my uniwue...
  10. John0405

    Unique melody upcoming flagship

    So I heard that um was about to introduce a new ciem— 10 drivers. Does anybody know something about that product? I had the miracle and loved them very much, so I'm very curious about this. Cheers
  11. Kaician

    Unique Melody CIEM faceplate design question

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting a Merlin, and would like to get carbon fiber inserts under a colored translucent faceplate, but I can't find any pictures of anyone doing something like that, anywhere, on any CIEM (everyone seems to get clear). Does anyone have any pictures of carbon fiber...
  12. enkei

    1964Ears Remolding Service ( Appreciation Thread)

    looking at re-shell the IEM , anyone try 1964 remolding service ?? or any suggestion ???
  13. Fernito

    Problem with Unique Melody

    Hey there!   Like 2 months ago I bought the UM Merlin from their website, and everything went fine until yesterday: they sent me an email telling me that the IEMs were ready for shipping, and after that they sent me the tracking number. As some of you might know, Unique Melody site says that...
  14. Redbo

    [AUS] Aurisonics in Perth WA

    Hi guys, Anyone know of retailer stocking Aurisonics in Perth, or any forum member with Aurisonics ASG 2/2.5 (or AS) willing to let me demo the units? I'll have my own earbuds :) Thanks
  15. Boringz

    Unique Melody legacy - Latest Flagship 12BA CIEM

    Singapore has apparently launch a 12BA CIEM call Legacy. Specially made by UM and custom tuned by Stereo, there is some info on their facebook. (Link below)   https://www.facebook.com/stereoelectronics/photos/a.376901871764.166268.360820046764/10152318869876765/?type=1   I going down to...
  16. xaddictionx

    Unique Melody Maestro

    Seems like Unqiue Melody is embarking on a new flagship! Any news on this?
  17. guitargeek

    Triple drivers CIEMs.

    Hello all-diophiles,   I would like to seek some expert opinion and recommendations on this one. I am currently using the Shure SE215 and am thinking of an upgrade to customs. I'm on a budget so the most I can afford are triple drivers CIEMs (from my research, they should cost around USD500 or...
  18. prashant

    What difference do number of drivers make in CIEMS?

    I see a lot CIEM manufacturers showcasing their new products with number of drivers inside   JH Roxanne with 12 drivers Noble Audio Kaiser with 10 drivers JH 16 PRO with 8 drivers Unique Melody with 6 drivers   Then there is Westone ES5 sticking with 5 drivers Sensaphonics 3MAX with 3...
  19. xutantuo

    Unique melody TF10 Upgrade TF18--------why the highs so harsh?

    I just got it and compared them with my ie80.   In terms of clarity and dynamics it certainly is better, but it's high and bass are pretty bad. The bass is not enough and the high is too  harsh! I don't mind the bass but the high is driving me crazy. I cannot wear them for more then 3...
  20. intoko

    Looking for advice: TF10 remolding, InEarZ or UM (cable will be Arete cable null audio)

    I have had my TF10's since the first amazon lightning deal. I discovered head-fi about the same time. So I have been using them for a few years now.  I finally decided to spring for the Arete cable from Null Audio (will be here in 7-14 days), I have been using (and replacing) stock cables...
  21. fantasista

    UE Triplefi 10 - clarification

    Hi, my UE TF 10 is damaged. The blue component, where the drivers are at, detached from the rest of the earpiece. This caused the wires to disconnect from the cable permanently. Since this is physical damage, it is impossible to exchange for new UE even with warranty.   My question is, will...
  22. Sanotter

    Custom or not to custom, that is the question!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some new iem's but was wondering if these: http://www.minerva-hearingprotection.co.uk/mi-1-custom-headphones.html are worth the price tag or if universal iem's (such as the ue triple fi) would sound noticeably better? The problem is I need to be able to wear these for a...
  23. nerfedup

    Anyone got the Ue Triple Fi 10, TF10-4/6/8 Driver Customs from Unique Melody?

    Im thinking of upgrading my TF10's and I want some reviews on the driver upgrades.   thanks :)
  24. The-One

    reshelling / remolding custom iems?

    I currently have both the ACS T1 & T2 custom iems, both of them older versions without the detachable cables that now come as standard in the latest Rev 05/12. I was thinking about selling one pair to free up cash since I don't really use them both and I do know in recent years people have...