1. bevanc

    Headphone Meet in Pittsburgh, PA - October 22nd 2022

    Pittsburgh Headphone Meet Date: 22nd October Time: 11am to 3pm Location: Stereo Stereo, Warrendale PA, 20 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh, easily accessible from I-79 and I-76. My name is Bevan Court and I am setting up a headphone meet here in the Pittsburgh area. I have been interested...
  2. Tablix

    Phonitor Mini

    Cant give you much more than a few links but his has just been announced at Musikmesse :   http://spl.info/de/home/blog/article/phonitor-mini-ist-hier.html   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG-2U7AdsTw
  3. bobaroo

    crossfeed amps

    I currently have a corda arietta. What other amps use crossfeed technology, I may be looking for a new amp
  4. Jademalo

    Need advice on HD800s + Amps

    I'm in a situation currently where I can potentially get myself a pair of HD800s. I had a listening test with a pair of them and some HD700s yesterday, and I absolutely love the sound of them.   I also would be in a position to get a Lehmann Black Cube Linear Headphone Amp, and from what...
  5. planet

    Windfall loan of gear for home auditioning: Phonitor, LCD3, HE-6, T1, more...

    First things first: This is my first post on head-fi, and I have very little idea what I'm doing.  I have a modest 256-320kbps mp3 collection across many genres, mostly classical, electronic/trance, soundtracks, 80s rock, and a bunch of other stuff.  I've spent upwards of $200 on in-ear phones...
  6. JulesK

    Headphone amp with a "mono" switch

    Does anyone know of a high-end headphone amp that has a "mono" switch (i.e., that will combine both channels before outputting to the headphone jack)?  I recall seeing one somewhere on this site, but can't seem to find it again, and I wasn't having much luck searching this forum (but I may not...
  7. avrosse

    Best Headphones/Amp Combo for Classical Music (especially Opera); Budget: $2000-2500

    Hi folks, I'd love to expand my stereo speaker system to include headphones. My current system looks like this: Densen B-410 cd player / Oppo BDP-95 blu-ray player -> Densen B-110 integrated amplifier -> Verity Rienzi loudspeakers As mentioned in the title, I'm looking for a...
  8. exhornet

    Budget full-size amp for Q701

    Hi. I am in phase of research for my next system. The headphone will be Q701. But i am frustrated about powering section. I listen music %80 from my mobile phone and %20 from my computer. They are in different rooms. I listen while working on desk with mobile phone. So i couldn't decide to buy...
  9. gomincha

    High-end headphones for mixing and mastering?

    Hi all,   I want a set of headphones as flat, realistic, accurate and detailed as possible for mixing and mastering applications. I was thinking something in the lines of HD800, T1, LCD2, SR-007 and 4070. Any suggestions?
  10. oldson

    calling all current and former Meier Stagedac owners?

    had my stagedac for a few years now, and am happy with it. but like most on here, i cant help wondering if there is something out there that is better, for the same price range. i think i paid around £500. how much would i have to spend to noticably improve on it's performance? thanks
  11. Q701

    What are the "official" amps for the q701/k702/k701?

    When Sennheiser displayed the HD 800, there was either a Lehmann Audio or Violectric amplifier driving the headphones. With the introduction of their new in-house amplifier I believe they use that now (though I have never seen it). I have never seen an AKG display so what do they use to power...
  12. Tassie Devil

    Lavry DA11 vs NuForce DAC9

    I’ve lived with the NuForce for nearly a year now and have not lost any enthusiasm to use it for listening to beautiful music. It handles all different signals with a deftness and delicacy yielding delightful results.   But being the nutter I am I wonder about alternatives – could they be...
  13. rattesp

    SPL Auditor vs B22 for T1

    I really enjoy my 3-channel B22 with the T1. The problem is my girlfriend doesn't appreciate the presence of the 2 chassis B22 in our bedroom ! I've read that the Auditor is a great match for the T1 so I was thinking it could replace my B22. Has anyone compared both amps with the T1.   Thank...
  14. doublea71

    Would a Fuse Rockboxd and Grado igi IEMs benefit from an amp? Not sure how to interpret sensitivity/impedence numbers for IEMs/phones...

