1. DavidMahler

    Impressed by Skullcandy Lowriders (and I own some of the world's best headphones)

    A friend let me try their Skullcandy Lowriders the other day. I rather snobbishly remarked prior to hearing them that these 20 dollar Skullcandy headphones were going to be awful. To my shock, I thought they weren't just good headphones, but I thought they were great and I felt that if the look...
  2. RuiCanela

    Sports oriented headband and over-ear headphone from Shullcandy

    Skullcandy is suprising everyone, here is their new design. I love the idea.It's just a concept... Designer: Benjamin Lotte  
  3. cowjuan

    poll: if "skullcandy," and "wesc" were the last headphone brands on earth, which would you choose and why?

    both seem to aim towards the same crowd, and share many similarities. also, you have to choose one of those two brands. you can't say "i choose none because my grados sound better than both." have fun.    sample of "skullcandy" headphones.       sample of "wesc" headphones.
  4. Malkovich

    Looking for comfortable and durable earphones for about 30-40 bucks.

    Sound quality doesn't have to be the priority.  I've gone through several pairs of JVC Marshmallows to listen to podcasts at work for extended periods of time.  They are really comfortable but they break too often and I find it frustrating.  I would spend a little more on something if I can find...
  5. Shawn8864

    Skullcandy Skullcrushers "outdated" color on amazon

    I looked at the skullcandy skullcrushers on amazon, and saw a few different colors for them. The 2 i like are pinstripe black and black with checkers. The checkered ones say they are outdated and a new version is available. The new version is the pinstripe. So, is the checkered version actually...
  6. junebug654

    Why are brands like Beats and skullcandy so popular and widely regarded as the "best" headphones?

    I've tried several skullcandy phones, from friends and a display or two.  All I have to say is they feel like something to wear, rather than to listen.  The freq. response on them feels like 100-1000.  Yet, everyone at my college wears them, or unusally shares them with one earbud per person. ...
  7. iHelp

    Skullcandy is funny. Skullcandy S6STBZ-07 Amp Stack Headphone: Electronics Here's the picture: Product Details: Product Features Speaker Diameter: 90mm + 40mm Magnet Type: NdFeB Frequency range 20-20K Hz, Impedance: 16 ohms Max input power 200mw Gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug, coil cable...
  8. olympis

    skullcandy mix master mikes?

    these headphones look pretty promising, but does anyone have any critiques on these headphones? how do they compare to the beats by dr. dre?
  9. captian73

    Have i missed something in Skullcandy

    I've just spent the lasst two days on yahoo ansers and every other question had someone recommending Skullcandy headphones. Have i missed something? I thought they were total garbage. Is my HD650/ RSA amp in serious danger of being of less worth than a pair of Skullcandy headphones?  ...
  10. HeavyAudio10

    Skullcandy replacment

    So, I just sold my skullcandys for $40 at school and am now looking for the best sounding closed isolating (HD 202 style) headphones for ~$70. I was looking at the sr60 for sound quality but they leak sound and go on the ear instead of over.  Can anyone help me as I am sorta new to the world...
  11. jaqueh

    [Review] Klipsch S2 (new! added Klipsch S4 impressions)

    In my quest for the perfect sub $40 in-ear earphone, sadly I have fallen short again with these Klipcshes.    I bought these earphones off of amazon a while back for just $25, based almost entirely on its looks and the brand name since i couldn't find many quality reviews for them. Some...
  12. Ericthegreat

    Should I get skullcandy Skullcrushers or somthing else

    I have heard some bad and good reviews I like the earbuds, also earbud vs over the head which is better for hard rock/metal
  13. disastermouse

    Could we maybe make a sticky about Beats/Skullcandies - etc?

    They are nearly universally reviled and there's a deluge of newbies who come in and ask about them and it's always the same conversation....   So...maybe it can be ONE thread at the top of the forum?  Just a thought.
  14. ChopaH

    Help choosing best headphones to get?

    I'm looking to buy some new headphones that go over my ears. I am willing to spend around $100. So far I've been narrowing it down to the A500's, MDR-V6's (refurbished for $40), HD 580's, and the MDR-7506. Some info to help:   I don't DJ or need them for a studio or anything. I do produce...
  15. Imperative

    Beginning setup?

    Hey, I have an idea of what I'm going to use for a very first (real) setup. I've used the crappy skullcandy headphones TOO LONG! So my idea is to run a pair of ATH-M50s through a FiiO E5 amplifier to an iPod Touch. Any recommendations on this setup? Anything you would change for the value? I'll...
  16. mmorby

    Would you pay $75 for Skullcandy Aviators?

    My wife wants some over the ear cans for home listening. She works for an Apple reseller and gets Skullcandy stuff at half off, so she could snag some Aviators for $75ish. I recently picked up some HD-280 Pros for home listening and isolation for playing my Roland TD8 drums (I scored the HD-280s...
  17. jvanegas17

    A place to let your feelings out about skullcandy

    What's up guys?  Newbie here.  Just gonna start a "nice" little discussion thread that will allow honest expressions of feelings towards skullcandy.  You can totally rip on them, let your anger out.  Be sure to explain specifically why YOU personally don't like them.  It could be from style, to...
  18. globydudems

    Help a Noob Find a Good Set of Headphones

    Note to audiophiles: Please don't close this thread just because I mention skullcandys. I know you guys hate them, but please I need some advice / recommendations. Hello. When it comes to headphones, I'm about as noob as it gets. I googled headphone forums and here I am. Anyways, I'm looking...
  19. tazzydnc

    Skullcandy Rocnation Aviators - a brief review

    I'm writing this review in part because it seems there aren't any other reviews of these headphones.   I first noticed Skullcandy headphones in stores a few years ago.  Judging by the name and gaudy designs, it was apparent to me that Skullcandy headphones were more about "style" than...
  20. Jose_Yoshiharu


    anyone have heard this brand? any review?
  21. tazzydnc

    On ear or around ear headphones? sound isolating or open-air? Help me decide

    Since my Dre beats solo snapped in half I've been in the market for some new headphones for my iPhone.  I have no intention of replacing the beats: 1) their build quality is shoddy  2) After since having listened to many other headphones, I'm not nearly as impressed with their sound as I once...
  22. Shizdan

    $50 IEM's For Brother For Chrismas

    I am looking for a $50 pair of headphones that my brother can use with his Ipod for Christmas. I need them to beat out his crappy Skullcandy ones. He listens to the type of music all teenagers pretty much listen to.....Rock, Pop and some Hip Hop.
  23. z537z

    Brainwavz M1 with less microphonics?

    Hiya - total newbie here, but I'm a little stumped:  Yesterday I caught my Brainwavz M1s on something and ripped apart the right bud. I'll try to repair it short-term, but I'd like a new set going forward.   The sound on the M1s is PERFECT, but only after I have the proper fit in my ear...
  24. Danmao

    Would the Skullcandy Supreme Sound line be viable if the prices were cut in half?

    Now hear me out, guys. I know I'm a new poster, but I've been lurking the head-fi forums since '11, and I realize that there's some SC hate. Now, when the Supreme Sound line came out last year, I started to try out the Hesh 2 and the Aviators, and they were actually good, but I'm a cheap person...
  25. Rayz

    Worst headphones you ever heard?

    What's the worst headphones you ever heard, and why? (how was it sound, what made you try them, etc').   The worst 'phones I've ever heard is any Skullcandy product. Well, I don't know it's model, but all I know is it costs like 100$. well, it sounds like hell to me. Some days after I've...