1. Anoop

    Headphones to buy for $130 or less

    Hey,   I am looking to buy some headphones. Currently I am using 'monoprice 8323' and was really impressed with them considering the price. I listen generally(but not only) to rock(stuff like Queen, ACDC), alternative rock, dubstep, house. I am looking for a pair of headphones that cater to...
  2. iMusicLover

    Heaphones for 200-250$

    Now i have Sennheiser HD 515 i want to go for something new what about sennheiser hd 598  I like Rock, Pop, R&B, Vocal, Instrumental music. Recomend me Headphones worth 200-250$ ? Huge Diference will be if i upgrade from HD 515 (55$)  to 200-250$ headphones?
  3. flatulenzio

    Sennheiser 540 Reference II - looking for alternative solution

    Hello together,   i really like the sound of my Sennheiser HD540 Rerference II. The Problem: I don't like it's fit . i prefer the newer series, e.g. HD515 (but i don't like it's sound).   Is there a Headphone, which sounds nearly similar - i tried 558, but it wasn't that satisfying...
  4. AudioRookie

    What is 'nominal impedance'?

    Hello, I was hoping you all would be able to help me out in relation to a question I have about 'nominal impedance'. Currently, I have a set of Sennheiser HD515 which has a 'nominal impedance' of 50 Ohm. I am looking to upgrade to a set of Sennheiser HD650 which has a 'nominal impedance' of...
  5. mr56k

    Just got Sennheiser HD555

    My Sennheiser HD515's were showing some age and plus I had serious upgraditus. So my friend got the 515's "he was using some cheap no names". I ordered the Sennheiser HD555 yesterday and got them today. These headphones are very nice. Very comfortable and sound great! I was afraid there might...
  6. iMusicLover

    Asus Xonar Essence STX sounds boring with my Sennheiser HD 515, Grado SR225i NEED HELP

    Hello i buy Asus Xonar Essence STX, First i uninstal integrated audio drivers, restart go to bios and disable Azaria audio codec. turn off computer instal STX and plug molex 4 pin conector. Turn on PC and instal  STX Windows 8 drivers (PCI_STX_8_0_8_1813_W8) from   Asus official website. Plug...
  7. skippytheturtle

    Sennheiser HD515 vs HD 518

    I am really new to headphones and want to get into them more. I want to start with some low price but still good quality headphone. I am seriously looking at the HD515 (Last generation) and the HD518. I listen to a lot of house/progressive house music and some piano/instrumental music. I like...
  8. mepstein10

    Sennheiser HD515 (almost new)

    Got these as a gift, tried them once and put them into storage when I moved for college. Realized that they are just lying about so might as well sell them off to someone who wants a good pair of headphones. These are pretty much brand new. THe headphones have no damage or anything at all.  Look...
  9. pamaro

    Sennheiser HD515 vs Sennheiser HD558

    I know that the title offers an unfair comparison, but that's the dilemma I'm currently facing. :p   I've been looking for some headphones for quite a while, to replace my aging Behringer HPX2000 (they have served me well for a few years, but are now suffering from some aging problems). I...
  10. markzi

    Sennheiser HD 598 vs Sennheiser HD 515

    Ok, so the HD 598 costs a lot more, I listen to metal mainly, is the HD598 Worth the money? Compared to the HD 515. I am willing to pay for the HD 598, but it comes with a 6.3mm Jack Plug. I want to use it on my iPod, so, if I get the Temium 3.5/6.5 will it work on my iPod? And will it give me...
  11. riker1384

    HD515 good enough for a non-audiophile?

    I have an opportunity to buy a pair of NIB HD515 at a good price. I was thinking of getting them for a friend of mine who isn't an audiophile, who has an apartment where he can't crank up music all the time. I've heard the HD555 before, but not the 515. Is it respectable? I'm wondering whether I...
  12. fairgun

    Ear pad cushions alternative for Sennheiser HD515

    My ear pad cushions have finally torn apart after 5 years of usage. I want to change it but I could not find anything cheap enough to replace. There are replacement from Sennheiser UK, but it cost 24 pound. It is too expensive for me and especially for this item which only cost $100 or less.  ...
  13. mingamo