    Direct to the right forum or if you can sum it up for me, it'd be a big help.   Signed,   New guy in Vietnam, land of counterfeit crap.
  15. jude

    Product Sneak Peaks, CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) - Head-Fi TV, Episode 013

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     There are many new products being introduced and launched at CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) on October 14, 15 and 16, 2011. In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we take a sneak peak of some of...
  16. H

    SPL Phonitor, new reference amp?

    I have recently enjoyed listening to the new Sound Performance Lab Phonitor. A stationary headphone monitoring amplifier. After a search here on head-fi I did not find anything so I thought I might start a thread on it. (or my search was wrong ) I was really stunned! It drove an Ultrasone...
  17. rmilewsk

    Test output level of headphones

    Does anyone know of an effective way to test the output level of headphones? I want to make sure the level is not damaging my ears.   Thanks.
  18. rabidgamer

    Does having tinnitus mean no more headphones?

    I noticed I had a slight hissing sound in my left ear around 17 days ago, so I went to the doctor and he told me to basically avoid all loud sounds and avoid using headphones, which is understandable. So, for like the past (well 17 days) I have avoided all loud sounds, ain't even thought...
  19. googleli

    AMP for Ultrasone Edition 10? Please help a NOOB

    I am a noob of full size cans. I don't even have a proper source or desktop amp. Currently I only use my Hifiman 801 (playing 24/96 files) as source and output to RSA blackbird and then to the Ultrasone ED10.   I will consider an amp first then source. In my driving vicinity, the following...
  20. cactus_farmer

    Can Fiio E9 drive Hifiman HE-6?

    By 'drive' I mean can it make it go louder than you can stand to listen to without making the dial on the amp go all the way clockwise? And can it do that without destroying the HE-6's drivers by clipping and distortion?   Never mind about synergy or whether or not the E9 gets the maximum...
  21. Parall3l

    Volume related safety question

    Hi, I'm think about purchasing a full sized amp but I have a problem that stops me from doing so. Is it possible to hurt or even kill yourself with a headphone amp by accidentally cranking the volume up too high? Most desktop amps can output more than 1W of power into my low impedance cans, Is...
  22. deejay214

    Amp under 1200 $s for Sennheiser HD 800 ?

    I'm looking for a good amp with built-in DAC around 1200$s, full size or the small ones, any kind will do. I'm mainly gonna be using it with my HD 800. I'm not gonna be buying/upgrading it for at least 2-3 years. Please help/advice ? i'm thinking of getting the Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear...
  23. keanex

    [Review] SPL Phonitor (Initial Impressions/Conclusion)

    Preface   I would first like to thank Head-Fi for being a fantastic hub for audio enthusiasts, without Head-Fi I would be using Skullcandy or Bose. I would like to thank SPL for their gracious gift to me, while being very overwhelming it's much appreciated. I'm very honored to be able to own...
  24. jude

    SPL Phonitor Heapdhone Monitoring Amplifier - Head-Fi TV, Episode 009

      Episode 009 of Head-Fi TV was just uploaded.  This episode is a video review of the SPL (Sound Performance Lab) Phonitor.  The SPL Phonitor is what SPL calls a headphone monitoring amplifier, and comes with a plethora of imaging/crossfeed adjustments, intended to allow the user to simulate...
  25. dadab12

    Violectric V200 or DNA Sonett?

    Guys, I've decided to pick either of those two. I currently have the following setup :   Desktop PC > Flac - > Focusrite Saffire pro 24DSP -> SPL Auditor -> Ultrasone pro 900   I plan on buying HD800 at the end of the month or so. I wonder what would complement the SPL Auditor the...