tube amp
  1. EstiiAudio

    Best Looking Tube Amps

    I love the sound of a lot of tube amps I've demoed, but the way they look is what really draws me in. There are so many options out there I'm curious what your opinions are. Budget is generally <$1000, but for a really sexy set, up to $1500. Thanks!
  2. jambaj0e

    Suggestion of endgame/near endgame Amp for Qutest/Audeze LCD-3?

    So I'm looking to upgrade the Amp for my LCD-3 to an endgame/near-endgame Amp. I think I'm leaning towards a 300B tube Amp. My Dac is the Chord Qutest DAC. I have heard the Wood Audio WA5-LE with the LCD-4 at Shelley's Stereo, and I was blown away. The other amps at the store couldn't...
  3. G

    Upgrade recommendation from Grado SR80e and B&W P5 S2

    Dear forum members, Currently I'm using Grado SR80e and B&W P5 S2. I like the Grado detailed upper mid range, clarity, really fantastic for acoustic music, but something missing under 70Hz. The P5 have a great bass performance, but missing the live, detailed, presentation what I like in Grado...
  4. Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL MZ3 Headphone Amp

    Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL MZ3 Headphone Amp

  5. iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9

    iBasso AMP9 - New Amp card module for the DX portable series, DX220, DX150 and DX200 High Current Output Vacuum Nuntube AMP card for iBasso DX220, DX200, DX150 Portable players - 6th Gen Nutube Tubes by Korg & Noritake
  6. Not Deaf

    Which Amp/ DAC to get?

    I currently have an Objective O2 + ODAC combo that has suited me well for a number of years. I have been lately thinking of upgrading this combination for something that is more detailed, gives a wider soundstage, and has a little more engagement and warmth. Because of this, I have been leaning...
  7. axelduartebenzan

    100 - 150 Dollars Tube Amp to start

    Hi, im looking for a "cheap" tube amp. Any recommendations?
  8. ampsandsound Suolo Monos

    ampsandsound Suolo Monos

    "The Suolo Monos came about from a brainstorming session. We were looking to keep the tone of the Kenzie which is warm, musical and detailed with the flexibility of the Mogwai SE and its Tonal weight. Additionally we wanted to showcase our technical prowess, as we consider turret boards to be...
  9. xDuoo TA-10 High Fidelity Tube Headphone USB DAC&Amplifier

    xDuoo TA-10 High Fidelity Tube Headphone USB DAC&Amplifier

    A higher-end DAC/amp from community favorite xDuoo, the TA-10 features the flagship AKM AK4490 DAC and a classic 12AU7 tube. Its variety of interfaces make it incredibly versatile and include two sets of auxiliary inputs, a USB input, an SPDIF out, and an RCA out. Fully balanced from input to...
  10. Thenewbie76

    Tube amp for ZMF Aelous?

    Hello everyone, as the title says I am looking for a tube amp to be paired with the ZMF aeolus. I was thinking between the Little dot mk3 or the bottlehead crack. Which would be a better pair for it and make it sound more tubey,warm,open ?
  11. Relic123

    Budget Tube amp for the HD800S?

    Sup folks Got the Jotunheim with the dac-module, not the best pairing with the HD800S I confess. Looking for budget tube amp with a warmer signature, that could reduce some of the sharp highs I'm hearing. I tried the Schiit Valhalla 2, but it's pretty neutral for a tube amp. Needs to be...
  12. Feliks Echo OTL Tube Headphone AMP

    Feliks Echo OTL Tube Headphone AMP

    Enter the world of tube audio filled with warm and hi-class sound. Pure OTL construction. Technical specification - Model 2018 Power tubes 6N6P x 2, driver tubes 6N1P x 2 Frequency response: 15 Hz - 45 Khz +/- 3 dB (300 ohm) Input Impedance: 100 kOhm Power output: 350mW THD: 0.4 % (300 ohm...
  13. E

    Turntable and headphone amp suggestions!