    HD515 for 40 on craigs new...superior to superlux'?

    some guy has new senn hd515 for 40 OBO...ive read theyre decent for their price of 85. I want to know how they compare to the superlux line and samson sr850. How would the sennheiser sound out of an android device "i have an eq app and listen to FLAC and occaisionally Pandora on high for new...
  14. kaparoni

    Zomo HD1200 va Senn HD515

    First , sorry for my English ... I can't exactly compare between those two , since they are different but , still , comparing them to other headphones I have tried the last few days , I think one of them should be the best pair for my test. Zomo HD1200 - First thing I have noticed is they are...
  15. rnshah5

    sennheiser HD 515 : replacing my cable

    Hi everyone :D   So about 2-3 years ago, I bought my first "Real" set of headphones and decided on the HD 515s by sennheiser because I found them for only 60$ and heard a lot of good things about sennheiser.   Unforunately, I owned a dog for about 2 months in that time, and it chewed...
  16. provoked

    Should I upgrade my Sennheiser HD515s?

    Hi All,   Basically, I want to start using headphones to watch moves and play Xbox in the lounge room. Wife isn't too thrilled with the sounds of war coming from the lounge, so have been using my 515's for this purpose.   Now, as I am a tech geek, and love shiny toys and nice sound, I...
  17. db212

    Sennheiser hd515 and 518

    Hello   Those models appear right for me; it looks the 518 is the replacement for the 515. At the moment it takes some effort to find the 518 even at MSRP, whereas the 515 is available for $90-100. Has anyone used both, is there a lot of improvement?   Thanks!
  18. iMusicLover

    How to prepare Asus Xonar Essence STX to work properly for Grado SR225i/ Sennheiser HD515?

    Hello dear head-fiers, I am new at Head-Gear, 3 days before I buy Grado SR225i and I am disapointed by sound quality. Sound Quality compare to my old Sennheiser HD 515 are same(nothing special, no difference). Headphones I am using with my MB for 70$ on board sound :S. Now I am looking for Asus...
  19. Quaresma

    Progress from HD439 -> HD500 series?

    Hi there. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD439. I'm not audiophile at all, but I just want to discover better headphones. Maybe I'm missing out on something? I don't think I have golden ears, but surely I'll notice the difference if I move in to the HD500 series. My question is this. I can buy a...
  20. shipofwooks

    Need recommendation. Upgrade from Sennheiser HD515 - Acoustic lover

    Currently have HD 515. Looking to upgrade and budget would be $250.00 max. Mostly for listening to 320 MP3s and CDs. I listen to LOTS of live music, especially acoustic music (namely bluegrass).   Any recommendations?   Thanks
  21. Serkan23

    Headphones for a noob

    Hello everybody!   I am new here and i know just about nothing about headphones. But i would like to buy a set of quality headphones, which i can use to listen to music on my iPhone at home or on the go. I figured people here must know a lot about headphone, so if you can recommend me...
  22. michaelscai

    Should I upgrade my Sennheiser HD515 to HD558?

    I just bought a Audio Technical M50, it's quite different from the HD515 I have had for a while.   The M50 seem to have more clear highs, but the sound is not as natural as the Sennheiser HD515..but the 515 doesn't have crystal clear highs like the M50   Would I hear much difference if I...
  23. japaul32

    Which to buy!?

    Hey guys,    I'm looking to purchase a new set of cans.  Right now I've got HD515's and some COP's.  I like the overall sound of the 515's better then the COP, minus muted base on the former. Basically my options are these; used HD598 DT 880 250 ohm Q701   Out of those three the HD598 are...
  24. Coltee

    Need help with my setup

    Before i begin, i'd like to say that i'm not in the market for high-end professional audio. But the money that i had was still enough to go to the local hi-fi shop and bring home a pair of Sennheiser HD 515, great sounding and budget-end audiophile headphones. Along with these headphones i use a...
  25. zachw01

    Mixed Advise Needed (multiple topics)

    Okay guys, I'm almost completely sure that I'm in the wrong place to ask all of these different questions, so please forgive me, this is gonna be a long one.   I am basically new to high quality headphones and am in the market for a pair. I plan on using them heavily with my computer (gaming...