1. jums

    M50 / Hd25-1 ii or other portables?

    Hi all,   looking for some portable headphones under $200   here are my criteria -   - good isolation and minimal leakage (for use with electric drums and on bus/around house) - well built - i like to listen to alternative (radiohead etc.), indie (foals etc.), rock (nirvana...
  2. redwarrior191

    what kind of sound signature for rock???

    okay.. i'm a newbie here, and 80%of the music that i'm listening to is rock..and general consensus (based on what i've read) is that grado= rock best friend.. now i'm just curious what is the kind of headphone character that is good for rock, because i've been looking around for closed cans that...
  3. agua

    Before I buy the ATH-M50....

    I wanted to see if there was a better option for me.   I own the Sony MDR-7509 which I use at home, but I wanted something portable to use with my iPod Touch 4G, and replace the Skull Candy Titans (bad mids, avg highs, big lows).   I did some research in this site and in others for weeks...
  4. smuh

    Sony MDR-7506 and MDR-7509PRO - which one?

    Hi guys, I am enjoying my Beyerdynamic DT250 a lot, a big pro is the very comfy design and it seems that the Sony's share at least that. I am about to order either the 7506 or the 7509Pro but wanted to know if the 7509Pro is worth the extra 100$. Other than that, how do they sound?
  5. 1974

    Attached cable becomes faulty, no warranty, what do you do?

    Any headfi-ers know of someone who can do cable replacements at a reasonable cost?    I've had my Sony MDR-7509 cans for ages and love the way they sound. Years of everyday use means the cable is wearing and now occasionally cuts out sound on the right side. I've no warranty after this long...
  6. oRainieren

    M-50 for 250$ - Worth it?

    Hello,   here in Germany the ATH-M50 are 170€ (250$) "worth". Just everywhere. If I would import it from the States or UK, I'll have to pay 230$+ with Tax and customs duty.   I'm pretty sure there are way better cans for this price, as everyone here is stating that the ATH-M50 are good...
  7. dave f

    Sony MDR-V400 replacement?

    Hi people, need a bit of advice - I have owned a lot of very high quality and expensive headphones but for some reason my absolute favourite pair as still my old Sony MDR-V400's, which I bought way back sometime in the mid 90's. These are no longer made, and my pair are starting to fall apart...
  8. flyfish2002

    Looking for high quality over ear head phones that fold

    Hi.  Getting my head phone situation settled.  Should have come here and done this long ago.  The advice is wonderful and people A-1.   When I travel for work, I use a Practical Devices XM6 and ER4P with APS re-cable with my laptop on the airplane.  Nice isolation from ambient noise and (to...
  9. AyeVeeN

    ATH M50 or Shure SRH750DJ?

    Just as a heads up, yes, I have been searching. Anyone have experience with either? I was nearly 100% sold on the M50's but the only thing I don't like is how it doesn't have an easily replaceable cord like the SRH750DJs (going to get the coiled M50 version by the way). Then I searched up more...
  10. Mike Scarpitti

    Got my Sony MDR-V7

    I just got a set of V-7's on e-bay. I looked through the archives here and Google, but I could not find much about them. They sound similar to the V-6's, but seem smoother overall and less strident. Anyone have a link with tech data?
  11. paradime

    New To The Forum; Need Headphone Recommendations

    Hello all,   New to the forum and I'm hoping that people can give me some insight.   My "situation" so to speak: My sister got me the Studio Beats by Dre for Christmas. I liked the sound, but the leakage was terrible. You could hear everything I listened pretty clearly. This is a...
  12. Waqar

    Headphones for Saffire pro 24 DSP.

    Hello i am in search of some headphones that match well with the Saffire pro 24 DSP?   I am wondering if anyone have some experince with this unit, and what headphones that is recommended for the vrm function?   You can read about the VRM function and the unit here...
  13. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR-ZX700, anyone has it?

    Anyone here heard or own it? How does it compares to MDR-7506/7509?
  14. DjAmTraX

    Calling all Sony MDR-7509HD owners. Please help!

    I love that my MDR-7506 is all metal housing.  I've been eyeing the MDR-7509HD to add to my collection.  Is the MDR-7509HD all metal too?  Where was yours made in?  My MDR-7506 was made in Japan.   
  15. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR-Z1000 vs. MDR-7509HD?

    Has anyone compared the two? Does the MDR-7509HD still has a place in the studio?
  16. Doorbell

    Question about the V6 and 7509HD

    How long is the cord on these? They are coiled but the listing is still 9 and 9.5 feet on them. Do they mean that they uncoil to 9/9.5 feet or that coiled they are that length?
  17. onlinerob

    Possibly fake Sony 7509HD - but how do I tell?

    Hello. I have just purchased what I believed to be a genuine pair of Sony MDR-7509HD headphone from eBay but am looking for guidance as I believe these to be possibly fake. I have noticed that nearly all the photos I have seen for these headphones have a blue "Professional" label on each side...
  18. Teoman

    Advancing from Sony MDR-7509HD

    Hello, my first post. First of all I have been using this forum for a couple of years now, I hadn't previously felt the need to register. Secondly, I notice there is not enough love for the Sony MDR-7509HD, and I feel that I'm possibly fooling myself that it is superior?   The Sony MDR-7509HD...
  19. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR7509hd, where was yours made in?

    To my surprise, my MDR7506 was made in Japan. I see that most are now made in Thailand or China. I am in the market of a MDR7509hd, but I want to know where are those made in now. Where was yours made in?
  20. cutflow

    [n00b] computer sound cards just as good as amps?

    is it possible of buying a sound card that can power and fully perform most of the headphones listed below.   $56 - Audio Technica ATHM40FS Precision Studio Headphones $69 - Fostex RP T40RP $80 - Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone $104 - Audio-Technica ATH-M50...
  21. DjAmTraX

    Does anyone have the Sony MDR-7509HD or like it?

    Anyone here like these cans? What's the difference between the HD and old non-HD version?
  22. Parkinson

    need your recommandations for studio headphones

    my budget is around 200$ (i cant add too much to that...maybe a few bucks) . Basicly, the pair i will buy will be used for studio uses...such as music creations and mixing. The genres im dealing with are most of the time death metal and electronics so concider that while recommanding me the...
  23. Disarray

    800 Dollar Budget for new amp and phones

    I'm coming from a pair of Sony MDR-7509's powered by a X-fi Forte card.   I will use these phones for    Movies / TV Games Rap Rock   Comfort is the most important thing above all   budget is soft, I can go a bill or two over it if the quality I'd gain is substantial.
  24. EYEdROP

    What is the average, "standard" headphone?

    Dosent even have to be high quality. Only the most average, run of the mill headphone out there applies. The two I see most is 1. Apple earbuds and 2. Sony MDR-V150. It seems like Koss was extremely common back in the day, not sure which models though. In studios, you always see MDR-V6 and MDR...
  25. blissful0ne

    Help me decide on uncolored headphones please :)

    Okay so I'm just getting into the headphone thing (and this is my first post [LOVE this site]), been reading around A LOT on the different headphones on the market, and I've come to a few that I'm interested in.    I want flat, uncolored headphones for mixing, but I'm looking for headphones...