1. Rocket Bunnya

    Dac, do they match my Speakers?

    Hello, i was just wondering if speakers Dayton Audio B652-Air are compatible with the Dac/Amp Topping MX3. Excuse me if the response seems obvious but i'm lost in numbers on the full specs of both items. Topping MX3 specs:
  2. Rocket Bunnya

    Spearkers, do they match my Dac ?

    Hello, i was just wondering if speakers Dayton Audio B652-Air are compatible with the Dac/Amp Topping MX3. Excuse me if the response seems obvious but i'm lost in numbers on the full specs of both items. Topping MX3 specs:
  3. PocketClouds

    Denon AH-D7200 + Topping DX7 Pro?

    Hi, I've been received my AH-D7200 yesterday, the cable have 6.35 mm so I can't pair it with the Dragonfly Red. I tried a cheap adapter on Amazon but I hear just the left channel with it... So I considering to upgrade everything and buy a desktop dac/amp with balanced outs, for the reasons I...
  4. Leito360

    [newbie] Help choosing dac/amp: Topping MX3 vs DX3 Pro vs Hel

    Hello. New member here. First of all, my headphones: SHP 9500 (32 Ohm, i know, they don't need an amp). I also use a set of passive speakers that came bundled with a stereo from Sony (LBT-D105). I won't change any of my gear in the near future, i'm not interested right now in do it so. Main use...
  5. Topping DX7 PRO

    Topping DX7 PRO

    The TOPPING DX7 Pro DAC/Amp is an upgrade on their DX7s. The DX7 Pro adds to the already quality specs of the DX7s with the ESS flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip, an IIS input and a 4.4mm balanced output. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 functionality and support LDAC HD audio, aptX and aptX HD audio...
  6. MonoJon

    need quick advice re: DX3 Pro vs Schiit Stack etc. while DX3 Pro is on Drop

    Hello Forum, I have been considering the following DAC/amp/bluetooth options. My current IEMs are all 16-32 ohm, and I am considering purchasing AKG K553 MKII for my first full-size cans (also 32 ohm). I want a combo of DAC, amp and bluetooth receiver that can drive these at low to moderate...
  7. A

    Topping DX3 Pro VS Topping D50 for Audioengine A5+

    Looking for a DAC to pair with my Audioengine A5+ speakers currently plugged into my onboard sound card of my pc which is absolute trash! My choices are the Topping D50 or the Topping DX3 Pro. Please help me pick between the two! My main purpose is playing high quality music.
  8. B

    my 4 main kits

    Hello, I understand it is perhaps too much, I would love to discuss my 4 music kits: 1. Cowon Plenue D + Audinst AMP-HP (with Burson Audio) 2. Xduoo X10 + Xduoo XQ20 3. Shanling M0 + Topping NX3S 4. Zishan DSD (alone or + Little Bear B4 with Burson Audio) I am interested in sharing opinions...
  9. L

    Fiio K3 vs Topping mx3

    Hey guys. I am interested in buy a Hifiman he400i headphone, but i am not sure of what dac/amp should i pick (~$100usd). I know the k3 is the renovation of the famous e10k but i am not sure if it's enough to work with the hifiman. I prefer the design and built of the k3 over the mx3, but the...
  10. aptr91

    Topping DX7S bypass pre?

    Hello. I am considering buying a Topping DX7S, and am wondering if I can disable the preamp so that I am only using the DAC. Most of the time, I likely would be using the built in pre, but I will eventually want to upgrade to a better one, and I would like to know if I can disable the one in the...
  11. Topping D50

    Topping D50

    TOPPING D50 is a high performance desktop DAC with USB, coaxial, optical input and Line Out output. D50 usees XMOS(XU208) + 2 x ES9038Q2M + 3 x OPA1612 for DAC, in addition, D50 use customized drivers (Win 7 or above) from Thesycon, all these factors makes D50 support 32bit/768kHz and DSD512...
  12. Toshu

    Why no product thread on the Zidoo products?

