1. Lahanl01

    Advice Greatly Appreciated: Sennheiser HD 598 vs.Denon AHD 2000 (looking to buy)

    O.K, about a year not knowing what true sound quality was I went out and bought a pair of Bose OE 2, so now I'm looking to buy something that will give my music some true representation (listen to a mix of rock, hip hop, and techno). After shopping around a bit I have found myself torn between...
  2. Alexium

    Monitor headphones under $200 - are there any?

    Greetings!   I'm quite new to the world of hi-fi headphones. Until now I only have had 2 models worth mentioning: Koss KSC75 and KOSS R/80, and I have also listened to a bit more expensive Grado SR60i. That pretty much covers all my experience with headphones. I think I'm ready to purchase...
  3. Sovkiller

    Edcor 2020

    Does anybody had tried the Edcor 2020 headphone amplifier, I have the chance of have one in the past and the sound was not bad at all, of course I had no chance to A/B it at that time or now, against any other, and I would like to know other opinions about it, one thing is sure, is an...
  4. masuuuuud

    Denon d2000 unamped

    Hi guys Just wondering how the d2000's would fare with no amp out of a laptop? I'm no audiophile by any means but id like a good sounding headphone.
  5. Entranced

    How much better do HD 800's sound when amplified properly?

    First off, I want to say that I've been lurking around the forums for a while but this is my first official post.. so hello to you all!    I'm still very new to high-end audio but already I've learnt so much since discovering this website in the last year. I was persuaded to buy a pair of HD...
  6. Sapple89

    Recommend headphones with a specific feature

    I dont know much about headphone and I was hoping you guys could help me out.   Im looking for a set of headphones that will mainly be used for going to the gym, library, and weekly use. I want to keep it under $200 but more importantly I am looking for a certain feature. Im not sure what...
  7. ammarmalik

    Headphones vs Earphones for movies

    Hello all. I'm looking to buy headphones or earphones and my range is ~200$. The make and model will be decided later. What I want to first decide is whether an earphone or headphone is the way to go. I am perfectly comfortable with either or them. Here's my usage pattern:   I listen to...
  8. cactus_farmer

    Closed studio headphones with deep powerful bass...?

    Conditions;   1). Must not be Audio Technica M50   2). Must not be 'hifi' type 'phones like Denon D5000...etc...   Other than that, all suggestions welcome - thanks in advance!!
  9. DrNope

    Need advice on new headphones, replace grado SR80?

    At the moment I have a pair of Grado SR80, but I think they are a bit too much on the high frequencies, I get tired after a while, perticularly if listening to records recorded at high level it seems. On my home system those are not that bad despite concrete walls with nothing on them. So...
  10. Marvelous


    I listen to hip hop, rap, soul, and dubstep. I also produce hip hop music and I was looking for a pair of headphones with good sound quality under $300. Any help is appreciated.
  11. drygh7

    Looking for suggestion

    I've been looking through the forums for quite some time to try and find what I am looking for, but there is way to much information to actually figure out what exactly I'm looking for! So I come to you guys for help.   I picked up a pair of UE TF10s when they were on sale through Amazon.  I...
  12. Bozanimal

    Fathead seeking comfortable, portable cans

    First and foremost: Great forums. These are a great resource, and I appreciate everything the users here are and continue to do.   I've been looking for a pair of comfortable headphones that can do double-duty as a primary listening device at home and secondarily for travel. Here's what...
  13. Funkafize

    Looking For Production Headphones.

    Hello, my name is Ryan and I'm currently a Music student in college. I'm about to switch into music production as a major, and want a good pair of head phones for making music, but I don't really know what I'm looking at. Here's what I'm looking for.   Amazing, full quality sound Capable...
  14. Mostafa1000

    best Headphone for ENJOY listening to TRANCE and Progressive ANYWHERE

    i am so confused about buying a headphone for enjoy listening to trance (it doesn't have to be a portable one) here is some Questions i need some answers for : i need it to give me clear and deep sound in mids and highs it must give quite punchy and deep bass (i am a basshead) i need it...
  15. fozzymandias

    Advice needed, 140$ price range

    My MDR-V6s are old and very broken. My parents gave me "consumer" "beats by dre" for christmas, which were promptly stolen (not to mention mediocre and overpriced). So I'm looking to get some new cans, for about 140$. Now I know there are plenty of sites and old threads that could tell me which...
  16. MRiNiCK

    Headphones that has same sound as the VSonic GR07 or Ficher DBA-02

    So I got my dba-02 for a month and im loving it.however the fit isnt working out for me. Left side keeps coming off for some odd reason. but anyway Is there a headphone that has the same sounds as the GR07 or DBA-02. Looking for a price of 200$ Max. Thanks Also, Ins
  17. fknerichere

    Headphone Recommendation for $200 budget please anyone!

    Hi guys,   I'm on the search for headphones that will give me good comfort a nice all round sound quality but also some nice bass. I am also a gamer and so wouldn't mind if the headphones included some surround sound effect. Also I wouldn't mind if it came with a microphone but if need be...
  18. ddan6815

    Looking for accurate headphone without boosted bass.

    I'm looking for a pair headphones designed for pure accuracy, nothing that colors the music, nothing that adds bass. something thats not too bright, just detailed, not really concerned about how much bass. i will only be using at home, hooked to my marantz cd player or my preamp, may even...
  19. suzz0

    Looking for open headphones (~350$)

    Hello, I've been reading these forums for some time now, but since I'm considering buying a new pair of headphones soon I decided to dedicate my first post to this! I'm hoping to get some adequate advice from more experienced head fi-ers this way. :) So basically I'm looking for a nice open...
  20. armoOndo408

    Looking to upgrade from ATH-ES7s

    hey guys my audio technica ath-es7s left earphone recently started to stop working and i thought rather than paying to get them fixed i thought it was time to upgrade.. i had my ES7s for 2 years and i love them, but time to move on   im looking for something maybe similar, but of course...
  21. newaudiophile84

    HD558 or Shure SRH840?

    Hi guys,    Newbie here! I'm looking into buying my first real headphones. I already own the QC15 for my continuous travelling but I want something for home and work. I like the closed models better. I will pair them with my iPod nano 4G - I know it's not the best but oh well. If you have...
  22. Keyflo

    Headphones for studio use.

    Hey guys im new to this site but not the audio world. Im looking for some good head phones for referecing. So far I own Sony MDR7506, BD DT770, Beats by Dre, Sony MDR V700. But they arent that great for referecing, they are all closed so they sound a little boomy. So far im looking at ($150 -...
  23. jepenyot

    Noob Question

    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting a thread on head-fi, and I have a question. I bought IEMs my whole life and now I am looking for help in purchasing some headphones. I bought the Klipsch S4 and the Klipsch Custom 3. I love the sound that comes from them but I feel like something is...
  24. ghost141

    weak bass in right earphone

    Hi,   I have a pair of sony mdr 7509 headphones, and I noticed lately that the bass in the right headphone is not as strong as the bass in the left earphone. I investigated further and ran the bass frequency sweep here: At 300Hz, the left and right...
  25. yllanos

    I think I'm going for Philips SHL8800/28

    Hi.   I'm on the market for some Headphones.  Think I've decided myself for some Philips SHL8800/28.     Has anybody any feedback on these?   Uses for headphones: Part 1: playing on my Casio WK-500 keyboard Part 2: half time gaming and half time listening music on my PC (Creative...