1. sbrennt

    Best Multi-purpose headphone under $200

    Hey everyone, new to this forum (actually new to forums all together, this is my first post in any forum)  so excuse any of my ultra-noob behavior.     Ok so I have been looking all over the internet for a pair of headphones. My last pair of Fake Chinese MDR-7509's were sat on by a very...
  2. chris.d.m.

    under 200 true sounding headphones for mixing

    appreciate some help. I have sony 7509's that I like pretty well and I think sound good in general...But, I don't think they are really "accurate / true" for mixing... in mixing instruments for a cd release. (good highs, heavy on the lows, possibly some vacancy on the mids)...
  3. Les Adams

    Sony MDR-7509HD help please

    I recently paid £80 for a pair of second hand Sony MDR-7509HD headphones off Ebay. I am aware that there are many fakes around so I was cautious, but the seller produced an invoice from a registered Sony dealer stating he bought them in 2007 and are genuine Sony. However, after reading all the...
  4. Ralfred

    Denon AH-D2000 vs Sony MDR-7509HD

    Hey guys,   I'm searching for the best sounding cans for classical and techno music. I've come accross the Denon AH-D2000 and the Sony MDR-7509HD. The specs of the latter seems highly better than the Denon's and it's price is 100$ lower. I'll use them with my Cowon J3.   Are the...
  5. iDynastyz

    Panasonic rtf-hp600-s VS. Sony mdr-7509hd

    These are the two different headphones im debating purchasing. For starters, BASS is my music. I don't care what genre of music it is (excluding country) as long as I enjoy the basslines. So mainly dubstep, techno, etc..   I can get both for around the same price believe it or not so now...
  6. MarkKlooster

    Sony MDR-7509HD Fake?

    Just bought an open but unused pair on eBay for $100. Got 'em and now I'm thinking they are fakes.   Box looks legit, but is fairly worn so it's hard to tell. Phones do look new and unused.   Removable back can is plastic not aluminum. Paper tape inside backcan for cable management...
  7. GnomeKid

    New Sound Design Grad Student - Need good all purpose studio headphones

    Hello!   I recently started in an a sound design MFA, and I'm here to ask some advice about headphone options.  I've been working with a pair of 40 dollars skullcandys [don't recall the specific name, and i couldn't find them on their website anymore. Regardless, they're consumer quality]...
  8. boy1234

    Philip Citiscapes for $40

    I missed out on the deal by 3 days. Why does life have to be so cruel...?   I may have to postpone the search for a pair of headphones under $130. </3
  9. 1

    So what's after the MDR-V6s?

    Just poking around, I know these headphones usually aren't peoples favourite headphones, but they are well respected. The thing is, I've tried lots of other headphones, and the V6s are indeed MY favourite headphones ever. Durability is off the charts, nice rugged style, and sound, while I have...
  10. randomocity27

    Best Around-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones for Rock

    Hi there, I tried looking through the forums, but I couldn't find anything that addressed all the issues I have. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile; I don't really know any of the proper terms to describe what I'm looking for but I'll do my best. I currently have a pair of Bose...
  11. 3602

    Headphone technology: Are we at an end?

    Maybe the title sounds like an essay. Quite not so. It's a question. Look at the flagships of the past. Qualia 010, SR-007 Mark II, R10, HE90... With headphone technology that we have now, what can still be improved upon? Lighter, stiffer diaphragms? Magnets with denser magnetic flux? More...
  12. abernardi

    Buying Reference Headphones

    Oh boy guys, I am overwhelmed! I've been sifting through posts here for the last 5 days and becoming more and more indecisive. I'm new here and am really enjoying the threads. Thank you all. I'm a film editor with a somewhat unique situation. I work on an older Avid Media Composer with a...
  13. jeyjeyfi

    Closed back headphone suggestions..

    Hello, I'm looking for the best closed back headphones for the price of the sennheisers 598. Can you help me?  
  14. zacci

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 or Sony MDR 7509HD ??

    Hey guys,   My first post here and lets say a newbie on the audiophile headphones. Hope you guys could help, I'm eyeing on buying either the M50 or 7509HD for my practice mainly in my digital piano and maybe to listen some music at home. Which one do you think is better? I saw a lot of good...
  15. Izzy58

    Closed Headphone Recommedation(s) Desired

    Hello. I am new here, and would like your recommendations.   As I've been around since BBS's in the 1980's, I will try my best to provide information and parameters so that I don't sound (no pun intended) completely like a newbie.   I listen in a noisy environment. Also, active noise...
  16. gamefreak054

    Best Noise Canceling headphones <$350

    Hi my friend is looking for a really good pair of noise canceling headphones. Before he was set on bose QC 15. He didnt do any research though. I told him there are probably better headphones with nearly as good as NC and cost less w/ better sound. He says he wants a pair that will block out all...
  17. MikeN

    Open-back phones for music creation at home

    Hi all, my first post here. I've read all I could find and posted questions about this on Gearslutz, but thought I'd come straight to the source (which was recommended there anyway).   My housing situation dictates that I pretty much have to use my own bedroom for composing/mixing, and my...
  18. jimbob747

    Headphones dictating your tastes?

    This is just a personal grip I have, moving from the downstairs 'serious/fun listening area' to the 'laidback' bedroom cans. While i have submitted to the contrasting phones ideal, I can't stand it... I think most people (me included) simply go through phases of listening to certain headphones...
  19. LFG530

    The Complementary Cans Thread

    Ok so I searched a bit and there has been some discussions about this, but I didn't see an entire thread on it.  As I've noticed since I bought my hd650 and compared to some grados and other headphones, even if a pair of cans does a decent job for all the genres of music they always perform...
  20. Boombastic88

    Modified Sony MDR-ZX100

                                                        So a couple days ago I came home from Walmart with these: the Sony MDR-ZX100. And for $20 I was impressed with the overall sound quality (after I took the fabric off that was covering the drivers of course). The highs and mids were good for...
  21. Marximus which clarity, isolation (read: closed), durability and comfort are all very important.

    I will soon have a job where I will be doing some critical listening for potentially long periods of time.  As stated above, those four characteristics are going to be very important to me.  I'm looking at the Shure SRH 940s, the Beyerdynamic DT 250-80s, and the Fischer FA-003s.  Can anybody...
  22. J926

    Current options for a new headset (gaming).

    As my headphones have recently died, I've been reading up on relevant threads and have put together this list of headphones:   1. Sennheiser HD 598 2. Beyer Dynamic DT 880 3. AD900   I will be using these headphones for FPS games, and I've been reading multiple threads supporting...
  23. Jiao

    Need Help Upgrading from my HD595s

    Hi, I want to upgrade from my Sennheiser HD595s as they are starting to break at the cord.     I have been looking at Audio Technica M50 and Beyerdynamic DT-770-pro.   I was leaning toward the Beyerdynamic as I had tried them out and they had felt comfortable and I liked the build, but...
  24. jeezus


    a friend of mine wants to get a good pair of headphones that are 200 dollars or less but would only get them if they were good for both gaming(great soundstage) and studio(making beats) usage.   any suggestions?
  25. ramzes235

    differences between sony hp?

    i like the brand sony and so i WILL a sony headphone what are the differences between these models??   Sony - v6 sony - 7506 sony-7509 sony-7510 sony - ZX700 ? does anyone try this headphones ?   thanx to everybody :)