    I am wondering what the rules are to create a new thread about the latest Zidoo product line? Their new models are>> Z9S, Z10...
  13. Topping D70

    Topping D70

  14. cmdrmcgarrett

    Wanting a DAC/AMP.... no idea where to start

    My head is just spinning with all the different types and prices. Let me start with what I have currently Micca Origen+ DT770 80ohm HE400i Monoprice Retro Modern Using Windows 10 with Foobar I have a lot of FLACs, a few SACDs, lots of mp3 (yeah I know just cant find FLAC versions of some)...
  15. Topping DX3 Pro

    Topping DX3 Pro

    There's 4 output mode of DX3 Pro: Headphone amp only, Headphone amp + Line out, DAC only, Pre-amplifier. DX3 Pro is suitable for almost all usage scenarios. DX3 Pro is using XMOS XU208 + 2 x AK4493 + OPA1612 to support up to 32bit768kHz PCM decoding and DSD512 native decoding of USB input...
  16. junki

    Topping D50

    The Topping D50 was released recently. Product information: Notable features I personally care about: 2x ES9038Q2M, one for each channel 3x OPA1612 opamps in the output stage OLED display that auto turns off screw yeah I know there are a...
  17. N

    HELP finding remote control amplifier for Fiio x3 ii

    I am looking to connect my fiio x3 ii to a amplifier that will allow me to control the DAC mp3 player with a remote control to play music through my speakers. The fiio has usb otg support and a line out, but no bluetooth. I love the EQ presets of the fiio, so I want an amp that will allow the...
  18. P

    How do you use an amp...? Topping A30/HD6XX/HD650

    Hey guys! New to the Head-Fi community, I've bought the Topping D30 and A30 combo on Massdrop a few months ago and I'm trying to understand which settings I should really be using to get the best performance out of my headphones. I see the "Off/Low/High" voltage switch, I honestly don't hear...
  19. c64

    Topping headphone amps any good ?

    Noticed quite a big range of these full sized headphone amps now on mp4nation any reviews or opinions on them ? heres the specs of the top end one   Topping TP41 Class T Digital Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier   The Topping T41 audio amplifier is based on a Tripath TA2021 circuit...
  20. MrJoshua

    Topping NX2 Portable DAC/Amp Impressions Thread

    Hi   I've only had this new DAC/Amp for a day, but I felt compelled to write an initial review of it as I'm astounded by the sound coming out of this tiny thing! I currently have it connected to my iPhone 6+ using the Apple Lightning to USB camera connection kit and the supplied short USB...
  21. ulotrix

    Cheap DAC for AKG K240 and Topping NX1

    Hi, I have an AKG K240 headphone and Topping NX1 for amp. But I think I have to buy some DAC for good quality. Because my laptop's output isn't good for headphone. I think I didin't get all headphone's potential.    So I want to buy DAC but I spent all my money to amp and headphone. I heard...
  22. Roderick

    Most commonly used amp/dac around $40-70?

    I like trying out inexpensive headphones. My current system is bit of an overkill for headphones that cost about $50. I wan't to know what those headphones sound when paired with gear more suited to their price. So what is the amp/dac people are most likely to have as their entry level setup?  I...
  23. KG Jag

    Topping TP30 Entry Level Amp/DAC

    Currently available from Amazon (fulfilling for third party) for $99.99 shipped.
  24. thinksloth

    Topping tp30 on desktop computer

    Hi I am new to this forum, and I love to listen music and want to enhance sound quality.   My current config: a 3.5 mm jack computer speaker connect to onboard sound, and headphone connect to speaker.     Now I am interested in Topping TP30, but have something I not know   TP30...
  25. H20Fidelity

    TOPPING NX1 Portable Headphone Amplifier Impressions Thread

    I stumbled across this new portable amplifier by TOPPING on eBay a few days ago called NX1.  I was wondering if anyone's tried the amp or purchased one yet? It's stated to run for 100+ hours a charge and looks built pretty well. If anyone's heard one yet please tell us about it. Here's...