    Hi, I've made a few posts already about headphone amplifier suggestions, but I came across this little hybrid amplifier named the NS-08E. So, I was wondering if this amplifier could be paired with the AT LP-120 to get good sound? Also I'm using the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm headphones. Thanks!
  14. zambie

    Balanced output - implications of cable on ?

    Hi All, I've got a slightly peculiar setup that I'm working on building (and it's not a headphone setup, it's a speaker setup at home, so please bear with me). It's for my home speakers. Source > Onkyo DP-X1 DAP Tube Amp > Gemtube BL-02 Spekaers > Martin Logan XT60s Intend to send my music from...
  15. Oriolus BA300S

    Oriolus BA300S

    Product introduction: BA300s uses two micro-tubes to amplify, current-mode operational amplifiers with extended output and 4.4mm balanced input and output. Superior power management ensures the performance of the whole machine. The machine does not set the volume control. The gain of the whole...
  16. xDuoo TA-20

    xDuoo TA-20

  17. Gemtune PA1502A APPJ

    Gemtune PA1502A APPJ

    Tube: 6N4 + 6P6PX2 Input: RCA Jacks Input Impedance: 10K ohms Input Sensitivity: 800mV Output: 6.3mm Jacks Output Impedance: 8 to 600 (Japan Z11-EI48 * 24 Output Transformers) Output voltage: 18Vp-p Frequency Response: 30-30Khz (+ -1db) Input AC Voltage: 100-250V AC Power Consumption: 27W AC...
  18. AthenaZephyrian

    Little Dot I+ tube and op-amp rolling + recommendations given

    Testing was done on Soundmagic HE400i headphones, carefully EQ'd to be roughly linear. I used an HRT Music Streamer Soundmagic II for this test. Tubes: 6JI tubes (one of which burned out after 56 hours): Stiff, dry and congested in the centre-mids, and ran hot in the upper-mids/lower treble...
  19. AthenaZephyrian

    Desperation strikes--ghetto heatsink

    I was fiddling with the gain setting on my Little Dot I+, and it occurred to me that the op-amp was running pretty warm, perhaps warmer than typical for solid states, and that I'd seen people running metal op-amps with heatsinks. I had a plastic-shelled op-amp, which isn't conducive to heat...
  20. AthenaZephyrian

    Very-low-voltage op-amp rolling (for Little Dot 1+)

    I'm figuring out optimal op-amps for my Little Dot I+. It supplies two parallel lines of 3.7v--so 3.7v--to the op-amp. There's less info on many choices rated for such a low voltage than for more typical voltage floors. It seems that running a higher-voltage op-amp--the OPA2107AP for...
  21. AthenaZephyrian

    Op-amp rolling recommendation requests for Little Dot I+

    Hi all. I've heard the stock opamp in the Little Dot 1+ is a bit unrefined--loose in bass, a tad congested, and generally lacking transparency. Thus, I bought an AD823ANZ. But my question is this: I've heard a lot of good things about the 627/637, 2107, and a few others. It would be great if...
  22. Jin Choi

    Looking for a nice tube amp to pair with my new Ether Flows...

    I've been looking at the Pathos Aurium and Woo Audio wa7 as potential buys, but I can't decide which to buy. I would love some input from some experienced listeners. I have listened to the Ether Flows on the Pathos Aurium a few months ago in a department store in Gangnam Korea back before I...
  23. cardeli22

    Most "Tubey sounding HP amp under 500$

    I will be using the tube amp mostly with my Beyers 1990pro. I have looked at the Schiit Lyr 3, Project Ember, and Massdrop CTH. If there are others that might fit the textbook sound of tubeyness please let me know. I realize different tubes have different sonic properties. I guess my question is...
  24. G

    New to tubes is this one busted?

    I received my DarkVoice 336SE today, and it sounds like there is broken glass inside the bottom of the tube, is it busted? Might need to turn volume up to hear it.
  25. Drty LilBits

    APPJ mini2013 6J1+6P1 Tube Amplifier

    Hi all, saw this on sale on Massdrop and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I have never owned a tube amp but thought about giving this thing a shot. It's currently going for a hundred bucks. Anyone have any input/opinions to share with this audio noob?