1. Dyn4m1c95

    Sony or Skullcandy

    I am a bass head and wondering which IEM I should get. I am deciding between the Sony xb40's or the Skullcandy FMJ. I want the bass to sound clean and the highs to not be so harsh.
  2. ugottech

    Need a new pair of headphones

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and was looking to buy a pair of headphones that would suit my needs. I don't have much experience with high quality headphones, so before I drop some money for them, I could really use advice on what to get to serve my needs.   So far the headphones I've used have...
  3. wildseal2003

    Best in ear earphone with control talk? for iphone under 70$

    I'm coming off of using the skullcandy fmj with controltalk. i sent them to skullcandy for warranty and got nothing back so now i'm looking for a replacement. I want them to sound good and have the controltalk feature for 70 or under. any suggestions?
  4. fred smith

    Which sounds better?

    Hi, I have the Sennheiser hd485 cans and i was wondering if they sound better or worse than any of the skullcandy headphones. I just want to know if the sound quality is better on the sennheisers or if its better on skullcandy.