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    Sennheiser RS 220 in my living room rig, which consists of a MacBook Air (2011 13"), Fostex HP-A3 DAC/amp, AudioQuest Forest optical cable, and Sennheiser RS 220 wireless headphone system. The drumsticks belonged to Alex Van Halen, and were given to me by Jerry Harvey of JH Audio, at a Van Halen co
  2. lwchen

    Which connection to use with Sennheiser RS220 headphones and ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card?

    I recently got the Sennheiser RS220 to go with my ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card. They each have several connecting options and I was wondering which I should use. I mainly use the headphones for blu-ray movies and Dishonline/Netflix programming.   The Sennheiser RS220 has the following...
  3. tsm80

    Sennheiser RS220 headphones question

    Hi,   I recently bought the Sennheiser RS220 wireless headphones. As I'm using them with my onboard laptop sound card (with a Toslink to S/PDIF cable), I'm wondering if the sound quality could be somehow improved by adding a good external USB sound card (thinking for example of Asus Xonar...
  4. Zwerg

    Integrated DAC for digital input headphones

    I would consider myself a newbie to audio, and this has been bothering me after poor and dead cables. I started browsing around here to look for a USB Audio card to integrate into my cans and had to ask this.   Microchips and components are getting cheaper and cheaper. Can someone explain to...
  5. smcginni

    Audio Concepts in Dallas has good demo gear...

    Was in last week and they had some nice stuff to demo. If you're in the area, stop by and check them out...   Beyerdynamics- 990, T1 Grado- everything up to about $500 Sennheiser- HD600, 650, 700 (no 800), RS220   they just added the T1 which is what I was really interested in. Can't...
  6. mumer8637

    Need advice for my first serious headphones; Sennheiser HD558/RS220/RS180/RS170

    Hello, I currently own a Corsair Vengeance 1500 gaming headset so I am officially a Noob at Head-Fi. After reading a lot, a lot, a lot of reviews and forums posts (for the past two months), I have decided to buy a serious headset; or my first serious headset to put it this way. I'll try...
  7. Watagump

    Are wireless headphones the future?

    Last night on the ABC show Shark Tank, a guy appeared with a product where you design clothing into pockets that can carry all kinds of devices, route wires etc etc. The part I found very interesting came from Mark Cuban. He pretty much thinks the future is going to be all about wireless...
  8. marlin

    HI FI Wireless Headphones

    Hi, i'm searching for a Hi-Fi wireless headphones, to listen music and watch TV. At first, before to really study the offers on the internet, i thought to allow 100€ (130$) Do you think this is possible to find a think like that?   I've read everywhere reviews and posts...
  9. zonic

    WIFI headphones, or digital wireless radio? (*Not* RF Wireless)

    Wireless headphones are great, as long as you're sitting next to the receiver. Kind of ruins the point, right? '     If you move away, the signal degrades because you're using a traditional radio frequency broadcast, like an FM radio. (Not exactly, but it's an okay analogy for now).  ...
  10. AuburnEagle23

    Wireless Headphone/Headset for Gaming/Music Suggestions

    Hello there everyone, I am by no means a audiophile expert at all when it comes to highs, mids, lows etc.  However, I do enjoy a very good quality headset/phone.  My current headset is the Sennheiser PC360s, and after owning these I have become very fond to Sennheiser's sound quality.  ...
  11. HiAudio

    Oval shaped vs round shaped ear cups

    Which one do you prefer? Which one is technically better for the sound?   My Senn HD 650 and RS 220 are oval shaped and I almost do not need to move it after it fits well. AKG K712 is almost round. I do have the space to move then back or forth and perceive different sounds. Sometimes I like...
  12. radiomann

    Any new and better wireless than rs180 - 220 is gone

    I have set of rs180 tried 220 seemed not as good and they are discontinued any newer better sets out there in wireless
  13. HiAudio

    Sennheiser wireless RS 220 and how to best use it

    I got Sennheiser RS 220 wireless can. Man, I love it. I can't tell much difference between it and HD 650 so far. I don't think it can match HD 650 but it sounds great. I especially like it with piano music. It did not get stellar review because many people complain it drop signal and some even...
  14. Rat Salad

    NHT will introduce superbuds

    I own a few NHT speakers and they are outstanding, especially the M001 monitors which are no longer available. They are entering. Into the earphone market this fall with Superbuds.. should be interesting as these guys are a small shop that is really into audio...
  15. Bellavance

    Sennheiser RS 220 + Speakers ON = How ???

    I'd like to use my Sennheiser Wireless RS220 Headphones (they have analog and digital inputs) with my Onkyo TX-NR929 receiver, but also keep the sound coming out from the speakers at the same time.   Headphone sound would ideally be the Center Channel, or could be stereo or mixed monaural, if...
  16. AudiophileVN

    Selling used Sennheiser RS 220 for $300. Montreal city!

    Hi, I want to sell my Sennheiser RS 220. I used it for nearly a month now. Perfect condition and quality. PLs contact through my email if you live in Montreal.
  17. MickeyS

    Sennheiser RS220 initial pairing issues

    I just purchased the Sennheiser RS220 to use with my Bose Lifestyle v20. I connected  the headphones using the analog cable to the headphone jack, turned on the transmitter, the headphones but they don't connect. The green light on the transmitter keeps flashing and the blue light on the...
  18. Stanfoo

    Would a DAC do anything for me?

    Hello. Here is my situation. I am using the RS220 wireless headphones to watch movies on my TV. It is connected like so: TV's audio optical toslink output connected to my headphones base transmitter optical input.   However if I were to get a DAC (to increase sound quality?) it would be...
  19. mrip541

    Sennheiser RS 220 - Not in stock anywhere

    I live in NYC and generally assume that flagship products will be available for sale somewhere in the area. The RS 220 is not in stock at any store that I can find. Is that as strange as I think it is? 
  20. Megalith

    Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones?

    Is there such a thing, and does anyone have any recommendations? Googling shows me a couple of products, but none of them seem to be cans.
  21. BillsonChang007

    Sennheiser RS220 Home Wireless Headphone Review

    Hello!   Recently, I get to demo these and thought will just give this a shot! It is a very nice set headphones and here's my though after having to listen to these for quite a long time!    Before I get started, please be noted that, these are my very first time with wireless headphones...
  22. OttoRobba

    Bluetooth alternative to an ATH-M50 or should I just stick with wired?

    Hi there folks. I added a TL;DR section at the bottom for those who don't want the entire story.   I'm new to Head-Fi and I did search but did not find anything that could clear this up.   I used to use a pair of Senheisers HD500 (not sure on the exact model) and they served me well...
  23. cactus_farmer

    Sennheiser RS 220 Vs Sennheiser HD600 / HD650?

    Apparently the RS 220 (which is a high-end wireless headphone) sounds like a well driven HD600?   Does that mean it lacks the powerful bass of the HD650?   Has anyone got it and can compare the RS 220 to the HD650?
  24. GiacomoHoldini

    HD 600 (or 650), or RS 220?

    Hey guys.  For my first setup approaching high-end, I've been considering the Senn HD600s (or possibly the 650s), in tandem with a decent amp, most likely the Schiit Valhalla, or possibly the Asgard.  However, since learning about the new RS 220s, I've been wondering if I should hold out and...
  25. MfiveM

    Sennheiser RS 220 & HD 700 - Now Available to order!

        Just wanted to let everyone know the new Sennheiser RS 220 wireless headphones are now shipping.   We are also accepting pre-orders for the new HD700 which should be shipping in the next few weeks.      Click here for RS 220 info and to order today!   Click here for HD 700...