1. Syan25

    Ray Samuels HR-2 or XP-7??

    This is an old discussion. I have read many very old threads about these amps previously so I apologize in advance. Please feel free to ignore this thread if I quite simply bore you.   However, if not bored - I would like some feedback as come the New Year - I am going to be buying one of...
  2. Camomille

    A good portable amp + headphone combination, for an iPod use.

    Hello there,   I prefer to warn you, i'm probably going to sound like a big neophyte fool, but I need "experts" advices. In exactly a month are Christmas Holidays, the perfect time for self-indulgence. For this occasion, I intend to buy a portable amp/heaphones combination for a nomad...
  3. SoulSyde

    Correspondence with Ray Samuels

    Post deleted by SoulSyde
  4. rgs9200m

    Ray Samuels B52, has it been forgotten? It's the king, imho.

    OK, it's expensive. But mine, 2 years on, brings out the best in my HD800s, T1s, and PS1000s. All of these phones are transformed into greatness with the B52. I'm not kidding. I read about the shortcomings of these headphones and agree with them on other amps, but somehow the B52 tames...
  5. High_Q

    What makes RSA amps any better(or more $$) than my CMOY?

    My CMOY is 9v(can increase to 18v) and with it I can roll opamps.  What makes amps made by RSA, ibasso, or pic etc... better than my CMOY?  I personally cannot hear difference between RSA amps and my CMOY, and my 9V CMOY amp would probably driver headphones better than RSA's $400 ~3v amp.   I...
  6. marvinong

    Should I Still Amp My IEM Even If I Have A Good Source?

    Hi head-fi!   Just wanted to ask this question since I'm planning to get an amp either from RSA or iBasso.   The question is, if my source is already powerful enough to drive my IEMs (JH16s) should I still amp it? Would I notice any discernible difference from them versus my unamped...
  7. plonter

    Ray samuels' ss amps vs. headroom

    Hi everybody. I tried to get an answer to my question in other threads but didn't quite cath it. I have the headroom ultra micro stack from the start, and I really happy with it. I think it is truly a high class system which can drive pretty much any dynamic headphone effortlessly. but I...
  8. AVU

    portable amp with channel imbalance adjustment (pan)

    The new RSA is going to have two pots, one right and one left.  Ray said many people don't have perfectly balanced ears.  I recently found out I am one.  This is fine on my home setup, where I adjust the right up.  But I wondered if there were any portable amps that could do this.  I can't...
  9. andrew3199

    Channel Islands Audio VHP•1 or SR-71

    Hello all. I'm currently looking in to upgrading the amp in my computer/desktop rig (Mini m3 -> Ety ER4's) and have been reading a lot of reviews on Ray Samuels amps, in particular the SR-71 and Mustang. I then came across this review by Wes Phillips regarding the Channel Islands Audio VHP•1 ...
  10. dasmodul

    RSA Raptor DAC Synergy?

    Raptor owners, do you recommend any stand-alone DACs that have great synergy with a Raptor?
  11. paradise

    Help me to decide

    After reading a few reviews on the forum I've decided my first portable amp will be the Corda Stepdance or the more expensive RSA Protector. What do you think?   Cans: Grado 80i, ATH D700 and Sony MDR-V500
  12. cck5

    which amp will really get my grados to shine.?

    i own the grado 225i and i want a portable amp, because i just want a mobility option as, i tend to use my ipod as a source and move around my house a lot.   id like to keep costs down and spend at most $200USD, i dont mind if the amp is used.   which sub 200$ amp no dac necessary will...
  13. siddharthsid007

    Choose between RSA Tomahawk & Pico Slim for the Shure SE425...

    Which one is better suited ?
  14. imz14u2nv

    Ray Samuels Portable Amps, please Help!!!

    Hello, I currently use the RSA Hornet with the Ultimate Ears UE-11 and was thinking of getting the JH Audio JH16 or the UE-18 and possibly upgrading the amp if there has been any breakthroughs in portable amps that can offer me something that would be considered better than what I currently...
  15. RockinCannoisseur

    RSA Portables: You Rate Them!!!

    Like many of you, for years now  i  have wondered which rsa would best suit my needs.   the fact is Rsa makes many fine products of which i have been fortunate enough to use the venerable Predator,    which has really come in handy the past 2 years, but ive always wanted to try another of their...
  16. Luckyleo

    RSA Tomahawk - Obsolete?

    Given the great reviews for the P-51 Mustang is there any reason one would buy a Tomahawk vs. the P-51? The best selling points (in a nutshell) a couple years ago when the T-Hawk came out were "big sound from a tiny package with great battery life"......Sound familiar? Looks to me like Ray has...
  17. M

    recommend me a great portable headphone amp under 1000?

    Hi everyone, Bloke from Sydney here. Buying JH16s next month and need a good set up for my iphone, as it will most likely be where i'm listening to the most music. Can you recommend a good portable headamp and accessories needed to set up the iphone as a great player? really new to the...
  18. Guidostrunk

    FS: P-51 Mustang

    Up for sale is my P-51 Mustang, I have 2 and only need one, trying to raise funds for new gear. It has a green body with gold end plates and a green knob. It is in excellent condition and comes with the charger. I'm asking $275 shipped to the Con US. Gift through paypal would be cool so i can...
  19. San Raal

    Taking the plunge, Woo 5LE or RSA B52 ?

    Hi, I am after some advice and opinions - after careful consideration and some research on these boards about top end Valve headamps Ive shortlisted these two amps to replace my ageing yet musical Mapletree HD150SE tube amp. The mapletree has served me well at $750 new, however Ive since...
  20. faisal2003456

    RSA The Tomahawk

    This thing says it is for IEMs, would it work well with a pair of ATH-M50s, SRH440s, SRH840s, HD555, etc. I can get it used for $180, any better options in that price range?
  21. CaptainFlam

    How to contact RSA

    a simple question guys i'm trying for several days to contact Ray Samuels Audio (rsaudio@raysamuelsaudio.com) for a portable amp and unfortunately no response You also have holidays in your country ?? or i make a mistake RSA adress ??
  22. immtbiker

    A Full Review: Ray Samuels Audio - The Protector

    Ray Samuels Audio Protector Balanced Portable Amp from Ray Samuels Audio Website: Question? How do you take a portable, semi-small rectangular box that weighs less than eight ounces, stores and outputs music of various types of file extensions, and then, takes the music and makes it...
  23. Vredg

    Weight of P-51 Mustang?

    Hi!   I interested in the RCA P-51 Mustang. But what does it weigh? I've search but not found an answer.   /Olle
  24. Sonic 748i

    Best looking portable amplifier.

    In your opinion what is the best looking portable amplifier you've seen? I have to give it to the ALO Rx: It just screams sexy!
  25. Luminette

    Leaving portable hifi - it's too silly

    The purpose of this post is to be educational Let's get to the summit of my portable (if it can even be called that anymore) hifi experience - An iMod with an External v-cap dock (higher grade than the ALO portable v-cap) powered by either iQube or SR-71A, with a pair of APS V3 recabled...