1. Just ear XJE-MH1

    Just ear XJE-MH1

    The Just ear XJE-MH1 don't boast about its technical specs - as it won't win prizes for the most technically impressive CIEM (it is only a single dynamic driver and single balance armature hybrid). However they will still be your favourite CIEM for a long time, and very possibly will be the end...
  2. N

    Closed back audiophile headphones under $550

    Hi everyone, I am an audiophile who listens mostly to 24/48kHz lossless files and I want to buy new headphones. Musical genres are metal, jazz, blues, electronica, underground and so basically I listen to everything except Pop music. The headphones should be closed back, on or over ear...
  3. cpmsan

    Mid-End portable headphone recommendations?

    Hello Head-fi, I'm looking for a mid-end and portable headphone within the budget of 350USD-ish~ My definition of mid-end is a little bit high-end but not very high-end, for example I have been looking at Audio-Technica MSR7 and MSR7-SE and also Sony MDR-A1. The MSR7 fits my tastes quite well...
  4. Peddler

    Sony WH1000XM2 - review posted

    Hi Folks I've finally got round to reviewing these excellent noise cancelling headphones. I hope you find it useful.
  5. Sony WH1000XM2

    Sony WH1000XM2

    Sony's best high-end bluetooth headphone featuring active noise cancelling, touch controls, APtX-HD, LDAC, 30+ hours battery life, fast charging, ambient sound mode and a hard carry case.
  6. funkymartyn

    Sony NWZ A728. Digital media player

    Anybody know if you can fix or change the battery in this player, As it won't hold the charge. From full charge it seems to discharge in the first day not even being used.....any help....thanks..
  7. rlanger

    Sony WH-1000MX2 or MDR-1ABT?

    Taking price and ANC out of the equation, as only the 1000MX2 have it, which one would you purchase, and why? Looking for a little insight from you kind folk who may have spent some time with both of these headphones, to help me with my purchase decision. For what it's worth, I have a Samsung...
  8. Rickey®

    Portable Discmans

    Anyone still enjoy listening to older Sony Discman's or Panasonic portable CD players? I think some of them sound quite good especially via line out to my older Headroom Micro Amp..
  9. S

    A though choice between 2 headphones

    Hi guys! My name is Eric and have a hearing loss for about 70 decibels on both my ears. So, I wear hearing aids on both sides, like this: (But the microphone inside the ear is a little bit 'bigger' than on the picture, but still in the ear) For a long time I have been looking for a good...
  10. mRaaghava

    First DAP

    Presently i am using my phone S7 as source and E17K DAC to drive my headphone Sennheiser HD 598 SE. I am thinking to buy a DAP to enjoy my music better. As i am a beginner of sorts, which DAPs you will suggest me first? I am looking at Cayin N3, FiiO X3, Sony NWZ A35, FiiO X5, Opus 1, Plenue D...
  11. J

    BeyerDynamic DT 770 PRO 32 Ohm OR Sony MDR-1A (which one please)

    Hi Everyone, I own right now Audio Technica ATH-M30X, I feel the sound is excellent. I don't know what the quality of sound should be because is the most expensive headphone I have ever use. But, It's uncomfortable for me for more than half hour of use, it becomes really painful. I don't want to...
  12. Andriokz

    Recommendation for 150-400$ (~125-340€)

    My only reference is the Audio Technica M50x. I liked them, but after my second pair broke (it's a small stop on the headphone to allow the cup to stay in place on your ear) I decided it's time to step up. There are no audio places nearby that allow me to test the sound, so hoping for some...
  13. 1

    Sony Walkman NW-WM1A 128GB LIKE NEW NO BOX

    Sony Walkman NW-WM1A 128GB new no box Hi, I got this as a gift but it's definitely too much for what I look for on a portable mp3. It's like new, literally, I have only used it once in my house (smoke free). I has a tiny scratch on one of the edges (see picture) that I have no clue how it...
  14. F

    Sony XB950N1/XB950B1 and LDAC Support

    Hello, all. I recently bought the Sony XB950N1 headphones. They were on sale at Amazon for $115 (some sellers weren't even charging taxes). I purchased specifically those headphones because they were in my price range, but mainly because I want LDAC support. If I'm going to use Bluetooth...
  15. redbean

    Recommendation for an upgrade to the Sony MDR-EX650AP?

    My beloved MDR-EX650 is starting to have some cable issues and pauses my music player whenever the cable is bent near the 3.5mm jack. Any recommendations for an upgrade that costs <$100? I'm not familiar with all the audiophile terms, but I'll try my best to describe what I loved about the...