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  1. povidlo

    Korg HA-S Portable Tube Headphone Amplifier with Nutube (DIY Kit- No Soldering!)

    A Pristine, Compact Sound Amplifier You Build Yourself The HA-S is a Nutube-equipped DIY Headphone amp kit that will let you enjoy the highest quality audio anywhere. No soldering is required, so even if you are new to the world of DIY, you will be able to assemble the HA-S to add a warm, analog...
  2. Korg Nu:Tekt HA-S Nutube Headphone Amplifier

    Korg Nu:Tekt HA-S Nutube Headphone Amplifier

    The HA-S is a Nutube-equipped DIY Headphone amp kit that will let you enjoy the highest quality audio anywhere. No soldering is required, so even if you are new to the world of DIY, you will be able to assemble the HA-S to add a warm, analog tube-driven signal boost to any sound source in no...
  3. oldsoulrevival

    Amp (tube?) recommendation for Quad Era 1?

    I know that most don't recommend tube amps for planar magnetics, but Quad specifically made a tube amp for the Era 1 and I am wondering if anyone has a tube (or other amp) recommendation for this set that doesn't cost an insane amount. I am currently running a modi-magni, but my magni has an...
  4. Saberpunch

    Allnic HPA-5000XL "The Korean OTL/OCL Headphone Amp Beast (The Updated Version )" 🙂

    I haven't heard too many posts on Allnic products in this forum except a few. There has been discussion on the Allnic HPA-5000XL, but for some reason, there isn't any dedicated thread for the Allnic HPA-5000XL in this forum. There is one thread for the HPA-5000, but not the updated HPA-5000XL...
  5. D

    Nobsound FU32 opinions/help

    Hi guys, I hope you have a peaceful and happy holiday season! I’m new here and this is my first post so please don’t bash me too hard. I recently did an oopsie and impulse bought the Nobsound FU32 hp amp. This being a cheapo aliexpress amp, i am concerned about badly engineered electronics and...
  6. Aune Flamingo

    Aune Flamingo

    Aune Flamingo Tube DAC Headphone Amp Hi-Res Tube DAC Headphone Amp Tube and Op-Amp Modus 32bit/768k DSD512 Variable Line Out High-Grade Components
  7. Apos Audio

    NITSCH x Schiit Magni Piety Headphone Amplifier launching Sunday, Nov 20th, at 9am PT on Apos Audio

    Hi all, We are excited to announce that we’re opening pre-orders for the NITSCH x Schiit Magni Piety on Sunday at 9AM PT right on the Magni Piety product page. The demand is high, and our allocation from NITSCH is limited, so we expect them to sell out fast. Be ready at 9AM PT to get yours...
  8. Apos Audio

    xDuoo TA-22 DAC/Tube Amp Now on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Hope you are enjoying the holiday season! We are happy to announce that Apos Audio is now carrying the just-launched xDuoo TA-22 DAC/Tube amp. One of their most feature-rich units to date, the TA-22 is a desktop DAC and balanced tube headphone amplifier that provides high-performance...
  9. sonicm

    Help me choose my first tube amp and DAC?

    I want to buy my first desktop tube amp. The thing is, I don't have a dedicated DAC so I'll need to get one of those too. I'd like to spend about $600-700. I was looking at the xDuoo TA-30 Tube AMP/Dac combo for $600. It looks like it might be a great choice, although it's a little obscure. I...
  10. shinewu

    Humming sounds from new Littledot LD-Y2 300B headphone amp :(

    The amp's details can be found here: This is my most expensive audiophile equipment purchase. The humming sounds are driving me crazy. So I tried a few things to diagnose: 1) The hum is NOT affected by the volume knob at all. 2) The hum on the balanced...
  11. Dragon Leader

    Portable Tube Amp Recommendations

    Hello, my dear Head-Fiers, I am on the hunt for a portable (not transportable) headamp that can drive the IER-Z1R, EE Odins, and the Meze Elite. As a stationary amp, I use a Mal Valve Headamp 3 and my current DAP is an SP2000 (Copper) which is resolving and analytical yet something smoother for...
  12. I

    Wondering about how to fix Power-Tube humming

    Hey people, I googled for a bit but I only found threads that go about how to remove pre-amp tube humming. If there already is a post that discusses this topic that provides solutions feel free to point me there so I can delete this one :) Now for my little issue: I own the Xduoo TA-26 which...
  13. I

    Can a low sitting powertube in a tubeamp be a risk for overheating?

