1. rararasputin


    Yes, I'm fully aware that Skullcandies are crap. You don't need to tell me. But which ones are the LEAST crappy? I have 90 CAD store credit, Hesh are 80, G.I. are 100, Ti are 100, Agents are 70, and Skullcrushers I can get on sale for 73. Which ones? I had Hesh before... they weren't THAT bad...
  2. kitkat12012

    $200-$250 Headphone suggestions

    I'm thinking about buying my wife a set of high quality cans (and amps or other accessories if needed) for the holidays and I'm planning on spending about $200-$250 (or less would be better)   I have no experience with high quality headphones, and neither does my wife, so I'm guessing a...
  3. Ambex

    Good headphones for under $120.00

    Hi I am looking to replace my old Sony MDR-V300's (which I loved) with a new pair of headphones for under $120.00. I have a Futureshop, Visions, and a Best Buy in town so I can only go for brands that they sell. They sell Sony, Skullcandy, JVC, Shure, JBL, Monster, Acoustic Research, Pioneer...
  4. JamesMcProgger

    [help] Full size very portable headphones

    Good day everyone. I want a set of closed back portable 'phones, as an adept reader to this forums and after searching and reading for similar threads, I thought it'd be a nice day to register and post. I want: Full size (if possible, if not earcup on the ear would be enough) Closed...
  5. Odrackyir

    Which ones are the truly pro headphone brands?

    Hi there, I'm opening this thread 'cause this is something I've been wondering about since I got here for the first time. During these past weeks I've been able to read a really homogeneous set of opinions concerning the many diferent headphone brands (Beyer, Shure, Denon, ATH, AKG, Grado...
  6. bvzxa3

    Beats by Dr. Dre/Skullcandy Headphones-- are they really that good or just an overpriced fashion staement?

    I will never say I am an audiophile. I just DJ, mix and appreciate all kinds of music. However through out my life I have been exposed to great audio equipment such as Bose, Panasonic (80s), Aiwa (90s), and Sony.   I have had different pairs of headphones since the mid 80s from cheap to uber...
  7. BlackSushi222

    Is my Koss Porta Pro defective?

    Hi audiophiles, awhile ago I started a thread "Has the Koss Porta Pros changed in sound?"   The reason for the question was because of the bass which I was expecting, was weak in the set I received compared to what people online were all saying (deep bass, overwhelming, etc).   Friendly...
  8. firestorm6500

    We got a first timer here =P

    Hey guys, i'm a newbie to the forums and figured id start off by asking your guys opinion about my upcoming headphones purchase. Dont flame me but I was considering skullcandy hesh or skullcrusher headphones but then after realizing that the entire headphone community craps on them, I decided to...
  9. DarkAura126

    SkullCandy Hesh Review Video, Done by HeadFi Noob.

    Greetings my new comrades.   I have posted a review on YouTube on my Skullcany Hesh headphones.  The reason being is because I bought my Audio-Technica M50s and they are on their way.  The video itself is my fair review of them, and then my rage about them afterwards.  If you wish to view it...
  10. AlexB1001

    Diddy Beats vs Skullcandy Ink'd

    I'm very confused, because I just spent over £100 to get my new black Diddy Beats earphones and having tested them (and burnt them in for the entire night) they don't really seem any different from my Skullcandy Ink'd earphones. In fact, my Skullcandy can go MUCH louder, are much more of a slim...
  11. aaricchavez

    Advice on some decent affordable headphones/earbuds

    Hi, i'm new here and i'm looking for some advice on a decent pair of headphones/earbuds that sound great, but won't empty my wallet. I originally was using Skullcandy FMJ's and I stuck with those for a long time because of their lifetime warranty. I thought they were great. About a week ago one...
  12. Kevin4

    Out Of These Two Headphones What One Should I Get?

    Skullcandy Ti Brown Gold/Brown OR Reloop RHP-10 Gold/Black   As you can see I want headphones that are very stylish. I am...
  13. olympis

    help please, with skullcandy.....(hesh)

    ok i know skullcandy arent the best, but for the heshs, do they actually fit over an ear. i have an average sized ear, and i the heshs seem just hesitant cause they look so small, and i want them to go completely over your ear..
  14. jschristian44

    Re-wiring Skullcandy Ink'd Earbuds

    I know you guys despise Skullcandy, but for 15 dollars shipped, I really like these things with my mp3 player.  Anyways, I would like to make some detachable cables for them.  I've done rewiring for full sized headphones, but what's involved with doing earbuds.  The end plug is easy, but how do...
  15. jjmai

    Does earphone hurt/chafe your ear?

    Does your earphone hurt your ear? I am not talking about hurting the eardrum due to prolonged exposure to high volume or anything. I am asking whether any of you felt pain from the physical shape of the earphones. When I wear Monster Turbine or Skullcandy FMJ, the rear side of the phone...
  16. Auroq

    Skullcandy Headphones

    For my birthday, I received a set of skullcandy skullcrushers. They broke recently and skullcandy gave me a full refund, but it's in store credit. I don't know much about skullcandy headphones because I think they're too expensive for what they're worth and wouldn't buy a set for myself (unless...
  17. abeeb

    How to stop my friends from buying skullcandies

    I, along with many of us on this forum, hate skullcandy headphones, however, a lot of my my friends want to buy them. Can yyou help give me some ideas on how to stop them as i dont want them to waste their money
  18. voxtonic

    Advise on a nice upgrade over my Marshmallows?

    I'd like to spend about $60 (more or less by $20) on a pair the next step up. I'm thinking about a MeElectronics M6 or M11, SoundMagic PL50, Head-Direct RE0 or ViSang R03. I'm leaning toward a MeElectronics offering, since they seem more durable than the others, but I thought I'd ask for advice...
  19. drewrussell2011

    Skullcandy Aviator

    So, I know that Skullcandy doesn't get much of a good rap around here. I own a pair of Titans, but that was before I discovered my UM2's... however I still listen to the Titans some for just wrapping around my iPod and going.   Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on the...
  20. K-MONEY

    What do you guys listen to?

    I notice 95% of the people on here like flat/lifeless sounding that made me wonder what you guys listen to.   I listen to mostly everything. No, I don't do jazz, classical and any of that monkey crap.   I go hard for eminem, hollywood undead, jay-z, t.i., linkin park, 50...
  21. ilikecans

    What will it be like?

    I just ordered beats tour and a pair of beats studio. I am used to 30 dollar skullcandys and koss headphones. So will I Be amazed? I am really big on music and realized I wasn't hearing everything.
  22. xluben

    Skullcandy Titan Initial Impressions

    My wife was in the market for some new in ear headphones. She wanted something cheap, small, comfortable and fun to listen to. NOT a critical listener. Everything is listened off of her iPod Nano. Often it is audiobooks and TV shows as much as music. In the past she has been happy with...
  23. vapman

    maximum bass

    i currently own jvc marshmallows and ultrasone hfi-580's, both of which i love. however anyone that's used marshmallows knows how it's all bass, all the time. they're making my ultrasones sound anemic, and anyone who's used ultrasones knows there's plenty of bass. i need as much bass as a pair...
  24. thefumexxl

    why all the skullcandy hate?

    i personally love my skullcandy smokin buds, just got em today, very comfortable fit great sound. i thought about the full metal jackets but didnt want to spring the extra cash. so just wondering what is so bad about them. oh and alot of people dont realize the GI and the TI model enclosed...
  25. afton

    Best looking headphones

    Looks perhaps is the least priority in deciding what headphones to buy among Head-Fiers, but if based on looks alone, what would be the best looking headphones? (post pic)