1. MLGrado

    Topping E70 Velvet DAC Review, Measurements and Comparisons

    2/13/23 UPDATE.... See post 2 for FULL review of the Topping E70 VELVET DAC. Also, see here for what to expect next after the Topping comparo. The Topping is on its way here for a full review and lab testing at
  2. Apos Audio

    TOPPING E70 VELVET Desktop DAC Now on Apos

    Hi all, AKM is back and we are excited to share with the community that TOPPING has just released the TOPPING E70 VELVET DAC. This $449 desktop digital-to-analog converter boasts the new AKM AK4499EX DAC chip, a 24-bit Bluetooth chip, and 32-bit/768kHz PCM decoding. All of TOPPING's most-loved...
  3. Topping E70 & L70 DAC/amp

    Topping E70 & L70 DAC/amp

  4. Apos Audio

    11/11 Sale on Apos Audio

    Hi all, 11/11 is almost here so we would like to give you a headstart with awesome deals on brands that are getting the most love. Sale starts on Nov 11, 2022 at 12am PT and ends on Nov 12, 2022 at 11:59pm PT. Some of the sales are already active. Check out the discount on the brand below: 15%...
  5. Apos Audio

    Apos' First Holiday Sale 2022!

    Hi all, We are excited to announce that Apos’ first holiday sale is up and running. Everyone can save 15% on top brands like TOPPING, Moondrop, SMSL, xDuoo, Singxer, and More! We price-match holiday deals from any other official retailers from now until the new year—so if you find a better...
  6. shenzhenaudio

    TOPPING E70 DAC & L70 AMP is up!

    TOPPING has been busy again with another release of compact high-performance desktop DAC and AMP. This time they're focusing on the successor of the E and L series, launching the new E70 and L70 DAC AMP stack! Different from their budget-oriented brothers, E70 & L70 aim at midrange-priced. Both...
  7. Apos Audio

    TOPPING E70 DAC and L70 Headphone Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, As we gear towards the holiday season, we wanted to let you know that TOPPING just launched a brand-new stack that is now available on Apos Audio. May we present the TOPPING E70 DAC and the L70 Fully Balanced NFCA Headphone Amplifier which packs an incredible number of features and...
  8. L

    Which Topping / SMSL is best value? DX7 Pro+ alternatives?

    So, Chi-Fi is evolving rapidly. New products copy old ones, at cheaper prices. But it's such a minefield. So, the Topping DX7 Pro+ was very well-recommended at its price. It has a ton of features I'd use (Bluetooth, harmonic/tube effects, etc). Most importantly, a punchy and resolving sound...
  9. Apos Audio

    TOPPING A90 Discrete Headphone Amplifier Reviews Compendium on Apos

    Hi all, The A90 Discrete, or A90D, is an upgraded version of the groundbreaking A90 which is a balanced amp and pre-amp with a tremendously clean and powerful output. The reception of TOPPING's flagship Headphone Amplifier is overwhelming and we're collecting the reviews all in one convenient...
  10. povidlo

    Topping NX7 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    This is a dedicated thread for discussion regarding Topping NX7 portable headphone amplifier. Topping blessed the marketplace with NX7, which it out of current trend. Pure analog portable amps are a dying art with roll out of bigger and stronger DAC/amps combos and dongles, but there’s still a...
  11. Topping G5

    Topping G5

  12. Apos Audio

    Check Out Our Apos Certified Products

    Hi all, We wanted to introduce Apos Certified products to the Head-Fi community, a program that we’ve been running for a while on Apos Audio. When an item is returned back to us we work with our partners to refurbish it back to its original condition before putting it back out in the world...
  13. Sebastien Chiu

    Last Call for's August Sale for 10% Off Moondrop, Topping, and SMSL Ending August 26th!

    Hey folks, Come save 10% on Moondrop. Topping and SMSL with us! Some of the products on sale include the following: Moondrop Variations Topping A30 Pro iFi Go Blu & Moondrop Blessing 2 bundle SMSL SH-9 THX AAA Desktop Headphone Amplifier If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  14. Apos Audio

    Get 10% Off TOPPING, SMSL, xDuoo, and Moondrop until Aug 26th

    We're running a sale on TOPPING, SMSL, xDuoo, and Moondrop products this week. The sale is already live and will end this this Friday, August 26th at 11:59 pm PT. Here is the URL for the sale: You'll also be able to find higher discounts on Apos...
  15. GridIroN

    Topping A90D, and questions about balanced vs unbalanced signals

    Ok guys, quick question looking for hopefully a quick answer. I recently have decided to try to standardize my cables because it'll just be way easier to buy cables, and I've been considering replacing my main desktop amp anyways. However, my issue is my DAC is the Modi 3 which is single-ended...
  16. Apos Audio

    TOPPING G5 Portable DAC/Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, We’re thrilled to announce the release of the TOPPING G5 Portable DAC/Amp on Apos Audio. This hi-def unit features classic TOPPING architecture in a portable package. Enjoy 24-bit Bluetooth, 32-bit PCM, and incredibly low noise (<0.00009% THD+N). it’s an ideal unit for audiophiles and...
  17. Apos Audio

    TOPPING DX7 Pro+ DAC/Amp: Launching on Apos on August 23, 2022

    Update: August 22, 8:35am PT: Hi everyone, We want to provide a quick update on the TOPPING DX7 Pro+ launch. The DX7 Pro+ will launch today at 7PM PT and to celebrate the launch of the TOPPING DX7 Pro+, we’re giving away free headphones to the first hundred purchasers! Here’s how it works...
  18. Topping DX5

    Topping DX5

  19. Topping LA90

    Topping LA90

    Product page: Spec:
  20. shenzhenaudio

    TOPPING DX5 DAC & HP Amp Now Available

    A brand-new DAC/AMP combo joined TOPPING lineup now at USD449! The DX5 with high-quality, gorgeous, and excellent workmanship! It has a fresh and impressive looking. It features dual ES9068AS DAC chip, achieves 0.00009% THD+N, has versatile connect options, and comes with MQA decoding, LDAC...
  21. T

    Topping DX3 Pro + vs Ifi Zen Dac V2

    Hello everyone! I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (250Ohm) and in search of a good Dac/amp or a Dac + Amp Combo with a maximum budget of around 200€. From what I found the Topping DX3 Pro + and Ifi Zen Dac V2 are the best choices, but now which one should i choose, and why? If you have...
  22. rocdoc

    Topping L50 as an amp upgrade (from Zen Dac)

    Hi everyone, I have a system that I am overall pleased with, with a couple of gripes that make me want to tweak/upgrade. I have the (V1) Zen Dac which I pair with my (new version) Sundara, with a balanced cable from Hart. All quite good, but I struggle keeping the volume workable above the...
  23. TaronL

    Cyber Monday

    Exclusive to and ending tonight at 11:59pm PST, save $300 on the Focal Radiance, get a FREE $100 Gift Card with a purchase of the Focal Clear (In stock and ready to ship!) and deals from more brands! Buy the Focal Clear, get a FREE $100 Gift Card Buy the Focal Radiance for...
  24. TOPPING E50 DAC + L50 Headphone Amplifier Combo

    TOPPING E50 DAC + L50 Headphone Amplifier Combo

  25. Netforce

    Huge savings on Campfire Audio, Moondrop, Sennheiser, Topping, SMSL, Burson Audio and more at!

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