    Hey people, first off all, here's my Xduoo TA-26 with the tubes I rolled: I've been using and tube rolling this amp for a while and I've settled on the Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB and the RCA 6080. The 6080 was the only more or less recommended power tube I could get in my area and I don't plan to get...
  14. HiFiGuy94

    Looking for Reviews or Impressions of the Mjolnir Audio: Tiny Triode Electrostatic Tube Amplifier

    Do you think this amp would work well with my STAX SR-L700 MK2's? I was also considering possibly getting the Octave 2 Special Edition Electrostatic Amplifier, though i would need to buy a couple more stax cables and dont know how the set up would work with my headphones, laptop and phone...
  15. Littlebear B4X Portable Tube Amplifier

    Littlebear B4X Portable Tube Amplifier

  16. Ludvux

    Help with differences in power tubes and signal tubes sound changes!

    Hello I'm a new member of the head-fi forums, I've been scouring the forums for answers regarding differences in tubes/valves. My main question is: sonically, what is the difference in power tubes and signal tubes, I understand that the power tubes supply power to the amplifier, but do they...
  17. tlite

    Sennheiser HD6XX with ZMF Pendant SE - Incredible! Now I want tubes.

    Per the title, I've got the tube amp bug. What would be the signature differences between these oft recommended (admittedly toe-dipping level) tube amps for the HD6XX? Any pros/cons? Darkvoice 336se Crack 1.1 OTL (with or without speedball?) Eufonika H5 xDuoo TA-26 Other DIY? (I just know...
  18. Kevbo

    Ground loop help

    Hi all! My setup includes a schiit modius -> Schiit vali 2 tube amp. Previously I had no issues from the schiit modi multibit that I upgraded from, but now that I have powered my system on I have noticed a prominent hum. Everything is powered through the same surge protector, I have found that...
  19. FinHifi

    Tube Pre-Amp + Solid State AMP

    Hello world. Do people here have experience combining Tube preamps to solidstate amps? if so, do you have experience how it compares to real tube amps? I am going to add FxAudio Tube 03 to my Topping A90+ E50 combo and see how it goes :D With planned config. i will have a tube like sound...
  20. Astell & Kern A&ultima SP2000T Tube / Solid State Music Player (MQA, Triple AMP, LDAC, Hi-Res, DSD, 5GHz Wifi)

    Astell & Kern A&ultima SP2000T Tube / Solid State Music Player (MQA, Triple AMP, LDAC, Hi-Res, DSD, 5GHz Wifi)

    Astell & Kern A&ultima SP2000T Staying true to our philosophy of delivering original audio experiences without compromise, Astell&Kern strives to design portable music players that reach beyond the capabilities of a standard playback device to enhance the listener’s music enjoyment. The...
  21. T

    DAC/AMP Recommendations

    Hello! I've just recently finished a transaction to get my hands on a pair of OG Focal Clears from another Head-Fier here, and I've been thinking about source/DAC/AMP stuff to pair with it. As Christmas time is coming up, what would you guys in the Head-Fi community recommend for a DAC/AMP for...
  22. TSAVWayne


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  23. 5

    Douk Audio P1 tube amp tube replacement/upgrade

    Any good tubes to replace the stock ones on this amp? I have the GE JAN 5654W's in the amp. Anything better?
  24. P

    Tube Preamp vs Amp

    Currently I'm using a tube preamp into an 887 so I can control it with the input button instead of plugging and unplugging my headphones. All things being equal, would there be any benefit to running a separate amp over a preamp? I guess I'd be comparing something like getting a Bottlehead...
  25. B

    Dynamic headphone to compliment the LCD-X

    Hello. I am looking for a dynamic headphone to compliment the LCD-X, and I will probably be pairing it with tubes. So far I am looking at the ZMF Aeolus and Auteur. To anyone who has experience with these two, I would appreciate any input. Thanks!